Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I`m more of the 'Toaster Oven is the Best Gift' kind of Girl!

 Anyone that buys me Jewelry as a gift obviously does not know me. Unless it is a Native American Turquoise & Silver Squash Necklace, I will hate it. I only like Silver and to me Jewelry is a Really personal thing, I would rather pick out myself. I hate things just to show you spent money, I rather you spend the money wisely. I especially dislike Gold and I really never wear expensive jewelry.
 If you know me, then you know that I prefer getting practical things that I will actually use. I hate wasting money and I hate it when people spend way to much money on something Frivolous.
 I understand it is the Thought that counts and I will appreciate any gift I get if it is from the heart. However, if you are my boyfriend or someone who is really close to me, it will hurt me getting a Gift like that. To me, it shows that you have no clue who I am. It shows me that you rather prove how much you spent on it to make yourself look good other than the thought of the gift. I could be wrong, but those are my thoughts. I once broke up with a guy for buying me an expensive Tiffany Necklace and finding out he was now Negative in his checking account for doing so. That showed me poor judgement, lack of proprieties and no knowledge in who I am. That kind of person does not think of protecting the future, he is only in it for instant gratification which does not make me feel secure and safe.
 I thought I was past all this once I got married. My Husband is more frugal in his gift giving, he usually gives me cute, thoughtful or practical gifts. This year, he needed to save money because he is having dental issues and his computer broke. I helped him with a dental bill and bought him a Massage at a Spa to help with his stress as a Holiday Present this year.
 I was shocked when I un wrapped his present to me. It was a Gold, Diamond, way to Big Tennis Bracelet!!! I hid my disappointment, I smiled and said thank you. He boasted that he could have paid off his dental bill twice with the money he spent on it. Wow, that was like the knife turning in my back, but I still smiled and told him 'he shouldn`t have'. He was smiling at me, he was so certain that I loved it, so I guess I am a better actress then I thought. All I could think about was, he should have just paid his dental bill and bought me a Toaster Over, I really could use a $40- Toaster Oven. I know, I know, I am being a bit unappreciative. I really do appreciate the thought, but I am still hurt that he REALLY doesn`t know me as much as I would hope that he should know his wife after 5 years!!! I also HATE the amount of money that he seemed to have paid for it. I honestly would have loved a $2- card better then that Expensive, Gold, Diamond, Tennis Bracelet!!!

  I opened my gift....I appreciate the thought.....but I am having a hard time with it......Roy said it was very expensive, that he could have paid his dental work with it........you see l told Roy many times that to never buy me jewelry, especially expensive gold jewelry....to buy me jewelry is to not Know me......I have Never been a fan of Gold or Expensive Jewery.......I would rather he pay for his dental work and him buy me a $40 toaster oven or even a $2- card!!! I am just sad to know that after 5 years together, he has no clue who I am. Sorry, I must seem un appreciative, but I REALLY Do Appreciate the Thought.....I just wish I could get his money back.......I don`t know the right way to go about this....maybe I should just let it go.....but I dunno how long I can keep the 'Act' up....I am not good at keeping my emotions inside.....besides he Needs the money for his dental more then Tennis Bracelet. What do you think I should do???

  I just had to vent about it. I do love my Husband, I do Appreciate my Gift, but I can`t ignore my feelings and had to get them out. I guess Blogs are the New Inexpensive Therapist, just my Style!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

No Tomato Soup? No Worries!!

Came home from work, Exhausted, (Such a Busy, Back-breaking Month it has been at my `Normal' Mon-Thurs Job  -Only to continue on, as I have 2Rent Car 2mrw for a Weekend Job/Wrestling Shoot this week) -My Hubby is away in San Fran for work - I`m home, Hungry, have not eaten ALL Day - craving Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese - Oops, Roy seems to have used up our Tomato Soup reserve - No Worries - Making Grilled Cheese with Diced up Fresh Tomatoes & Red Onion - Yummmmm - Finishing it off with a Glass of Red Wine - Oh wait, is that a TV Remote Control with No one 'Manning' it?? Ummmm....SCORE!!!