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10/6/2000 - 11/24/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Happy Gobble Day to all! l can`t wait to go visit my grandma and celebrate Thanksgiving. l love her soooo much!!!! Her cat of almost 20 years died last month. She loved that cat so much. She never had a cat before....l never thought she even liked cats. She hates to get close to an animal, because she knows when they finally pass on, she`ll get sad. The cat was a stray kitten. She would feed it chicken bones outside. Every year that would pass, the closer she got to the cat. Then finally the cat was welcomed inside, she spayed/fixed the cat, gave her a water and food bowl inside, brushed and gromed her, she even allowed the cat to stay and sleep inside the house! That was a rare thing.....grandma does not usually let animals in the house, let alone allow them to live inside. l was proud of my grandma, she was openly showing love and affection towards a cat....soooo sweet to watch. When the cat finally died, my grandma buried her out in the back yard, next to her 1st dog that she ever loved. How sweet is that? l know grandma will never take another cat to take it`s place. Grandma doesn`t do that. lf another animal ever dares to come into her life, it must be by complete accident, not planned, must be very mannerful and must be very persistent. My grandma will protest against any other is hard to win her heart, but once you do, it is the most dearest, sweetest thing anyone will ever experience, animal or human!

Well, l never made it to my 2nd doctor appointment. l was suppost to go Wednesday, the day before Turkey Day, but l didn`t want to have a sore throat for Gobble Day.....l wouldn`t be able to taste or enjoy anything. Really, that is the reason, it is not because l was a wuss or anything. l was not at all scared of having a metal rod being pushed into my nose down to my throat......nawww, that wasn`t it. lt was the was too close to Thanksgiving ;-) Believe me?

l updated 4 sections of my site this week, 1) My Weekly Pix, 2) My Stacy`s Words, 3) My Out & About section, and 4) My Member`s Forum. Also check my 'Current Events' section for new weekly Stacy Stuff.

Happy Gobble Day.....if you eat too much...take liquid Mylanta Supreme in smooth mint cream.....that seems to work the best for me. oxox,Stacy

l`m actually writing this on Monday November 13th. l`m getting ready to go to Lost Wages (a.k.a. Las Vegas) and stay there until the 18th. l will be at the convention called AdultDex out there. lf you`re around, come out and say 'Hi'! ------------ Since l will be away from my computer for awhile, l will not be able to answer your e-mail until my return. So if you sent me an e-mail and have not heard from me.....that is why. It will take me a while to reply...l know when l get back, my e-mai l count will be high. Since the holidays are near....l`ve been getting a lot of e-mail from shopping know....where they say stuff like 'sale' , 'holiday savings' and stuff like that. l don`t mind......l like getting ideas what to get it helps just cloggs my e-mail a bit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am a Pin-Up at: .......l am up for Pin-Up of the month. Check it out and vote for your favorite Pin-Up.....don`t feel pressured to cast your vote for for who you think is best. ----------- l might be on their radio show someday soon. They have an on-air show as well as a on-line show. They play the best Rockabilly, old and new! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l updated my 'Flashback' section last week, ln case you may have missed it. l always update 3 sections of my site everyweek.....Stacy`s Words, Pix Updates and one other section....ya gotta scroll down and find out which`ll never know which section it will be.........sometimes l don`t even know......l decide always at the last moment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l should be at the 'Invert 2000' on Sunday the 19th of November in Aniehem CA. For information go to: and click on the 'Newz' button below. Come and join the should be a big and eventful convention. l will be at The PoolSchool Booth. Just ask for Stacy Burke or Kat (my nickname). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of my cool members e-mailed me and wanted my reciepe for my Pineapple Salsa. Now...l am no cook.....l am clueless in the kitchen....but here are 2 of my favorites......they are yummy, but the best thing is....they are easy & no mess!

Pineapple salsa: 1 can of crushed pineapple, chopped brown onion (l use 1/2 of an onion...but do it to your taste), 2 chopped tomtoes (again, use as much to your taste), and 1 cup of chopped cilantro (l love l like to go overboard on yet again...use to your taste). Mix in the same tupperwear bowl that you`ll store it don`t want to dirty many dishes, cover and put in the refridgerator for about an hour. lt goes great with Tortilla ones are my favorite.....yumm!

My next favorite thing, that l have every morning, despite what the doctor says, is Cinnamon Ba nnana Coffee. l use a regular coffee maker. l use expresso flavored fine ground coffee, 6 heaping tablespoons ( l use 3 decaf expresso & 3 regular expresso....since l love coffee so much...l need to cut down my caffine intake). l sprinkle a little cinnamon (to your taste) on top of the grounds, and pour a capful (the small cap that comes with the bottle of flavoring) of Bannana Flavoring on top of the grounds as well....that way the water goes through the grounds and flavoring and brews it all together. l use bottle water (just taste better)....and press start to brew. The smell is great in the morning. l drink 2 cups a day with my cheddar cheese toast with jam and/or chocolate.......breakfast of champions! oxox,Stacy

Whew...l`m exhausted!!!! Friday l went to my movi e premiere in Hollywood for 'Tom Leykis The Movie'. l took Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones. We partied HARD!!!....or at least, l did. l drank Red Bulls and Vodkas all night....yummm :-p The Movie was pretty good. You can grab your own copy of it by calling 1(866)TLMOVIE ....You can see clips of it by going to and clicking on 'The Movie' icon up top. --------------------------------------------------------------------- l left the club at in my car...(don`t worry...l was ok...l partied hard way earlier......l never drink and drive)...l got a call......Remember the 'Speed Racer' guy l was telling you about several months ago in my Stacy`s Words.....well he called. He was in town and he wanted to see me. l was so excited...l peed my pants.....l`m not kidding....l really peed my pants!!! l have not done that since l was 5 years old!! EEWWWWW!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ He wanted to have me work his booth Saturday & Sunday all day. He had a booth at the Fresh Tracks Convention....a skateboard & snowboard convention and show. Sounded like fun...l love conventions, skateboarders, snowboarders, l love his apparel and skateboard decks and l was free that l said 'Yes'. ------------------------------------------------------------------ l got home and changed out of my wet clothes....ewwwww.....and cleaned my car really good. Got sleep around 4am....only to awake at 6:30am to get ready to leave for the convention at 7:45am. l`ll be honest with you.....l was hurting......bad! My eyes were swollen, red and felt like they were bleeding from lack of sleep. Plus all the Red Bulls from the night before didn`t help much. B.T.W. Red Bull is an energy can give you a headache....just like if you were to drink too much coffee. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- l worked from was tough...but l dd it...yeah! l went home and fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. l awoke around up from the couch...went to my bed hoping to go right back to sleep...nope...tossed and turned....funny how that happens. l have no problem falling asleep while l`m on the couch in my living room watching a T.V. Show that l really want to see....but get me in my bed, knowing l should go to sleep....and blink, blink...toss, toss....turn, turn! l have a feeling l`m not the only person with this problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l did eventually, l did fall asleep....and awoke felling fine and dandy!! lt was a great day on Sunday.....the convention went alot smoother then it did on Saturday! l had a blast! Riki......l mean 'Speed Racer' was very please d with how much l helped him with his booth. He has never seen me work he had no idea that l loved conventions so much and how well l can handle things and small crises. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We might do more conventions together.....l think it would be great to merge the fetish model merchandise and the skateboard gear together! He also has cool videos that he sells. He has 'The Best of Backyard Wrestling part 1 and 2' as well as some cool skateboard videos. lf interested in seeing the gear and apparel he has go to: and click on the 'PoolSchool' icon for more information. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- are not back together.......l have a feeling he still loves his ex-girlfriend. But....oh well.....Friendship is a lot better........yeah...right....maybe l`ll believe that if l keep saying that over and over ;-) P.S. Venus DeLight and l will be at the Wrestling Convention (WWC 2000) in San Diego C.A. Come out and see us! We will be selling videos, signing autographs and posing for pictures. oxox,Stacy

Yeah, l am baaack! l was in Las Vegas with Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones this weekend. We attended the Fetish & Fantasy Ball at The Tropicana. l went as a Motorcycle, Gloria went as a Dark Angel and Jessica went as a Bat.....all of us had PVC Corsets on. lt was very fun and crowded....many people showed up. We didn`t get back into our room until 4 am!!!! We took some pix....keep your eye out for them. You can see some pix right now if you go to: Login: Fetish....Password: Fantasy. There you will see many people and pix of the night, including Me, Gloria & Jessica.

l spent over $1000- on slots...did not win a thing! We all went to see the Excaliber Dinner & Show, were they Jousted in front of us. Those fine knights in shining Armour slain those dreaded Dragons and Evil Villains for us as we feasted on Game Hen, Bread, Potatoes, Tomato soup and vegetables. Haszzar!!!! We also spent a half day at the Spa.....getting ourselves pampered. Gloria got a Salt Glow, Jessica & l got a Herbal Wrap. We all got Swedish Massages and l got a little tan. We went to th e Hot Tub, steam room and the sauna. l loved everything but l was not too impressed with the steam was too hard to breath in felt like fluid in the lungs....the sauna was better.

