Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a Very Burke Christmas!

We spent Christmas Day with my Family, then came home to spend the evening with Roy`s Friends. We bought a Turducken (a Turkey Stuffed with a Duck, Stuffed with a Chicken) and his friends Cooked it up. It was pretty tasty, but Not as tasty as I imagined it. I do not know if it is worth the $96! His friends made really strong Drinks, The Best Gravy and Mac n Cheese I have ever Had! I was really impressed!!
This year I gave my Husband a Custom Printed T-shirt of a One of a Kind Commissioned Art Work done by DC Comic Book Artist George Perez personally for Roy of Captain America back to Back with Superman.

I gave my Cats & Bird some Treats & Toys. For all of my friends, I gave them all Holiday Cards with a Free Lottery Ticket inside. Hopefully some won some Cash!
My Husband has yet to give me my Christmas present, but he says he is willing to buy me Botox if I want it. I just might take him up on it. Too bad it is not a New Car or a Gift Card to an Auto Mechanic, since my Car is still Broke Down.
Christmas maybe Over, But NOT for My Husband & My Animals! I went 2the Grocery Store with the intention to Only grab a 'Few' things, but ended up coming home with over $135 worth of Groceries which included: Package of Dress Socks, New All Weather Suede House Shoes, Fried Chicken, dozen Tamales, Gummi Bears, etc for Roy -and- More Treats & Toys for my Bird & Cats!!
The Day After Christmas we enjoyed Mimosa`s & Bloody Mary`s over at Roy`s Friends House. The Bloody Mary`s were Made with Tomato Juice, Vodka, Worshire Sauce, Horseradish, Spices, Tabasco, Jalapeno Olives and Garnished with Fried Bacon as a Stir Stick, that eventually would go limp at the bottom of the Bloody Mary awaiting as a Tasty Treat for you once you finished your Drink!
I hope all of you had a Wonderful Holiday Season as Well!! oxoxox, StacyBasting the Turducken
The Special Bacon Bloody Mary

Felix Playing with his Quacking Stuffed Puppy Toy Duck he got for Christmas.

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