Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally, Earrings for my Torn Earlobes!

I suffer from Torn Earlobes due to I am allergic to most metal - even surgical steel - when l was young l didn`t care and would wear any earrings anyway - which would make me itch, scratch, bleed and pull on my lobes. It is still tough for me to wear earrings in my remaining pierced holes (which are now slits). Even the finest of metal, gold, silver, platinum, etc. now bothers me. To this day, my ears bleed due to my vanity of wanting to continue to wear earrings.
But now l think l found something that l think l can wear that will allow me to wear the shiny dangly earrings that l have always wanted to all my life without pain, disfigurement or blood shed.........the new and improved ear cuff!! I just bought a couple, tried them out and OMG - I love them. I`m going to buy more!!

BTW: This is NOT a photo of me, but I do have earlobes like this.

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