Monday, May 16, 2011

Hawaii Bound!

Roy and I have been married for a little over 3 years. We have yet to go on a Honeymoon, mainly due to the lack of Funds & lack of time. However, Roy has a New Client in Hawaii and Roy has to Fly out the 1st week of June. Roy decided to take me with him to Hawaii!!! All of Roy`s Travel Expenses are paid for, so all Roy has to do is Pay for my Plane ticket. I think he is using the money we both got back from our income taxes. I have never been to Hawaii before, so I am super Excited!! Roy has been to Hawaii 6 times to all the Islands. Roy has to work while we are there, so I plan on going on all the Tourist Tours. Roy said he might not have to work a full schedule, so the late afternoons & Evenings will be free for the both of us to Enjoy Hawaii. This will be both our Honeymoon and my Birthday Gift since my Birthday is May 27th.
Roy told me that they have a swap meet that is very cool & very cheap! I think I will pack Very Light, bringing Empty Suitcases to hold my stuff that I am going to get in Hawaii.
I am trying to get enough photo shoots booked before so I have some spending cash while I am there. I am also trying to get all my errands & website updates done before I leave. I will have my friend Reg stay at our home to care for our Animals, Plants & House. I will be sure to take lots of Photos and Video while I am in Hawaii. Be sure to check my Twitter Feed for up to the Minute Vacation Updates, Photos & Videos.
I cannot wait to see how tan I am going to get. Roy said he might not be able to get me off the island, he maybe correct! I have a feeling that me & Hawaii are going to get along real Well!!

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