Monday, February 22, 2016

Leash to Harness NOT Collar when Riding with your Dog

Am l the only one who gets upset whenever l see somebody riding their bike, jogging, riding their skateboard really fast while holding a leash connected to the NECK of a Dog Collar with their Dog?? l mean come on - at LEAST connect leash to a harness instead of collar - just for safety so you don`t choke, break neck or kill your dog - l mean - really?? Why is this legal??

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scared - Clyde (my frenchie) not well

scared - Clyde has been acting weird off and and on all week - he did not eat his breakfast this morning - wont play - he usually attacks vacuum - today he ran and hid from it - wont do anything but lay down on couch with sad eyes -staring off in distance -shakes once in a while - l fed him some ice cubes to soothe belly and hydrate him - vet wont see him til the am ----
- NOW - Clyde seems fine - doc says sometimes when pup becomes 1 year old they can have growing pains and their body hurts and get depressed while you at work.