Hope you`ll like my pix of Gloria & Jessica in my Friends Section last week. l hope you also liked my Halloween Story in my 'Member`s Forum' as well.....yea, it was a little corny....but l thought it was kind-of cute!

Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica will be in my Stacy`s Chat and in My Dungeon (now the Pantyhose Room) a lot from now on. l corrupted them....hehe.......they now are scheduled quite frequently here :-) Tell them 'Hi' for me. l will work with them once in awhile. We love to spank, wrestle, suck toes and tie each other up!!!

If you live in the USA.....don`t forget to vote on Nov.7th!!!!

Well...l better go and unpack....l got a lot to do ....just to pack it all back up again....l will be at AdultDex in Vegas in 2 weeks.....then back in Vegas yet again in January for CES......l hope l don`t get too sick of Vegas.....if that is ever possible :-) oxox,Stacy

10/2 7/00
GlamourCon was a great success! Thanks to all that came out and said 'Hi' to me, l appreciate all of your love and support!! l will try to be at the next GlamourCon. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now l am getting ready to go to Las Vegas this weekend. Miss Gloria Reyes, Jessica Jones and l are scheduled to attend a Fetish Party on Saturday! We are sooo excited....we leave right after our 'Stacy`s Chat' appearance on Thursday. l will be there from 4pm-8pm and Gloria Reyes will be there from 5pm-12midnight PAC time.. heard right....Miss Gloria Reyes will make her 1st appearance on my 'Stacy`s Chat' &/or Dungeon Chat this Thursday Oct. 26th! This update might be up after this event. l have to write this on Wednesday, since l am leaving on Thursday/Friday morning. l have to still pack, change the oil in my car, do my nails, go to the bank, make some calls and work a few shoots today....whew...l`m stressed just thinking about it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l went to the doctor last week. l wanted to know why my voice was raspy and why it felt like someone was choking me. l thought it might be lumps on my thyroid or something like that. Ready for this? l have a severe case of Anti-Reflux Disease!!!! The little thingy between my throat and my stomach does not close and acid and digestive enzymes leak into my throat from my stomach and are creating polyps on my throat. The polyps are putting pressure on my windpipe. The doctor said it was good that l caught it so soon? l have been losing my voice for 3 years! She said if it goes undetected for many years, it could develop into cancer! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She put me on a diet. l can no longer have chocolate, caffeine(coffee), spicy foods, alcohol, fatty foods, mint, l cannot eat 3 hours before bed, no bending over for too long, no exercising after eating, no pressure around the middle, like belts or corsets, no laying down right after eating and l have to sleep on my back with the head of the bed elevated by 6 inches! Okay, let me tell you how hard this diet is for me. Every morning for breakfast l have 2 cups of coffee and some chocolate. l do not eat all day. l am only hungry at l eat at night before bed. l get stuffed, lazy and sleepy after eating and have to lay down after l eatin g before bed is great for me. l love spicy foods, l can drink a bottle of Tabasco, no problem. lt is hard for me to eat anything if it is not spicy. l sleep only on my stomach with a pillow under my tummy, so l sleep almost at an arch, bending forward. l think l found the reasons for my Anti-Reflux Disease. l have to take medication as well....prescription Tagament 2 times a day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- l don`t know how long l can do this diet. l`ll try it for a month. But giving up coffee and chocolate....aaaa...l don`t think so. l`ll cut down...but not give it up. l now make my pot of coffee like this: 5 big tablespoons of decaf espresso and one huge tablespoon of normal espresso, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of banana flavoring. lt is really good, but it has hardly any 'kick' to it. Instead of chocolate for breakfast, a chocolate chip cookie.....l think that is doing good.......ri ght? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l have to go back to the doctor next month. She is going to freeze my nose and stick a metal rod through my nose and down my throat! Yeah, right, like l am going to make it to that appointment! Ewwwww....yuck! l hope my voice comes back and the pressure on my wind pipe loosens up. But most of all...l hope these polyps either goes away or at least stop building up in there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh well, take care everyone and l`ll talk to you all when l get back from Vegas. B.T.W. l have a personal voice mail at: (909)390-2687 There you can hear what l am up to :-) oxox,Stacy

Oh My Gaawwwd! l just tried the best Root Beer Ever!!!! l was one day 'surfing the net' and stumbled on this RootBeer site called Root 66 and their slogun is 'get your lips on Root 66'. l e-mailed them telling them how great l thought their campaign was and l still own a house on Route 66. l asked them where could l try their Root Beer at and if they needed any spokesmodels ;-) We e-mailed each other back & forth for awhile. Then this week...l found a six pack of their RootBeer in my mailbox...tough fit. lt was warm so l put 5 bottles in the fringe and one bottle in the freezer. l kind-of forgot about it as l did my daily chores around the house. Well, nightfall came, l rested in front of the T.V., like l do every evening. l was a little thirsty and l was getting a little tired of drinking my very needed water via doctors request. l thought, umm what do l feel like drinking? Oh no, the root beer! l grabbed it from the freezer....frozen solid, like a popsicle. l popped it open and drank it any way. lt was soooooooooo goooood! lt had chunks of ice through it and sooo rich, frosty, icy and just down right YUMMY! l am not that much of a RootBeer drinker...l can take it or leave it....but now...l am a true believer. l must plug their site: Go there and find out how you too can 'put your lips on Root 66' :-) ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l got so much to do. l am booked solid this week and l need to get ready for GlamourCon this weekend. GlamourCon is a convention that includes all mo dels, Playboy to Web-models. Come out and say 'Hi' to me. l will be signing autographs, posing for pix, selling my videos at a discount price, giving away pix, pens and T-shirts. Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones are suppost to be with me at my booth on Saturday. For more information go to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l got a doctor appointment on Friday. l got to find out why my voice is sooo raspy. l lose my voice a LOT. l do not smoke, l don`t talk all that much, l have no idea why l am losing my voice. Every year it gets worse. lt is hard to breath, it feels like someone has a tight grip on my throat all the time. lt takes a lot of effort to get enough air to talk. Weird huh? l still have not heard from my l`m not sure if or when l`ll ever get health insurance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l should be in my live chat on Thursday Oct. 26th....either in the main chat room or the Dungeon Chat, 4pm-8pm PAC time. Come say 'Hi' :-) oxox,Stacy


l just got done doing a steamy scene with the beautiful, Carolyn Monroe. Bob of came down to L.A. and we shot a few scenes. What a classy beautiful woman Carolyn is!!!! This may seem untrue....but this was my very first real 'Girl-Girl' scene. What made it even better, it involved stockings, garters, pantyhose and her smoking.......gotcha attention? ;-) All l got to say is.....when are we going to schedule an other shoot? ----------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m The Tromette of The Month over at ! This one one of my goals in life. l`ve always wanted to be in Playboy Magazine, be a Super Hero, be a Cartoon, be in a Troma Movie and be a Tromette.......well l did all except the Playboy Magazine thing. l`ve done a ton of Playboy T.V. ( Night Calls, Sex Court, Girl Next Door, etc, etc)......but l guess they don`t want me in their magazine :-( l`m not picky....l don`t have to be a Playmate.....just put me in the Grapevine section or something.....Oh Well......l guess you can`t have everything in life. l just think it would be cool. l can someday look in a Playboy when l am old and gray and say...'l was once in Playboy!'. l can tell my grand kids that grandma was once in Playboy....that l went for my dreams and got them....hook-line-and-sinker! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- l am looking for Health Insurance.....boy what an annoying process! l don`t know what plan is best for me! You mean l got to read all this paper work, study it and compare? l even went to those web-sites that suppost to help you compare... ..they are just as application even got turned down! l need to get Health Insurance. l never go to the doctor until something is really wrong.... then it`s too late and l get sick....if l start going to the doctor regularly, maybe they can catch what ever in time and l might prevent getting sick.....hopefully. l`m finally getting responsible. l hate going to doctors....but l`m finding out that it is gotta go....or you`ll get twice as sick and miss twice as much work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, got to go....time to do my did know l die my hair....right? My hair is actually Dark Alburn. Did you really think l was a natural Blonde? oops....sorry....just pretend you didn`t read that part. oxox,Stacy

l`m going to be on my computer all day today. l let my e-mail p ile up. Sorry everyone......l`m not ignoring you......l`ll will just take me awhile. l have to answer my business section of my e-mail 1st....then l will start on all the other sections. l used to answer my e-mail everyday......but then l p ut myself on a 'computer diet'. You see... l would do my e-mail everyday...then when l was done l would surf here and this and do that.....before you know it half the day went by and l would be late for shoots, errons would not get done, my daily exercises suffered....etc, etc. So l decided to put myself on a 'computer diet'. l`m only allowed 1 hour a day 6 days a week, and 1 day a week is 'catch up' day. lt actually works, because that 1 hour a day l only have time enough to do the stuff l am only suppose to playing around. On 'catch-up' day once a week, l`ll reply to all my e-mails, surf, play around....waste the day on the computer if l is computer day! That worked out great for awhile, but now, since l`ve been doing more conventions, appearances and other catch-up day has been booked with other stuff. l have not have gotten a good catch-up day in a few weeks.....and my e-mail count is very scary....l may need a couple of catch-up days! So if you sent me a few e-mails......l am not ignoring you....l am sorry.....l will get to it, l promise....and soon ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK......l am even getting sic k at seeing my endless count of 'London Pix'......l think last weeks updates were the last of only new pix from now on......Yeah! l guess l went a little camera crazy over there, huh? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you seen last weeks updates in my 'Member`s Forum'? lt is a cool pic done of me as a really buff chick, by my e-mail buddy, Nifty....."Thanx Nifty!" l also updated my Flashback section last week. l have found some old pix of me when l 1st started modeling, back in soon as l get them scanned, l`ll post those up there as well......l was a red head in high school. l have always loved 'Lucille Ball' red hair. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pix of Angel, in my Friends Section......was taken by me at The Erotic San Francisco Convention earlier this year. She stole the show when she came out in a really slinky outfit and proceeded to do a slow sexy strip dance and then proceeded to smear gooey sweet creamy messy stuff all over her body and then roll around naked in it.....yuuummmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l know it isn`t for a couple more weeks....but l want remind everyone that l will be at GlamourCon on Oct. 21st-22nd. Come out and say 'hi' to me.....l would love to meet all of you! l will be posing for pix, signing autographs, l will have videos for sale, and l will have free stuff that l will be giving away. Miss Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones are scheduled to be with me at my booth. For directions, time, dates, pix and more information go to: oxox,Stacy

