Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for a Cheap, Easy, Installed Video Intercom

I miss my Grandma & Worry about her. Since my Car broke down, it has been difficult to go Visit her. Anyone know a cheap easy webcam system so I can Call, Talk & See my Grandma and she can see me? I want 2install a Intercom like System so I can Communicate with her at will.....like a Cheap, Easy Skype.
I am just worried a Computer, Tablet or Phone would either get Stolen, Lost, Broke Etc. Many people go in and out of my Grandmother`s room - my grandma is very old and sick so she might break, lose it or cannot use it. I was hoping I can install a Device that the Nurses might be able to easily use - so I can call them and ask to turn it on when I want to call my Grandma - kind of like a Video Intercom.

- I got it, a Video Camera.......Don`t know if will happen....but I think that`s my Best Bet!!

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