Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cleaning out my Closet....yes......STILL!

Hubby & I have had a sore throat since yesterday -now we feel achy -oh shit - think we are sick -oh well.....brewing spicy tea & honey and going back in to tackle my Closet Room -Day 2 of cleaning it out - 4 trash bags & counting - I think l have over 50 purses - I`m going to try 'REALLY HARD' to get rid of most.......ummmm....some? This is gonna take a few days..... I fear .....maybe even weeks!!

 ok.....I was TRYING to clean out my closet - but - I put on a new show called 'Toned Up' on Bravo TV in the background - and what do l see? HORNY CORNER - They filmed their meet up on MY BEACH!!!

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