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8/4/2000 - 9/24/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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l did my 1st bondage video for HCV yesterday. l had a great time! l worked with Tori Sinclair, Shay Sights and Mistress Olivia. lt was great seeing all of the models again and working with them again! All this time in the business and this was my 1st time working for this company! l hope they give me another call.....they were all so nice to work with. The whole crew was really sweet! Here is their web-address if you would like to check out their huge video assortment: l`m not sure what the title of the video l did yesterday will be....they usually name the video after they shoot it. On my script, they typed some possibilities, these were the titles that they might use; 'Bitch Breakers', 'Cruel Persuasions' and 'Whipped into Submission'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am still trying to figure out how l can get a 'Kettle Corn' business going. l try to search the Internet, l get a few leads...l e-mail response. l even talked to a few vendors, they give me their number, l call them, leave a call back. Ummmmm......l found a kettle corn site that is selling a fanchise, but that is way too much money. l don`t want to do this full time. l just want to do this once in awhile, maybe have people work the booths for me, if l get a lot of events. l know l need a license and something from the Food and Drug department, since l will be selling food. l guess, l`ll just keep searching....l got time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My fever blisters are finally starting to go away......finally! lt was hard to laugh, smile and eat without them breaking open and bleeding everywhere......eewwww....gross, huh? Well.....they are finally healing, so people can look at me without getting sick to their stomach. They were hard to hide.....l just had to cover my mouth with my hand while l talked and stuff. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Has anyone seen the new singing fish that came out for Halloween? lt is such a great idea. lt is a skeleton of a fish mounted up with the plaque that says: Big Mouth Billy Bones. lt sings 'Bad to the Bone' and it glows in the dark. You know l had to buy it! l posted this one by the front door....the old one is by the back door. Now, which ever door you go out got a fish singing to you! l think my neighbors must be very annoyed by now! They are very loud fish and there is no volume control. Sometimes they will both go off at the same time if l turn off all the lights before going to bed. l gave one to my grandma for her birthday, she loved it......for about a week or so......then she got so annoyed by it (plus l think it scared her a few times...they can do that sometimes)....she finally turned it off. l even get a little annoyed by them......but l can`t help myself....l love my matter how 'cheesy' they may be.......but hey, l love cheese and 'cheesy' things! ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l am scheduled to be in one of my live chat rooms on Friday October 6th from 10am-3pm PAC time. Check out my 'Current Events' section every Friday for news, events and cool stuff coming up. oxox,Stacy

Let me give you guys some advice......never feed a bear holding a potato chip in your mouth! That is what my lips look and feel like l really didn`t feed a bear that way. l caught the Flu. it all happened Saturday Night, the night of my BB-Q. lt went great! l made my homemade pineapple salsa, everyone showed up....l got a really sweet and cute guy to put together my BB`Q for me. l had some male volunteers to BB`Q my chicken, salmon and summer squash. Hey....l marinated the meat for them! Everyone left. l went to bed and fell asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few hours later a awoke, freezing, l was soooo cold! l grabbed my sweats and thermos socks, bundled up and shook freezing until l feel asleep. Several hours later l awoke HOT and sweaty. l was so hot, l was nauseous. l stripped down and went back to sleep. l awoke the next day feeling really achy. My throat was sooo swollen l couldn`t see my chin! lt felt like razor blades everytime l swallowed. l had the flu big time! Every time l get a fever, l get fever blisters on my mouth. Well, l must have had quite a lips look like a can of Raid exploded on them......Mick Jagger would even laugh at my big fat lips! Aaaaaa.....they hurt so bad!!!! They burn and if l accidentally touch or scratch them....oh my gawd....AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! All my friends and neighbors have this, so l`m not is some kind of bad bug going beware on this one! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Live Fetish Chat is now updated with new and improved can now peek in on the 'Private Shows'. l do not have l can`t see it yet on my if anyone has any suggestions on how l can watch the action....please tell me how......and remember.....'baby talk'.....l get lost in that computer lingo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ln fact, tell me what you think about my site. l want to make some more improvements to it, but l want to know what your suggestions are. So Please, let me know what your opinions are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- lt`s time for a new check in my Video Clip Section for the newest addition to my Video Library. l also posted pix of my Super Stacy `s Adventures in my 'Out & About' section, at ComicCon 2000. You`ll see me at the Troma Booth, talking to a fellow Super Hero 'Smooth' and holding up a Print of me as Daisy Chain autographed by the artist George Perez of DC Comics. ln fact, l have a few of The Poster Prints of me as Daisy Chain still available. They are autographed by the Great George Perez and of course by me as well.......l`m selling them to my members only for only $15- each (that includes shipping and handling). lf you would like one, just send me a check or money order for $15- and l will send you an autographed print ASAP! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l better go and take a few lips are burning. Take care guys, take your vitamin C and wash your hands often! :-) oxox,Stacy

9/16/200 0
Hi everyone! Sorry that the updates were a day late, l hope the bonus set last week made up for it. lf not, then l have a lot of new photos, updates and new stuff coming! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m having BB`Q today. l never really held a real party before. l have sooooo much to d they should be here any minute! l never cook....but l bought a BB`Q my neighbors are putting it together for me and l bought Salmon, Chicken and the other people are bringing steaks.....yummmm. l bought beer and ice...but l forgot that l do not have a the ice is melting in the sink. Oh and learn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summer is almost over....waaaaa....booo whoooo....l love the outdoors. l hate putting on jackets and stuff. They always make me feel like the Michelin Man....the tire guy....knocking over everything `cause l`m all bundled up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, there are alot of animals that need our help....check out: for details on how to brighten up an animals life! :-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- l`m sorry....but l got to go....soooooo much to is melting everywhere...l got to go get an ice chest. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
l should be in my live chat on Tuesday Sept.19th from 10am-3pm PAC time. oxox,Stacy

l`m a little nervous right now. l am getting ready to go down to the Troma Office to shoot an English T.V. Show called 'The Edge' with the Troma Gang. lt sounds like fun, but l just received my 'lines', talk about tough! Words that l can hardly pronounce and l got to learn it in a few hours! (Pressure) l get 'tongue-tied' (no pun:-) Here is what l got to say, without cue-cards: "Hi, l`m Megalomania, the Tromette of the week. Tonight, l`d like to discuss Cartesian dualism. The simple premise, 'l think, therefore l am', postulated by the French mathematician Rene Descartes was later expanded upon to suggest that not only do mind and body function separately, but that there is a schism between mind and brain. Scientists attempted for years to localize the cerebral function, basing their work upon the theory that mental events like beliefs, emotions, and traumas often bring about changes in the body. This theory grows even more complex when you factor in such intangibles as ethics and morality. So, according to this theory, anything l think about should bring about physical ch anges in my body. Let`s find out." (here l start thinking about something and l get incredibly excited, eventually bringing myself to orgasm) "Well, l think we`ve proved our point. Thank you Rene Descartes, and thank you Troma`s Edge TV for letting me come on tonight`s program." ------------------------------------------------------------------- That is what l have to learn to say in less than an hour as of now. Aaauuuhhhhhh! l know l will trip on a few words. At least l understand what l am saying, it is just hard for me to memorize words and especially those kinds of words....oh well.....l`ll do what l can do :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Jenny Jones keeps calling me to be on her show.......well not exactly Jenny Jones herself, but her producers. l have to call them back. l`m just see those know what happens on those shows. l`m afraid that they will tell me in will be a nice show all in good fun...and then all of a sudden someone from my past that hates me or something will come on and 'trash' me....and the audience will all gang up on me or something like that. Should l call them back? Should l take that chance? l`m still deciding....l`m not sure. ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ l updated my 'Friends Section' this week. Check out another one of my hottie-tottie friends....yummy:-) ox ox,Stacy


