Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a Very Burke Christmas!

We spent Christmas Day with my Family, then came home to spend the evening with Roy`s Friends. We bought a Turducken (a Turkey Stuffed with a Duck, Stuffed with a Chicken) and his friends Cooked it up. It was pretty tasty, but Not as tasty as I imagined it. I do not know if it is worth the $96! His friends made really strong Drinks, The Best Gravy and Mac n Cheese I have ever Had! I was really impressed!!
This year I gave my Husband a Custom Printed T-shirt of a One of a Kind Commissioned Art Work done by DC Comic Book Artist George Perez personally for Roy of Captain America back to Back with Superman.

I gave my Cats & Bird some Treats & Toys. For all of my friends, I gave them all Holiday Cards with a Free Lottery Ticket inside. Hopefully some won some Cash!
My Husband has yet to give me my Christmas present, but he says he is willing to buy me Botox if I want it. I just might take him up on it. Too bad it is not a New Car or a Gift Card to an Auto Mechanic, since my Car is still Broke Down.
Christmas maybe Over, But NOT for My Husband & My Animals! I went 2the Grocery Store with the intention to Only grab a 'Few' things, but ended up coming home with over $135 worth of Groceries which included: Package of Dress Socks, New All Weather Suede House Shoes, Fried Chicken, dozen Tamales, Gummi Bears, etc for Roy -and- More Treats & Toys for my Bird & Cats!!
The Day After Christmas we enjoyed Mimosa`s & Bloody Mary`s over at Roy`s Friends House. The Bloody Mary`s were Made with Tomato Juice, Vodka, Worshire Sauce, Horseradish, Spices, Tabasco, Jalapeno Olives and Garnished with Fried Bacon as a Stir Stick, that eventually would go limp at the bottom of the Bloody Mary awaiting as a Tasty Treat for you once you finished your Drink!
I hope all of you had a Wonderful Holiday Season as Well!! oxoxox, StacyBasting the Turducken
The Special Bacon Bloody Mary

Felix Playing with his Quacking Stuffed Puppy Toy Duck he got for Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Funk? Virtual Closet - Voila!!

I am going though a Fashion Funk. It takes me sometimes hours to find something to wear even if I am staying home. I am trying to stop wearing the same 2 outfits. I live at the Beach, I like to be Warm, I like to be Comfortable and I walk everywhere so I need to wear something Warm and Comfortable. If I am just staying home, I guess I really do not need to venture to far away from my Normal Small Rotation of Clothes, but as for going out, I really need to step up my game. I think I also need to re-organize my Closet to Find things more easily. I guess I will get to that After the Holidays.
However, in the meantime I need to figure out how to find Cute Fashionable Clothes I want to wear and get ready faster. So, I decided to do what I used to do when I was in High School. I bought a few Fashion Magazines, looked for outfits I like, that I could pull off and for outfits I might have similar in my Closet. I cut out those outfits and pasted them on the walls of my Room & Closet. Then on a Day off, I went through my clothes and put them into ensembles, laid them out on the bed and snapped a photo of the outfit. I put together about 6 different outfits and snapped a photo of each outfit. I then put away my clothes and downloaded the photos on my computer. Now when something comes up where I need to get ready in a Hurry and I want to be somewhat Fashionable, Comfortable, Warm and have no idea what to wear, all I have to do is go through my Virtual Photo Closet on my Computer - Voila!!

The Long Way Home

I probably could have Succeeded much Faster if I was Obedient, Kept my Mouth Shut & Kissed Ass - But I prefer the More Scenic Route!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ham & Potatoes!!

I Just went Grocery Shopping, I bought over $200 worth of Groceries for only $135 - yep, l am a bargain shopper - Now doing Laundry, Baking a Big Fat Ham - Homemade Garlic Parmesan Au Gratin Potatoes in Oven - My Hubby is All Happy, I bought him all his favorite Treats - Gummi Bears, Banana Nut Bread, Salami, Provolone, Pastrami, Sausages, His Favorite Soups, etc.......Roy is a Happy Boy!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Accepting My Fate - Flaws and All

I feel like i am being attacked from all sides. It seems like everyone can act immature, say rude things, lie, cheat, have tantrums, breakdowns, etc and I should forgive and forget - but I am not allowed the same in return. If I do any of those things, I will be shunned, attacked, ridiculed, ignored, shamed, mocked, yelled at, abandoned, etc - No one forgives or forgets when I fall victim to my emotions.
I must also be a mind reader, because sometimes someone will get mad at me for doing or saying something that they think I should not have said for a reason I was not aware of. I was brought up a only child, so these social dramas that are going on around me is still new to me. The older I get, it seems everyone is like this. I thought only a few people got caught up in drama, but the closer i get to people, I see that this is the norm.
Now, I am not saying i am innocent by any means, but it seems that I do not get the same consideration. I guess i should be flattered that they expect me to act on a 'higher' level, but the truth is, I am just as human as they are and i have a lot of flaws. I wish more people would accept and still love me with my flaws and all, as is. I do want to work on myself, I want to improve myself, but i wish they would give me the same understanding they give everyone else. Why am I the one that does not 'get off the hook'? To be honest, it hurts that i do not get the same benefit of the doubt.
I wish they knew I was on their side, I would do anything for them and I do. I don`t want to give the impression i am doing a 'oh, woe is me' bit. it is just a observation and I`m trying to figure out how to deal with it. i feel very alone and not supported emotionally. i feel like i have no one on my side and that is very depressing.
I guess I will just have to work on taking the Higher road and try not to fall victim to my emotions so much, I really need to work on that and be a better friend. Maybe I will just take this fate as it is and accept it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Uncle Happy was in Pearl Harbor

I once had an Uncle named Happy (Yes, that was his Real Name) - he was on my Mom`s side of the Family. I remember him telling me stories of his time as a Cook aboard a Ship during Pearl Harbor when I was a kid at our family Holiday Parties. He Survived by Ducking under a Prep Table. I have not seen him since I was very young.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a Cheap, Easy, Installed Video Intercom

I miss my Grandma & Worry about her. Since my Car broke down, it has been difficult to go Visit her. Anyone know a cheap easy webcam system so I can Call, Talk & See my Grandma and she can see me? I want 2install a Intercom like System so I can Communicate with her at will.....like a Cheap, Easy Skype.
I am just worried a Computer, Tablet or Phone would either get Stolen, Lost, Broke Etc. Many people go in and out of my Grandmother`s room - my grandma is very old and sick so she might break, lose it or cannot use it. I was hoping I can install a Device that the Nurses might be able to easily use - so I can call them and ask to turn it on when I want to call my Grandma - kind of like a Video Intercom.

- I got it, a Video Camera.......Don`t know if will happen....but I think that`s my Best Bet!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learning not to Lash Out when I am Hurt

I really wish I could Learn NOT to let what others Say to me affect me so much or at least act like it doesn`t affect me - but l am not that great of an actress or tough skinned - l tend to get hurt and l lash out - this is a trait of mine I really do not like and in the process of attempting to change. Wish me luck on my success in this!

l guess l am just to sensitive....l know l should not care what others think or say.......what l really need to work on is my Lashing out on others......it doesn`t make things better when l do that......l need to squash the teenage tantrum drama....especially in public...besides, it is tough on the skin.....l look like hell after a night of drama......l need to stop if for nothing else but vanity.....LOL!!