Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday? Grammy`s anyone.....anyone......helloooooooo

I`m not going to Playboy Mansion 2day - l kinda wanna go out - but yet dunno - Hubby asleep in Man Cave - l`m drinking champagne - watching crap TV - Blogging - prolly gonna watch Grammy`s - ummmm - l wish the pubs on 2nd street would do a Grammy Party - hec, no more Football, why not? *Umpt* (arms crossed) - l wanna drink champagne, watch the grammy`s and girl it up damn it!!!! Ummmmm.....side thought....Maybe I should have went to the Mansion!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My New Motto that I should Follow

'YOUR GOOD FRIENDS recognize your potential, your success, and your victories. Others might see your flaws, your failures, and your defeats. Surround yourself with confidence, bravery, peace, joy and the encouragement of good friends. You're going to go further than you've ever imagined.'

I should follow this - but unfortunately there is a 'certain someone' who is best friends with my hubby - I cannot nor will not get in the way of their friendship - which means I must endure his snide remarks - I know it is not about me - I know just to let it go and not let it get to me - but I am Not the better person - I am human and it does get to me - but I am trying to learn to better react to it. 

Oh how I wish I could share this with a certain someone - but I don`t have them on my Facebook - l need this on my wall - hec, l may just tattoo this on me, where l can read it everyday!!!

Ok, this Probably wont last - but - Go Sea Hawks!

ok - this just may be getting me to care a little bit about this thing that takes over my TV & Sundays called Football - dunno how long this trickle of an interest will last - but the what the hey..... I am a Sherman Fan ...... I am one of the 12 men......GO SEA HAWKS!!! Enjoy it while it last, hubby dear. 

To Those Who Call Me a Thug or Worse…” read my words on MMQB.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Biker Gang Scared my Aunt & Uncle yesterday!

Super bummed - I was hoping to see my Aunt and Uncle yesterday/Saturday. I had plans later that same night to go see my friends band - so I thought i would map out a mini road trip tour showing my hubby my old stomping grounds. I know my hubby loves Buffalo Burgers so I figured The Buffalo Inn would be our 1st stop. I have NOT been there for over 20 years. I called my Aunt and asked her if she ever been there - she said yes, many times and it is just down the street from her - I asked her if she liked it - she said yes, but not good for a diet - so l said would you want to meet us there around 3pm? She said ok. So after our chores, we left to go to Upland. We were running a bit late (due to my panic attacks on the fwy -another subject) - so I called to let them know that we would be there more like 3:30pm.
We pull up to the Buffalo Inn at exactly at 3:30pm and all I see are Motorcycles...I hear a loud band and place packed full of bikers wearing their biker jackets........not a big deal for me......but I know maybe an issue for my Family. We go in, we look around for them - they are not there. We grab table and I try calling my family to check to see if they left home answer. I am wondering if they maybe in route. As I am checking my phone, my phone rings, it is my Uncle.....but we lose connection. After a few frustrating minutes of us calling each other, we finally get connection.
I ask him where they are & tell him I am at The Buffalo Inn. His voice is stern and short. He says that they waited til 3:30 and had errands to do - so they left and they will see me next time I am in town and then hung up.
Just then as he hung up, the loud band stops, the bikers start to leave. Oh how I wished I told them to be there at 4pm instead of 3:30! Even though I had No Idea that was going to happen, I still I felt so bad!! My Uncle didn`t tell me they left because of all that, but we knew better - I am sure the atmosphere was intimidating when they pulled up. So much for trying to pick a place to eat. Next time I will just let them choose. Urg - I feel so BAD!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally, Earrings for my Torn Earlobes!

I suffer from Torn Earlobes due to I am allergic to most metal - even surgical steel - when l was young l didn`t care and would wear any earrings anyway - which would make me itch, scratch, bleed and pull on my lobes. It is still tough for me to wear earrings in my remaining pierced holes (which are now slits). Even the finest of metal, gold, silver, platinum, etc. now bothers me. To this day, my ears bleed due to my vanity of wanting to continue to wear earrings.
But now l think l found something that l think l can wear that will allow me to wear the shiny dangly earrings that l have always wanted to all my life without pain, disfigurement or blood shed.........the new and improved ear cuff!! I just bought a couple, tried them out and OMG - I love them. I`m going to buy more!!

BTW: This is NOT a photo of me, but I do have earlobes like this.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rocking The Whiskey-a-go-go with Lita Ford and More!

Thursday Jan. 9th 2014 - Roy, Dominic Wolfe, Akira Lane, Scotty, Randy Moore and I all went to The Whiskey-a-go-go 50th Anniversary Special concert with Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, Glenn Hughes, Slash, was a FABULOUS Show - I am so glad I got to go!!
 Photo: Randy Moore, Me (Stacy Burke) and Akira Lane

 Below are links to reviews, photos and video about this amazing Night!

Here is Cherie Currie singing 'Cherry Bomb' with Lita Ford and Slash

My Facebook Message to Glenn Hughes: I was at the Whiskey show - not only it was an awesome show that took my breath away - I became Emotionally attached to everyone on that stage - it was truly a Magical Night that I will NEVER forget - I hope you all play together on stage again real soon - your endearing chemistry really transpires to the audience - LOVE AND SUPPORT to you both - Love you so much - and Thank you for an amazing night!!
Visit Lita Ford on the web:  - See more at:
Visit Lita Ford on the web:  - See more at:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I`m still Coughing and It is Raining on our Bed!

Night 4 of coughing all night with no sleep.....I FINALLY fall asleep at 6am....then my hubby yells out...."oh no!" I spring out of bed.....'what?'....I look up...
We have a leaks coming from our ceiling , coming down on our now very soaked bed! I grab a few pans, put it under leaks on bed....hubby goes to man cave to I am awake.....again.....coughing my brains out in wet bed with the sound of the water dripping in pans - I am so desperate for sleep!

Felix enjoying our new "water bed' - plumber here now checking for leak upstairs above bed.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coughing my Brains Out!

all my life l am known for my violent lingering coughs - at times, dangerous (ER) - I coughed all night last night - coughed all day today - took soooooo much meds it is a miracle I am still alive let alone awake - my tummy muscles are cramping up - my throat is raw - l`m out of breath - looks like l will be coughing all night 2night as well - URG - it is either my allergies or my cough - l am a respiratory mess!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cleaning out my Closet....yes......STILL!

Hubby & I have had a sore throat since yesterday -now we feel achy -oh shit - think we are sick -oh well.....brewing spicy tea & honey and going back in to tackle my Closet Room -Day 2 of cleaning it out - 4 trash bags & counting - I think l have over 50 purses - I`m going to try 'REALLY HARD' to get rid of most.......ummmm....some? This is gonna take a few days..... I fear .....maybe even weeks!!

 ok.....I was TRYING to clean out my closet - but - I put on a new show called 'Toned Up' on Bravo TV in the background - and what do l see? HORNY CORNER - They filmed their meet up on MY BEACH!!!