l am very excited right now. l am getting ready to leave for a shoot with Oak, of Harmony!!! lt has been a long time since l`ve worked for Harmony....way too long!!:-( l love Harmony sooo much!!! They are the ones that started it all, you know. My 1st bondage video was with Jon Woods of Harmony! l was hooked ever since! l may work for other companies, but my loyalty goes to Harmony! lt is home for me. l think they make very clever scripts and l always have a blast there! You know, they made me 'Holly Harmony', their mascot! What an honor!!!! l hope they will call me more often for shoots with them, l can never work for them enough! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l have yet another site. lt is a Talent Agency. l will post new talent and showcase them at: lt is dedicated to my beloved, respected and talented late agent, Hal Guthu of CHN. Most of the talent will consist of Fetish Models. So if you want to ever purchase a custom video of me, please, also ask for one of my 'Angels' to star in it with me. The site will grow as the content d oes. l just wanted a site to showcase new talent and show you some of the up and coming fresh faced talent out there! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l also did a site called: , l think l want that to be like a 'Fetish Chick of The Month' type of site. What do you think? Send me any body`s name or e-mail address that you think would qualify to be my Fetish Chick Of The Month, and l`ll ask her if she would like to be added to the site. lf she says yes, then, she shall be the Fetish Chick of The Month! Now, it does not say 'Fetish Model' of the month, so it can be anyone....even your girlfriend or neighbor (all with their permission of course! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l will be at The Shadow Lane Convention from 7pm-11pm at The Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs. l will be with Chelsea Pfeiffer of Harmony and Shadow Lane. l believe everyone is welcome, l`m not sure if there is a fee or anything to get it. l will be available to sign autographs and pose for pictures. l think we`ll even have a TV/VCR there to showcase our videos for sale. lt sounds like it will be quite fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l worked this week for a really sweet guy, that comes out here from Arizona. l want to give him credit here. He is the one that did those great pictures of me in that straight jacket and barefoot, that everyone loves, including me. l don`t want to give his name out, l want to respect his privacy. l don`t know if he has a 'Work Name' that l can use, but if l find out, l`ll tell you the name he uses to give him credit for all the wonderful stuff he does. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l better go, it is getting late and l do not want to be late for my shoot with Harmony. Have a Groovy Day everyone......smooches! oxox,Stacy

Easter weekend l was watching MTV. They were airing a show similar to a 'Where are They Now' type of show. There he was, this guy that l always had a little crush on. l followed his career and always thought he was a under-rated and a 'un-tapped' talent. He should still be a radio or TV host. I always thought he had a quick wit, he was bold, brassy and he was as cute as hell! l don`t want to mention his name, `cause he is fairly well-known in the media. l`ll just call him 'Speed Racer'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- He plugged his web-site on the show, so l looked it up and sent him an e-mail. He answered me back that night! We wrote to each other for a few days, mostly talking about possible corresponding business possibilities. Finally his computer went haywire, and he needed a break, so he e-mailed his home phone number to me. It is not like l didn`t know him. l knew him for years.....however, he didn`t know me at all. l called him. We talked on the phone for at least an hour. Finally he said; ''Hey, you want to go get some coffee with me?'' l said; ''sure''. Luckily he lived close. He said you at the coffee shop in 15 minutes, and hung up. 15 minutes!!!!! l am in my 'round the house garb' , no make-up and my hair a mess. l quickly got ready in record time, 15 minutes and dr ove like a mad woman. --------------------------------------------------------------------- There he was waiting for me, sitting at a booth. l knew he was freshly single, `cause he talked about it on the show l watched that week. We talked for a few hours....the restaurant people finally had to kick us out so they could close. We had a lot of things in common, we had the same taste......he was like a female me! This was great! Finally l meet someone that l can really see myself with. He was a little on the negative side, but hey, he just got over a long relationship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since that Easter night meeting, we went out a lot. He called me everyother day, sometimes 2-3 times in the same day! l helped him out with his web-site, l bought him things on my trip to Cannes, Paris, San Diego and concerts. l never knew what to call us......he was not my boyfriend, l guess you just call it 'seeing each other'. l knew l should take it slow. l could tell he was still shooken up by his last break up. l wanted to go slow as well......he still could go back with his ex, his negativity might get to be unbearable, he might not like what l do for a living (even though he knew exactly what l did and he said he thought it was cool....he always loved Bettie Page), etc, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------- Things were going good....but l really started wanting to see more of him, but it was hard `cause he was a media personality and had to work and go on auditions just as much as l did. Sometimes he would be so busy he wouldn`t call me for a week and a half straight. l would understand, `cause my life was the same way. But it started to get worse. l would be calling him once a week. l finally decided not to call and see if he w ould call me. Well....he didn`t. l had an idea that maybe him and his ex got back together, no proof, it was just a feeling. That was 3 weeks ago today. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, l went on my Shoot on Monday. l found out that his ex-girlfriend, a model for the same company l was that day, was coming in to shoot as well. l thought, oh god, l finally get to met her. l always thought she was so pretty and why would he be with me after being with her? l can`t compete with that. l knew that if l met her, l would think she was nice and sweet. l hoped that he never mentioned my name. l don`t like drama or 'katty-ness'. Well after a couple hours she walks in. She is soooooo gorgeous! She is soooo sweet and she was wearing his hat. l recognized it, he always had it on his bed post. l knew it....they are back together. She put on one of his web-site shirts to promote his site, for the photo shoot. ------------------------------------ l kept quite, l didn`t say a word. l just talked amongst the rest of the models. Good for them, l guess. She seems like she really likes him and l think he really likes her. l felt really bad to be a part of it at all. They really do make a great couple! But l did feel sorry for myself as well. l felt like l was back in high school and the cute guy that l had a crush on all year finally goes out with the popular cheerleader and they end up being one of those oogly-googly types, where you know they are all 'ga-ga' over each other. Has anyone seen that movie from the 1980`s called; 'The Last American Virgin' ? l felt like that guy. ------------------------------------- As a kid l always had a crush on the cartoon character, Speed Racer. l was going to marry him. l was always jealous over Trixie, his girlfriend. The my mom broke my fantasy, she told me his was not real, he was a cartoon. l guess, thi s too was not real....and this Trixie was real......and beautiful and sweet and nice! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh and learn. Just when l though l was this 'Ice Princess' where nothing or no guy can ever get to me....WHAM! ---------------------------------------------- Oh well....l`m human like the rest of us, l guess! ;-) l think l`ll go 'Prairie Dogging' this weekend............................ oxox,Stacy

8/18/2000 l`m soooo jazzed! Vivid Girl, Dyanna Loreen just called me today. She wants to use me again for yet another shoot for her Vivid Interactive CD ROM ....... this will be my 4th one! l love her, l love her, l love that woman! l love shooting for Vivid, they are the coolest company to work for. l can`t wait to see how these CD ROMS turn out. My set is not out --------------------------------------- l never would have thought about going into adult movies, but if Vivid ever asks me, l don`t know....l would hate to turn them down. They are easy to work for, they are soooo nice and they have been very good to me. Tempting, very tempting! ;-) ------- ----------------------------- Don`t worry, Fetish will always come is just too much fun!! l really love my life! l am sooooo lucky to have a career that l enjoy so much! How did l get so lucky? l wake up every mor ning wonder ing if today it will finally be to good to be true. That they will stop calling me in to work, that the shoots will disappear. That l will have to start all over again and find another job to support myself. AAAAAHHHHHHH.........What a nightmare that would be. l would survive, but geesh, what a bummer that would be! -------------------------------------------------------- l would never be able to pay for custom framing again! Let me explain, l bought some really cool prints at the Comic Convention last month at a really good price....$100 for 4 beautiful prints....a bargain right? l thought. They needed framing and they all were strange measurements, so l took them into a custom framing shop last week. They called me and told me they were ready, l went to go pick them up. Gulp! Get this.....the total was $367- for all 4 prints!!!!!! Over 3 times what l spent for the artwork!!!!! Why does the frames cost more? To me the artwork is more valuable....frames look easy to do. l t hink l`ll just go to a 'Pic`n`Save' and buy really cheap prints, take them home, take out the prints and put my prints in. The Framing place said that the prints will be preserved longer in their frames....ummmmm....l -------------------------------------
l am scheduled to be in my Fetish Chat this Wednesday 10am-3pm PAC time
and in my Stacy`s Chat on Thursday 10am-3pm PAC time
. oxox,Stacy

