Sunday, January 19, 2014

Biker Gang Scared my Aunt & Uncle yesterday!

Super bummed - I was hoping to see my Aunt and Uncle yesterday/Saturday. I had plans later that same night to go see my friends band - so I thought i would map out a mini road trip tour showing my hubby my old stomping grounds. I know my hubby loves Buffalo Burgers so I figured The Buffalo Inn would be our 1st stop. I have NOT been there for over 20 years. I called my Aunt and asked her if she ever been there - she said yes, many times and it is just down the street from her - I asked her if she liked it - she said yes, but not good for a diet - so l said would you want to meet us there around 3pm? She said ok. So after our chores, we left to go to Upland. We were running a bit late (due to my panic attacks on the fwy -another subject) - so I called to let them know that we would be there more like 3:30pm.
We pull up to the Buffalo Inn at exactly at 3:30pm and all I see are Motorcycles...I hear a loud band and place packed full of bikers wearing their biker jackets........not a big deal for me......but I know maybe an issue for my Family. We go in, we look around for them - they are not there. We grab table and I try calling my family to check to see if they left home answer. I am wondering if they maybe in route. As I am checking my phone, my phone rings, it is my Uncle.....but we lose connection. After a few frustrating minutes of us calling each other, we finally get connection.
I ask him where they are & tell him I am at The Buffalo Inn. His voice is stern and short. He says that they waited til 3:30 and had errands to do - so they left and they will see me next time I am in town and then hung up.
Just then as he hung up, the loud band stops, the bikers start to leave. Oh how I wished I told them to be there at 4pm instead of 3:30! Even though I had No Idea that was going to happen, I still I felt so bad!! My Uncle didn`t tell me they left because of all that, but we knew better - I am sure the atmosphere was intimidating when they pulled up. So much for trying to pick a place to eat. Next time I will just let them choose. Urg - I feel so BAD!!

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