Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hope you are Never are in the path of Roy`s (Thor`s) Hammer!

May 7th 2011, Roy, our friend Ed & me all went to the Renaissance Fair. I love the Ren Fair. I used to get season tickets and spend all season at the Ren Fair when it used to be held at Devore California. Now the Ren Fair is in Irwindale California. Not as good or as Big as when it was in Devore, however, still very fun!
My Favorite Drink there is an Aboulette, which is Cider (Pear, Raspberry or Pomegranate), Guinness and a Chocolate Port Float on top, so very yummy!! The Food there is the Best. Anything you can ever want. The Shopping there is great as well. Many Unique Gifts that you will never find anywhere else. Very Expensive, however not as much as Disneyland, and much more Worth It! It is All about Food, Beer & Cleavage. I always dress up. I have a Wench Outfit, but I seem to wear my Belly Dance/Gypsy outfit more. If you ever watched the E! Girls Next Door. Bridget & I used to go together every year. One year we took Holly, Kendra & Hef to the Ren Fair & Filmed it on the TV Show. Great time, love the Ren Fair!
When we drove home, we found that our Neighbors were having a party and some random person Parked in our Driveway. Not a Big Deal so much I guess, but it happens to us so much that it has become a Nuisance. Roy had a bit to many Aboulettes at the Ren Fair and got really angry, yelling at the Party people to move their car ASAP from our Driveway.
This did not go down so well with the Party People and they got into my husband`s face. I stepped out of my car and started to come to my husband`s defense. It was pretty heated. A bunch of guys & a Chick I never met before were screaming in my face and ready to fight me & my husband. I yelled back saying 'Look, My husband had a little to much to Drink, you are still in the wrong for Parking in our Driveway, but no matter what, I will defend my Husband so let me take him home or I will hurt you!'
I took my husband inside our house, but he was still very upset. The cops came and talked to the party people and left. I begged my husband`s friends to take my hubby away from our house, since the party was still going on outside and my husband was threatening to go out and prove his point. Roy went to Murphy`s, his favorite hang out. Might not been a good idea for him to keep drinking, but yet it was better than him being home close to the party people. I stayed home to make sure that everything was safe. It was a good idea because after awhile the party people left. Roy was out with his buddies, away from what would make him more angry and when he did finally got home, he just passed out, eventually.
The next day, Roy was still upset, but he was also very hung over. I cooked him a greasy breakfast and stayed home to nurse him back to feeling better. All through the day however, he kept saying he was still upset & it was wrong for people to park in our driveway. I agree with him, but I told him, it is not about who is right at the moment. The thing is how to handle it. He just needs to chill out. Whatever the case, at least people know NEVER PARK IN OUR DRIVEWAY AGAIN, or else Thor`s Hammer will come down HARD on whoever Dares question our will - HAZZAH!!
oxox, Stacy

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