My name is Stacy Burke and l am a web-aholic! l have been ru shing home and logging on my computer and not leaving it until late at night! l discovered a great thing.......building web-sites, myself! Now, l`m no web-mistress or web-guru.....but l`ve le arned a little bit on how to build simple sites. Now l am buying domains up like candy and creating sites here and there. l will be broke if l keep doing this. They are in a very simple format and l can`t post a lot of pictures up and there are a few restrictions since it is on a free server, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l built a site for my friend and fellow model, Miss Gloria Reyes. l`ve built one for my friends that have bands, l built one for my ex-boyfriend, l built one for my other girl friends, l even bought a couple to increase awareness of the world.....and the list keeps growing. l gotta stop.......l will be broke soon, and it is too time consuming. l have been inside my house all weekend, l have let things that l should do go. l don`t want to leave my house, but l`m forcing myself this week, to do so. Summer is almost over and l got to go out and enjoy it......even if it kills me ;-) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My friend Riki Rachtman got to host Talk Soup this Monday (August 7th) on E! He did a great job, thank god l remembered and taped it! l was told l was on the E! show 'Wild o n The Beach' the same night. l missed that one, bummer....l always miss these shows that l`m on. l get a ton of mail that says, 'hey, l saw you on this show last night'........but l never see it. Oh well, it`s good to know you all enjoy my performance on these shows anyway. l just wish l knew ahead of time so l could tell everyone. l still get residuals from the NBC 'Exposed! Pro-Wrestling Greatest Secrets Revealed!' When ever they show it or sell it through their home video store, l get a check....not for very much, but hey, every bit helps! :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don`t forget to check my Video Clip Section. l add a new clip every month. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the list of sites that l did this remember, they are in a very simple format and l am very new to this. ................and still counting......l tell ya......l need help! @%&?*# ;-/ oxox,Stacy

Eat, eat, eat....that is what l`ve been doing. l never get hungry....l have been this way for years....l never get hungry, l would just eat out of boredom, nerves, or just for the taste. For the last 2 weeks, l have actually felt hungry. Food taste sooooo good when you are hungry! l thought, 'man, l`m going to gain my weight back if l keep eating like this'....but l am sti ll at my fairly new weight, 104 pounds! This is the weirdest thing. l guess my body needs the food. l`m not complaining....l`m loving it....l hope the lasts long as l don`t gain any weight, that is ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, now to my personal life. As you all know, l have an ex-boyfriend. l broke up with him for many reasons. He was moody, expected too much from me, hated my profession, jealous for no reason, a victim of life, etc, etc. We still hang out, we are still friends. He still gets those 'little fits', where l remember why we are not together anymore. l like the company, we like the same things. l think of him as a girlfriend or a brother. But there are times when l am boldly reminded tha t it is not that way for him. He doesn`t like it when l go out with the girls, go away on a trip without him, or if l talk to any other males, even if they are my neighbors! lt is probably my fault. l should have never stayed friends with him. But it`s hard not to. He has no other family, he has little friends and he his still buying a truck from me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- l need to move on and go out 'Pra irie Dogging', that is what l call 'looking for guys'. lt`s just hard for a girl to do that, lt`s even dangerous! Girls have to go with other people. All my Girlfriends are either married, has a boyfriend or likes to hang out at places that l don`t discos....yuck! The best person to go out with, lately, is my male cousin. This way, guys don`t come up to me, because they think l`m with someone. But if l find someone(which is rare....l find a guy l like once every decade), l can go up to him and tell him l`m with my cousin. My cousin likes it too, `cause, girls in the club think it is 'sweet' that he hangs out with his female cousin. Plus, he is hoping that l`ll set him up with a fellow model. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- l would love to go out more by myself....but that's not very fun and it opens me up for 'the less desirable' or 'dangerous' people to approach me....and you can`t get rid of them if you are have no 'exit'. lt is hard to find a place that l like. l do not like discos, but l like to dance. l like rock`n`roll, rock-a-billy, alternati ve clubs....but they hard to find. l would love to meet a modern day Elvis with some tattoos ;-) ------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Well, now for my professional life. l just got done working for a new company. Well, they are not new...they been in business for 20 plus years, l think they are in their 3rd generation. l did 2 bondage and tickling videos for Cal Star (California Star). l don`t know exactly how you can get their videos. They only do mail order and work through distributors. They are pretty cool to work for, l think l`ll do a lot more videos with them.....hopefully ;-) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
l should be in my Stacy`s Chat and/or Dungeon Room on Monday August 7th and Tuesday August 8th, 10am-3pm. oxox,Stacy

Audio of Roy telling me How he REALLY Feels about me - Part 1 & 2 Feb. 26th 2011

In the Land of Crazy Rants, we have Hosni Mubarak, Moammar Gadhafi, Charlie Sheen and Now I Have Roy......

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Primping Parties

a Primping Party = Usually a bunch of Girls, (but it can be Guys) all get together -usually at one`s house, have snacks, enjoy a few cocktails, engage in some same gender conversation, a little 'Pre-party' before all heading out to the Main Party.

6/23/2000 - 7/28/2000 - Blast from The Past - Stacy`s Diary

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lt`s my Grandmother`s 80th Birthday on August 1st. We are having a party for her on Saturday. One of my cousin`s from Texas is coming out as well.....l can`t wait! l love my Grandma soooooooo much!!!!!! :-) l bought her one of those singing fish that hang on the wall. l bought one for myself as well...l love`s set on motion detection mode. l hope she likes it. l never know what to get her...she has everything. The fish, l hope, will make her smile. ----------------------------------- ComicCon went great. l got a lot of ideas for future conventions, met a lot of cool people, saw Lloyd Kaufman of Troma and bought a lot of cool artwork. lt was beautiful in San Diego last weekend. The hotel was too nice to leave to go to the convention. l`ll have to go back to stay there when l have time to enjoy it more. ------------------------------------------------- l have some bad news for you....Veronica Blue passed away last month. She is in my 'Friends' section. She was in a auto accident...l don`t know the details. lt`s a shame, she was soooo young and was just starting out. l still cannot believe it. --------------------------------------------------- l`m thinking about doing something behind the camera as well as in front of it. l want to do a show. l want to interview fetish models, surfers, skateboarders, bellydancers, actors, singers, bands, b-movie producers,snake charmers etc, etc. l`m looking into it. What do you think.....does that sound like something you would watch? l would have guests, go on location, interviews, contests, and stuff like that. --------------------------------------------- l`m sooooo full, l just got done eating half of a medium pizza! l ate the 1st half last night, now l got home from work and ate the other half in less than 15 minutes! And you thought models don`t eat, HA! l even had chocolate pudding with whipped cream for desert....oh l know how to party, or what? :-) oxox,Stacy

l just got done filming the movie 'Pretty Cool' which is part of the famous Emmanuelle Series. l play a cheerleader named Samantha. l have a small part in a 'classroom' scene and l have a big part in the 'shower scene', with lines and everything :-) Then l am one of many bikini girls in the 'pool scene' and l posed with the whole cast for the movie poster. The director wants me for another scene that he will be filming on Friday, but l told him l cannot do that. l have to be at ComicCon in San Diego. l don`t know what he is going to do. He really needs me to be there on Friday. You see Directors film scenes out of sequence and he needs to film me doing a cheer with the other cheerleaders that leads into the other scenes that we already he kind-of has a problem. l just hope he does not cut me out of that scene that he already filmed just because he can`t film me in the 'set up scene'. But oh well, that`s out of my control. l wish l could film on Friday, but l can`t miss another day from ComicCon. l was suppost to be there from Thursday-Sunday, but since the movie took a lot of my time, l can`t make it for Thursday :-(

l`m looking forward to ComicCon. l had fun last year, l played 'The Blonde' and was with the Creator, Franco Saudelli, while he was signing autographs. That was soooo cool!! This time l will be at the SHIB and The SuperHeroine Central Booth as well as the Troma Booth. l will be in a superheroine outfit, maybe Super Stacy, maybe Flag Girl......who knows ;-) l will be giving away keychains, pens and l`ll be selling autographed illustrations of me as Daisy Chain signed by me and the legendary George Perez of DC Comics! He is soooo cool!

My poor web-master. l just dropped off new pix for my site. You should have seen his face when he saw the 2 big heavy bags that l dropped heavily on his desk. l dropped them off last week and he is still scanning them as we speak! l kind of went photo crazy this month! l think you will be in for a surprise! They are better quality, better resolution, some are way more 'sexier' than the pix from the past, l`m more naked in them, and l let my hair down and 'get loose' in many of them ;-) l think l`m finally getting 'in-touch' with my womanly side. l`m so use to being a 'girly' type. You know, that innocent, wide-eyed, slightly dingy, damsel in distress type. Now l`m noticing in my most recent of pictures, only lately....l`ve been acting more like the sex-kitten, woman in charge wild cat type. lt might be because of my new hair cut. For those that have not seen it (you can see it when l`m in my live chats), l cut it just below the shoulders, feathered it like the Farah Fawset when she was in 'Charlies Angels' and died the ends of it an expresso coffee color, like Debra Harry of Blondie. l, lately, have been putting a flower in my hair, on one side, like that actress in the old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies, for some reason her name escapes me. lt feels like l went from being Goldie Hawn to being Rachel Welch or Sophia Loren........GGRRRRRRRRR! ;-) oxox,Stacy

