Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Groping is a Crime - and why you need to report it.

I told my neighbors to be on lookout for a black kid between 16-25yrs old - purple baseball hat...I think plaid button down...t shirt underneath...wallet chain...long shorts...squeaky bike....I was just walking down my street today. ..and he groped me hard on ass.....I couldn't get my cell out fast enuff to take pic....but flagged down cop and made report....I know some might see this as not such a big deal...but you never know....don't want it to escalate or someone else gets hurt. That is why I reported it ASAP - someone that does that is prone to escalate to bigger gotta report ANY injustice.....cause it WILL Happen to someone else until he is caught.....I just cannot just stand by and do nothing about it to prevent that.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life is a Beach!

Went on a Morning Nature walk today, then had a Quick Beer @ our local pub in the Sun - Now Home watching Beach Movie Marathons on 'This TV Channel' -which l ADORE!! #DickDale #StevieWonder #CandyJohnson - I always wanted to live in these which I guess, I DO!! hehe OXOXOX - later on, going to Cowboy Country tonight - for my friend Jessica`s Birthday! It`s SHORE Fun!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cat Nap

I really don`t mind waking up at 5am to work the morning shift at work -however due to my allergies/congestion -l usually toss n turn all night -sleeping only 10 minutes at a time -l usually get the majority of my sleep between 6-7am -right before l get up -due to exhaustion, coolness of the morning & finally finding that 'comfy spot' ---- which means, by me waking up at 5am, l usually have gotten little or no sleep at all ----which was today -usually l can`t take naps - BUT 2Day, when l got home from work & errands -l did - l took a 2hour nap -and it felt GREAT ------but now it`s almost 6pm and l feel like it`s 6am ----- my body clock is all off!
 ..... however.......I`m having wine right now as l take online quizzes....while cooking Hubby a chicken pot pie for dinner -so it`s ready for him when he gets home from Gym.........damn.....l`m whipped!! LOL

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rain Storm Procrastionation

well, l guess me and my hubby are True born & raised Californians - when there is a rain storm - we procrastinate inside, wanting to venture out, but yet cannot muster up the courage to do so - so here we are, inside - my hubby watching TV in his Man Cave - and me watching TV and lurking on my computer in the Living room, drinking bottled spiked egg nog leftover from Xmas!