Hi Everyone! l`m writing this being very tired. l just got home from doing my live chats....traffic was at your normal slow pace. Now l put on my comfy shorts and men`s t-shirt, just had some apple/cinnamon rice cakes with melted fat free cheddar cheese on it.....yummy dinner, huh? Actually, they are really good...l could keep eating them `till l bust a gut. l have weird taste in food, l actually love diet food.....ummmmmm;-p --------------------------------------------------------- l finally got in touch with my little brother after not knowing where he was or how he was for many years. l was worried about him. l was not raised with him. l was raised by my Grandparents after my Mom and Dad divorced when l was a baby......therefore l was raised as an only child. My Dad had 2 boys from his 1st marriage, me from his 2nd marriage, and a girl and another boy from his 3rd marriage. l had 3 brothers and 1 sister, but l was not raised around them, l love them dearly even so. l`m glad l was raised by my grandparents(my Dad`s parents) was the best thing that could have ever happened to me:) They were strict.....but l loved that...they made sure that l was raised right and not running a mock. They were soooo loving and sweet and they never fought! They were married for over 50 years! ------------------------ --------------------------------------- My Dad has always been abusive to his sons....for some rea s on he didn`t like boys. l think it is because they threatened his 'manhood'. My Dad is very competitive. No one can be taller(which is hard for him `cause he is kind of short), richer, tougher, smarted, meaner, more cunning, charming...etc, etc. lt was a matter of time before his boys would be taller, richer, etc, etc. So he decided to miss-treat them and make sure they knew that they would always be 2nd...he would be always the 'Main Man'.....give me a break. My poor granparents, they were so ashamed, they didn`t know where they went wrong with him. They blamed themselves for his behavior. They tried to make up for it by being very loving and giving. However they didn`t know that he was abusive, no one did..........we found this all out when the boys grew up. ---------------------------------------------- He told my little brother when he was young, not to visit the family or that he will find him and 'punish' him. My brother was so scared he left and we didn`t hear from him in years. l was calling everyone trying to find him. Years and years went by. Well, one day l got a message on my Voice was him! l called him back and told him to call me. He did, and he came out to see me. Now he comes by every Sunday and spends the whole day with me!:) He is the sweetest thing in the world. l told him that he is always welcomed at my house and that our Grandma misses him dearly. l called my grandma and gave him the phone. She was soooo happy to hear from her missing Grandson! ----------------------------------------------------- Now that l found him...l`ll never lose him again. He used to be a model and he is thinking about getting back into it. l`m going to try to find him some work. l wish that l can have a business big and profitable enough to employ all my friends and family.....l think l will try to make that happen. My cousin already hit me up for a job, so l`m busy looking for something that he can do. l want all my friends and family to be close to me and to be financially stable and happy........that`s my Goal!:-) oxox,Stacy


Did everyone have a good 4th of July? l did! My brother, my cousin and my ex came to my house for a major block party. My neighbors downstairs had their annual 4th of July Block Party. We close the street down, draw a chalk drawing of a huge American Flag on the street, decorate the houses, have a band play, free beer, food(for a limited time) and everything! l would say about 1000 people showed up! lt was soooo cool! l felt like Gidget in an Beach Party Movie! After the all day in the sun event, we went to another friends house to watch the fireworks over the ocean.... how pretty it was! Then we lit off a few of our own fireworks. lt got a little scary, as you know 'Boys will be Boys' and they were lighting bottle rockets straight from their hands, so it would go straight acro ss and not up in the sky. l heard a few people got hit in the leg with the bottle rockets. That`s not cool.....those boys deserve a spanking! Ummmm....well maybe they deserve more of a punishment than that;) -------------------------------------------------------------- l never knew l could ever like Country Music. l have always hated it, but l`m a changing. l`m really getting into it. l`ve always loved Rock-a-Billy, and Elvis Tunes. l just bought my 2nd country CD. The 1st was Patsy Cline, the 2nd was a combination CD of Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.. l love it! l don`t know if l could get into mainstream Country, but l love the 'Old School' type....l guess you would call it Western. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l will be in my Live Fetish Chat this Tuesday and Wednesday (July 11th and 12th)from 10am-3pm Pac Time. l will also be at San Diego`s ComicCon (Comic Convention) during July 20th-23rd. l will probably dressed in a SuperHeroine Costume, fighting crime and all:) oxox,Stacy

To update on my last weeks 'Rant'. lt looks as if the lady that was denied to move into my old house will be pressing charges against my ex-manager. l am so glad someone is finally standing up to him, l hope he gets what is coming to him and justice will finally prevail. ------------------------------------------------------------------ l got a part in a movie....a speaking part! l met with some people while l was in Cannes with Troma Films. They called me this week and asked me if l would like to play the part of Samantha, a stuck up cheerleader in a independent film called 'Pretty Cool'. The film is sort of like the movie 'American Pie', a coming of age movie. My scene takes place in the girls locker room. One of the guys takes this serum that makes him invisible. He goes into the locker room while us cheerleaders are taking our showers. Well, l think you know what happens next....l mean what would you do if you were a guy in High School and you were invisible in the girls locker room? (tee hee) l have speaking parts and everything! l film it the month of July, starting next week. S o l`ll keep you posted. ------------------ This weekend l will be at the Vans Warped Tour and the Hootenanny all day walking around and checking out the sites. l am scheduled to be in my Stacy`s Chat and/or my Dungeon Chat this Monday July 3rd and Friday July 7th. Sometimes l am scheduled to be in my chats and l don`t make it due to shoots that come up unexpectedly, sorry about that. So just remember, those dates are tentative. l am adding a new video to my video clips section as well. ------------- Watch for me in an upcoming issue of Skin2 magazine. l just did an on-line interview with them. l am not sure when it will be out, but it should be interesting. They asked me some very difficult questions. lt made me stop and think....ouch that kidding, but it did make me think about who l am and what am l doing here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ln case you missed it, l updated my 'Friends' section last week. lt is pictures that l taken myself of Veronica Blue. Now, l`m not THAT mean....she liked what l did to her....she is such a good little slave:) ---------------------------------------------- As you know Anton Productions and Double Trouble does m y custom videos for me. Well it looks as if l will be adding the tight a sexy binds of Jack Banner to that list. So if any of you want a custom video, let me know...l`ll give you the details. Talking about Double Trouble, they featured me on their site this month of June. l believe their URL is . They have my interview up there in text and audio form. oxox,Stacy

l have a 'Rant' this week. Why are people soooo mean and why do they like to play with peoples lives? ls it the power? l`m so mad and overwhelmed that l don`t know where or how to start. l bought a mobile home years ago, when l was very young. l thought l would like to own a small house instead of renting. l thought l could sell it when the mortgage was up and use the money for a down payment on a house when l sold it. Little did l know that the economy would be great and no one would want an old run-down mobile when they can get a nice new home instead. ------------------------------ The managers of the park were a little strange. You see, l can buy a mobile home, but l have to pay a space rent to the park and the managers of the park has to 'approve' you. When l met with them, they asked me 50 questions; will l have kids, do l use drugs, will l have boyfriends over, etc, etc. l was young and l was taught to respect authority, so l answered all the questions. l guess l passed, because they let me move in. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1st confrontation was that week. The rule book was thick, but l followed them. One of the rules was that you couldn`t park in front of your house, only in the carport, which l did. My grandparents had a car the same color as mine. While l was at work they came to my house and brought me a few items that they thought l would need now that l was on my own. They must have parked in front of my house, `cause the manager came to me when l came home and yelled at me. She said that l knew the rules' and l cannot park in front of my house. l tried to tell her that it wasn`t me, l was at work all day. She started to yell more and said, ''look here missy, it`s not to late to throw you out of here, l know it was you!" The more l tried to talk to her the more mad she got and walked away. ---------------------- That was one of a million....and l am not joking.....of confrontations through the years of me living there. They were soooo mean. They would talk bad about me to other mobile home owners in the park. They turned a lot of people against me. Some of them were drunk men that lived there and they would say lewd comments to me while l was using the pool or doing laundry. l was accused of graffiting the public bathroom....l would never do that, but they blamed me anyway. lt was torture. l couldn`t fight them much...l`m not good at it, but l did stand up for myself, and that just made them hate me more. -------------------------------------------- lf l had a complaint, they did nothing, but if someone complained about me, they were right there. More and more, people were moving in that were scary. They were that 'white trash' type you see on the Jerry Springer Show. Druggys, drinkers, domestic violent type people. l thought they were suppost to 'screen' people here. ------------------------------------------------------------- Well, as you know l moved out of there 2 years ago. l still own the home though. That means l still have to pay the space rent as well as the mortgage. l never thought l would ever sell it. lt was an eye sore, l was too busy to show it to anyone, l was too far away from it, etc, etc. Well, finally a couple months ago a lady got a hold of me. She was from a real estate company and she had a buyer for my home! lt was to a disabled lady. Her father was going to buy it and fix it all up nice and pretty for her. l went in and filled out all the paper work, l was so happy! l would finally get rid of my home, no more paying space rent and mortgage for a home l`m not living in (plus paying my rent on my new expensive place), and it would be all fixed up! l tho ught all was going to be good right? l was so wrong! The manager of the park refused her to move into the park. He said he has that right, he doesn`t want a disabled lady to live there. ------------------------------------------- l tried to tell him that her father would fix up the home and that he will have a nice home instead of the eye sore that is there now. l told him that her father is paying for it, so he will get his money on time. l told him that it would be discrimination if he refused her. l told him that he had 'white trash druggys' there, why is that okay, but not her? He refused still. l think he is just doing this to 'get' to me. ----------------------------- l feel so bad for her, she was crying and everything. She is fine to live on her own, l think he just doesn`t like women or disabled people or anybody for that matter. I was told he asked her the same questions that he asked me all those years ago. l was now told that those questions are not appropriate. -------------------------------------------------------- l want to fight him so bad. This is so wrong! He always gets away with this kind of stuff. He has good lawyers that fight all his battles and wins. Why do people like this always win? What is wrong with our system? He is telling everyone lies about me. When l lived there l was harassed. l am still being harassed. Now l still have to pay that space rent and mortgage to a place l have not stayed in for 2 years, l`ll probably just give the home away and pay the mortgage off, just so l don`t have to pay the space rent and get away from him. l feel so sorry for that lady. l have people watching the house for me, just never know. l just wish justice would prevail. l`m usually positive, but this is bringing me down. l think being evil must take a lot of energy. lt takes a lot to be`s a lot easier to be nice, l think. l ha te games, l hate evil, l hate mean people! l got to fight, we got to fight! Thats why people like this wins, no one wants to fight, it takes a lot of energy-negative energy. Evil loves the negative energy, they thrive on it. We need to help each other out, we need to stand up for ourselves....but why does it have to be so hard? ---------------------------------------------------------- Well, thanks for listening to my 'rant'. Sorry if l brought anyone down, l just had to get that off my chest.
Come see me Tuesday and Wednesday June 27th and 28th in my fetish chat rooms...l love chatting with you!:) oxox,Stacy

Friday, February 25, 2011

5/5/2000 - 6/16/2000 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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400 E-Mails, yes, 400 and still counting....that is how many are in my unread files. l`m sooooo sorry, if one of them are yours, and l have not sent you a reply. l`ve been busier than usual, not really with work so much, however, l have been working a lot. l just have been busy with everything lately. l have been bust trying to decorate my new place. l know l don`t need to make it perfect right away....but l do. Everyone wants to come by and see it, but l wont let them until it is decorated the way l like it. So, l`m shopping, nailing things to the wall, moving this and that in-between working and spending time with my friends.....which l am trying to do more of. You see, l got caught up with work so much (which l love completely), that l was not spending any time with friends and not going out and do things. l decided l need to make time for that. Life is too short and l need to try to fit everything into my life as l can. l miss my friends as well, and l miss meeting people. So here l go, out in the world l go......gulp! ----------------------------------------------------------- l worked with Darla Crane and Alex Foxe yesterday, for a bondage video for Close-up Concepts. l always have sooo much fun with them and their shoots! l got a little quite towards the end of the shoot. l feel bad for that, l hope the don`t think l wasn`t having a good time. lt is just that the last scene was a vibe scene, where Alex ties me up and gets a vibrator and 'pleasures' me. lt was great, but it was really hot that day. When you are tied up, it makes it hotter. Whenever l get 'vibed'...l get really HOT. lf l eat before....l get hotter. Well we just ate lunch. So l got really hot, but not in a good way, l got kind of nauseous. So l got really quite. Plus, the vibe tickled me at first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- lt`s hard to write this right now......l`m watching Regis and Kathie Lee......or should l say Jillian Barberie! Jillian is the weather girl on Good Day LA on Fox at 7am-9am. l love her!!! She is soooooo funny and soooooo cool!! l met her a few times on The X-Show at The FX Studio when l did The X-Show. She was sooo sweet! We talked about hair, Troma and wigs. l think she will be a big star....or at least should be. She is married to Bret Baberie, who is a baseball player. She is such a hottie too......yowsa! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
l changed the opening to my site! l love it, my webmaster did it, l think he captured me. l love the colors and stuff. l like it to be 1960`s Surfer Go-Go style. Ohhhh....l`m running late for work, l better go.......see ya next week! Hey, l will be in my live chat Tuesday and Wednesday June 20th and 21st Pac time.


Ahhhh, l`m still moving.....kind of. l`m moved into my new place, l`m just re-arranging things, decorating, l`ll put something up...look at it, put it somewhere else, stare at it for 15 more minutes then move it yet again. l do that to almost everything in this place. l already put too many holes in the walls! l keep changing my mind. I think this looks good here, no wait, it looks better here....well ummmm...l was wrong, it should go here. l`ve been buying to much as well. l spent way to much money that l shouldn`t. l should be saving up for the new and improved rent payment to go along with the new and improved place. But, l`ve gone art and candle crazy! Somebody stop me! -------------------------------------------- l`m also moving my,`s for the better, l`m changing servers. This will make my site a lot faster. There might be some tech problems during the transition, so your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. But l think you`ll agree, it`s for the best. l really want my site to be as good, fun, enjoyable and easily viewed as possible. l will be adding a new section to my site as well. lt will be called 'Stacy`s Archives'. Here l will have photo sets from the past that you may have missed or missed....get it?? Either you missed it `cause you never saw it, or you missed it `cause you`ve seen it and missed it when it went off the site;) --------------------------- Did you see me on E! last week? lt was a special that was called 'Wild on Cannes'. lt aired on Saturday June 3rd at 10pm Pac time. lt showed me at least 6 times. lt showed me getting ready to be lit on fire, getting into my special suit and being interviewed. Then it showed me on fire, and me being put out and pulled from the suit, then frolicking in the water and sand in my green thong bikini. Then it showed me with the Troma Team running a mock. l taped it, l started the tape to late, but l got most of it. lt might re-run....hopefully, keep your eyes open;) ---------------------------- l work again with Bryan Davis and Simone Devonshire tomorrow, that will be fun. l haven`t worked with them for awhile. l worked for Double Trouble last week. lt was a mud wrestling shoot.......oh my gawd, it was soooooo much fun!! lt got everywhere! l couldn`t get it out of my hair, it stayed in it for a few days. They make the mud like this, they get dirt and water, make it dirty water then break off foam and add it to the mix to make it chunky. lt is still all over the DT wrestling matt when l went there today for a wrestling match. l got to do that again, l had a blast at that!! ------------------------------- l scheduled myself to be in my
Fetish Chat this Monday and Tuesday June 12 and 13th from 10am-3pm Pac time
. They have not confirmed it with me yet, but hopefully l will be there. oxox,S tacy

Moving, moving, moving, keep those doggies moving, keep those doggies moving, Raw Hide! Yes, l`m still moving.....l got soooo much stuff, besides l finally got a place big enough to decorate the way l want it. You know what that means, right....Shopping!!!!:) l usually hate shopping, but this is different. l`m getting a big TV, candles, candle holders, a retro 1950`s dining set, Posters, Art (more Olivia, l love her stuff!), hardware, etc, etc. lt will be at least at least another week before l get it the way l like.

My children (a.ka. My Kats) love my new digs. They got more room to run a muck, hide,and more windows to spy on people with. l`ll take some pictur es of it as soon as l get it the way l want it. l seem to move the furniture on a daily basis....l ju s t don`t know where l want things yet.

l can`t wait to get back to work! l`ve been working during my move, but not as much as l would like, but l need this time to organize things. l worked earlier this week for Dyanna Lauren. lt was for a Vivid lnteractive DVD, this is the 3rd one l did for her. l love working for her and her crew, they are the best.....l love them, l love them! lt sounds like the DVD is a lot of fun as well!

This Friday l work with Double Trouble again. Those guys are soooo fun and funny.....we laugh so much when we work together. This shoot will be a wrestling the Mud!!! It is suppost to be a hot day too.....sounds messy, but fun! l don`t know when l can find time to go to the Renaissance Faire. l used to have a season pass and go every weekend. That was when l was in Rancho Cucamonga and was close to it. l love the Ren Faire. l love to dress like a wrench or a bellydancer, drink my mead and eat all the decadent food and buy all the crafts and jewelry.

l might be in my Fetish Chat this Monday 10am-3pm pac time......l still have to call them to confirm and see if they have room for me. Come and say 'Hi', l love talking to you guys....and Gals!;) oxox,Stacy


I`m baaack from Cannes. Boy so much is happening, I don`t know where to start. Cannes was ok, a lot of work. I had to get up early to work for Troma, then get ready and go to a late night party. Sounds like fun, but when you do this for 6 days straight, it gets to be exhausting. I was soooo sleepy all the time! I was too tired to sleep, if that makes any sense. I like to work or party, but not both, I`m not good at doing them together. I prefer to work more than party, to be honest with you. All they play out there is that Rave Music....yuck! I like a little of a variety in my music, but only Rave, all the time at every event, no thanks. -------------------------- I got to meet Dennis Rodman, he was at every party that was held. He dances pretty good, but wild. I met Christian Lassen, he is the famous artist that does those underwater paintings you see everywhere. He has his own gallery and shop in The Ceasars Forum Shops in Las Vegas. Joey, from the pop group N-Sync bit my hand....hard! He assumed that since I was a fetish model that I liked getting bit. Yeah, Right.....and does he like to sing and dance at every moment as well? ------- Getting lit on fire was the best time that I have had for the whole trip! I wasn`t nervous or anything. I was interviewed by 20/20 and the E! Channel. I think that E! will air the Cannes footage this Saturday May 27th (my b-day, how perfect is that?) at 8pm (pac time, I think). I made the cover of Variety and The Hollywood Reporter in Cannes on Tuesday May 16th! ------------------------------------------ I was invited to sail to Monaco on a Yacht to attend the Prince Albert Ball, with a Prince and my friend and fellow model, Paige. I turned it down, I was home-sick and I missed sick am I??? Oh, well...maybe next time....yeah, right, like there is going to be a next time!;/ -------------------------------------------- I am soooooo stressed right now. I am suppost to be moved out of my house by the 31st, and I am booked solid, I`m trying to do something for my b-day and I have not even got a key to the new place yet! I think the only day off that I can move, is my b-day....waaaaaaa. I have yet to do something on my b-day. I always work on it or am alone on it, since it falls on Memorial Day every year. Oh, well. I am getting a new 2 bedroom apartment. I need the room....I got soooo much stuff. It will be expensive too, $1700- a month! I hope I can afford it....I might be biting off more than I can chew. I need the room though.....oh well....I`ll try my hardest....I`ll just have to work more:) ----------------------- ------------------------- I still have not answered all of my e-mails since I have been back, I`m sorry. I still have 275 e-mails to reply to. I will reply to all, just give me a little more time. ------- I updated my Memb er`s Forum last week, I hope you like the cool drawings that people have sent me....they are really talented. ----------------------------------- Well, I better get back to my e-mails.....who knows, the next e-mail that I reply to, might be yours;) oxox,Stacy

Wow, what a great time I am having here in Cannes!!!!:) Ackkkk, I have no idea what kind of time I am having, I am still at home, going crazy trying to get ready to go. I had to write this weeks Stacy`s Words before I left, since I will be unreachable until the 21st. I hope I didn`t get BB-Q`ed....I don`t want to be the 1st model in Cannes to get 3rd degree burns! I know I am missing my kats royally!!!!!! Johnny Cat, Kaiko, Bear.......Mommy loves you and misses you...(tear, tear) ------------------------------------- Remember, if you have any technical problems with the site, let my WebMaster know. You can r each him at the bottom of my opening page of my site, scroll down to the bottom were it says 'WebDesigns' in bold red print. He also the same guy that owns and runs BondageByRequ est , Jim Martin. As soon as I return, after the 21st, e-mail any tech problem back to me. ----------------------------------------------- While I am away, visit my friend Riki Rachtman`s new Skateboard and Apparel site at: . I wish him all the luck, I want his site to rock! He is a really cool guy (not to mention cute as hell!:) with the coolest tattoos you have ever seen! He has a lot of great ideas that I think will work. l always dug Skateboarders, Music and the whole fashion and life style that surrounds it. I`m sooooo not the LA, rich guy loving, label wearing, fake, how much money do you make, what do you do for a living, who are you, me-me-me, type of chick. I love people who love what they do, who are happy, and that can make money doing what they like and want to do. Nowadays it is easier than ever to make a living doing what you really want to do. Riki is a great exampl e of it, he is turning his fun into a career.....more power to him! I`m doing the same thing, I LOVE WHAT I DO SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I am so glad I got onto the web! I love meeting you guys at my conventions, chatting with you on my live chats, and being there for you! I love Fetish, I love Fetish Modeling, I love acting, I love the B-movies, I am the happiest that I have ever been! Can you feel the love folks....cannes you!;) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Every once in a while I like to remind everyone that I go by my nickname in s ome vid eos an d web-sites that are out there, which is Kat. A few people used the name Kat Leiber, I have no idea where they got that last name from, but it`s out there. ------------------------------------------ Another site to visit while I am away, is . We both work for Anton Productions sometimes. Tell her Stacy says 'Hi'. We did some cool pix that will be up on my B-day week, Friday May 26th(even though it is not really until the 27th, but update day is always Friday). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am scheduled to be in my live chat rooms on Monday May 22nd, Wednesday May 24 and Thursday May 25th from 10am-3pm(PAC time).....come and say 'Hi' and I will tell you 1st hand the scoop on The Cannes Film Festival. Keep your eyes on the TV Stations, you`ll never know where you`ll catch me! I think the E! Channel will cover more of Cannes than any other Station, but I could be wrong. --------------------------------------------- Well, next Stacy`s Words I should be back!:) Talk to you later, have a Groovy Day...........Peace!:) oxox,Stacy

I am so overwhelmed right now.....I got soooo much to do before I leave for Cannes in a few hours, I don`t know how I am going to get it all done! I won't be able to answer E-mail or read E-mail while I am away. I will be back after the 21st. If you experience any trouble with the site, contact my web-master. You can contact him by going to the front of my site and scroll down to the end of the page, there will be a bold red text icon that says WebDesigns. Click that icon and that will allow you to e-mail him. Only e-mail him if you are having trouble with my site. When I get back, after the 21st, you can go back to e-mailing me for trouble shooting. ------------------------------------------------------ I am finally having a cup of coffee! I couldn`t drink coffee for 10 days due to my kidney infection:( That was so hard to do! I love the smell and the taste of coffee, especially in the morning. I love sweet things in the morning:) Well, the 10 days are up, the doctor says I am better, so I made coffee this morning....ummmmmmm! The doctor says I must drink water from now on. I knew that. I never drank water before this. I live on Pepsi and C offee. I never knew how dehydrated I was! I am losing weight from drinking water! I know that seems strange, but I am! I don`t really eat much, I exercise daily, and I was always wondering why I was a little chunky, now I body was storing water from the foods I was eating. Since I have been drinking water for only 10 days, I lost over 6 pounds!!:) Urika! (spelled right?) I am preaching to all of you out there just like me, I am going to say something that everyone told me, but I ignored.......DRINK WATER!!! You don`t want to go through passing a kidney stone or getting an infection, like I did......TRUST ME! ------------- -------------------------------------------- Did I tell you that I will be set on fire on Monday May 15th in Cannes? It is for a new movie coming out called Doomsdayer, I believe starring Bridget Nielson. They are going to put me in this huge silver suit, gloves, hood, goggles, the full nine yards. They ask me if I am ready, I say 'Yes', then I take a deep breath and they light me on fire. I walk 10 steps forward with my arms out. If I stop, turn, put my hands down or in front of my face, run, or take a deep breath I run the risk of the fumes &/or flames going down my lungs....not good. So I must take 10 slow steps forward while holding me breath, then drop to the sand, flat on my tummy, head down, hands out, then they come and put me out. Then they will ask if I am okay, I hopefully say 'Yes'. They roll me over then very quickly get me out of the suit and pull the very tight hood that will smear and destroy my make-up completely, and stand me up for the whole press can see that it is a bikini clad girl in the suit and not a burly guy. The E! Channel as well as at least 500 other press cameras will be there snapping photos and interviewing me. This is supposed to be a big deal. It is the 1st time that a model has been set on fire on the beaches of Cannes! Call Guinness Book of World Records please!!!!:) I am a little nervous.....hopefully it won't be a windy day, or that I need to take a breath....but I should be ok. ---------------------------------------------------- Well, I better go now.....I got a lotta stuff to do. I will write next weeks Stacy`s Words right before I leave for Cannes, so there will still be a new Stacy`s Words next Friday. I`ll miss you!!!!! oxox,Stacy

The year 2000 is kicking my butt!!!! First of the year I got Shingles, then a month later I got the I have a nasty Kidney Infection!!! It started Thursday night/Friday morning. I got the chills....bad! I was shivering so bad that my bed was shaking hard. I was in the fetal position and I have never felt so cold in my life! I couldn`t move, it hurt to much to. I wanted to get up and put something more warm on, but it was too cold to get up to do so....all I could do is shiver violently. ----------- I finally got up and put on a sweatshirt, sweatpants and my Ugg Boots, got back in bed in the fetal position and shivered some more. I finally fell asleep, but when I awoke I was burning up. I have been doing this all week. Really cold, shiver, get warm, burn up. I felt really achy, but I was not coughing, sneezing or had a sore throat. This was different. I always seem to get sick on the weekend, when all the doctors office`s are closed. I was sooo sick, I was scared. I finally called a cab at 3am on Sunday morning and told him to take me to the Emergency Room. They took me in right away. They took their test, took blood....ugg:p The doctor came back and said that I had a nasty Kidney Infection and I was suf fering from Dehydration. The fever drained my fluids, plus, I don`t ever drink water....well, that changed right away. They had to hook me up to an IV to replace my fluids. They also put some medicine in the IV as well. I hated that feeling. I felt like I was in a dream, I couldn`t walk, talk, focus, or even understand things correctly. ----------- They sent me home with a piece of paper to take to a Drug Store and get my medicine. As soon as I got home I had to sleep off this awful stuff they put in my system. When I awoke, I went and got my medicine. I think the medicine is working, but there is a side affect, I have the worst migraine in the world and I am very dizzy. It is hard to focus, it is hard to read or even type, anything that involves concentration and focusing. I get really light-headed and faint when I try. Fun, huh?

I am sorry I di dn`t get to make it to my live chats this week. I will try to make it in on Friday, don`t know what time yet, I think I have a follow up doctor appointment in the morning. -------------- I hope you like my Fetish Chat Room #2, I will soon get my Dungeon Chat up. Well, I got to go lay down now. Talk to you next week;) oxox,Stacy