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Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary 11/26/1998 - 10/22/1999

(Oldest Post on Bottom From 11/26/98 - The Grand Opening of My Website

l thought l should tell everyone that l was going to be out of the Country for awhile, incase they try to reach me and wonder why l do not reply.l don`t want anyone to think l`m ignoring them. Well, they all booked me for shoots, until the day l leave! l guess they are worried that l might like it over there in London, and wont come back. l have been doing a lot of wrestling videos for Competitive Images and Special lnterests. l got to play a 'Buffy' type character for a wrestling video by Competitive lmages. l got to 'slay' some female vampires! lt was great, we had a make-up person and everything. lt was a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, l got a big pumpkin and curved it the other day. l made a big fat cat face on it. l`ve been doing this for years now. l always curve a cat face on my pumpkins. Then l set them in the window with a lit candle inside, glowing so softly, with that wonderful pumpkin aroma filling the night air.......ummmmm:) l took a few pictures of my pumpkins and of me dressed up for Halloween, hopefully l`ll get them scanned in time for posting on my pix section before Halloween. l did a shoot for HOM on Tuesday. l always have great time there! l got to work with D`arby and Sharon Kane, they are soooo great to work with! l even got to be chained to the big X and Sharon turned me upside down! l thought that would make me sick, but actually l liked it, it was fun. Yesterday l did my first shoot with JB Video. lt went great! l did a pantyhose tease & strip. l hope l get to do more for them, it went really smooth and easy. Friday, l`ll be live at and/or, from 10am-6pm (PAC time). Come and visit me. l will be on live where you can view me and chat with me!:) l always bring my ball-gag, and some restraints with me. You never know when they will come in handy:) l just saw this great movie on cable! You all know that l love Raquel Welch!! The movie was called Myra Beckinridge. lt had a wonderful cast!! Get this, it had, Jon Huston, Rex Reed, Farrah Fawcett (in which Raquel and Farrah had a love scene--can we say Steamy?), Mae West (Yes, The Mae West....and she looks great!), and of course, Raquel Welch. lt was campy, trampy, steamy and dreamy! l give it 4 stars. lt is not what they call Oscar ready, but l love that style of movie making. lt is a racy and shocking movie, but in a fun way. lf you get a chance, check it out. Well, l got to go and figure what l got to pack. l heard it is in the low 60`s in London. To me, anything that is below 75 degrees, is gloves, earmuffs, and parka weather! oxox,Stacy

I have been doing a lot of catfighting, boxing and wrestling lately. This week it was for Special . I like doing it because it is a great work out, it keeps me on my toes on the new holds and the names of them. It is also a challenge, I always get a little nervous before a match. If it is a new girl or someone you have not fought before, you have no idea of her style or what to expect. I never want to get hurt, not just because it hurts, or that l don`t want any doctor bills, or that l don`t want any injuries, or that l don`t want any bruises, but I also do not want to miss work because an injury. It is usually not so rough, but we all know accidents happen. I remember one time Tasha and I were wrestling this guy, she was to punch him in the face, well he ducked, and she hit me straight in the nose?boing! It hurt, but I was fine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- This weekend I went to The LobsterFest. They had surf bands all day!:) I missed Dick Dale, one of my rock idols! He played the day before, and l had to work late at my new side job (live internet modeling; at and I did get to see The Safari`s . They did the song Wipeout back in the `60`s. They were great! I also got to taste kettle corn for the 1st time??.yummy! It was so sweet and yummy, I loved it! Popcorn usually never taste as good as it smells, but this time it did! I wish I knew how to make it. I guess I`m just going to have to go to more fairs:) -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- I hate dieting! I have not dieted for at least 2 years. Well, I decided it is time to lose a few pounds. I`m back to my exercise routine. I slacked off for about a year. I can feel the difference. When I used to exercise on a regular bases l had a lot more energy. Now I`m exhausted a lot more. As soon as I got back on my program, l have been feeling a lot more energized and I feel less ?icky?. I am giving up fast food for awhile:( It is a lot less convenient, but a lot healthier. I do admit I feel better. Don`t worry I will not diet forever. As soon as I get to my goal,(to lose about 6-10lbs) I`ll just maintain it. Don`t worry, I`m going to do it healthy, wisely and slowly, and I`m not going to go overboard. I could never be really skinny, I love food too much to starve. I was really skinny once, I looked like ET(the alien in that movie from the `80`s-not a good look). I just want to get leaner and firmer. -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Wow, I got so much to do before my trip to London! I don`t know how I am going to get it all done, I have a FULL schedule this week and next week! I`ll be in London from October 26th-November 5th, so I will not be able to read or reply to my e-mail during tha t time. l`ll answer all of my e-mail when l return. Please be patient, it will take awhile, but l`ll get around to answering it all as soon as l can. Oxox,Stacy


Well l almost got to finish my "1999 wishlist". One of the things that l have wanted to do is do a photo shoot with the stunning, Ashley Renee. Well, she called me and asked me if l wanted to do a shoot with her the next day. l said the 1st thing that came to my mind...''huh, yeah!'' l then remembered about my full schedule that l had that day, that l knew l could not postpone, not even one day. So l told her that l needed to do a few things before our shoot, that l would call her when l was done, and see if there is enough time in the day to do our shoot. She said okay. As soon as l hung up a rushed to my schedule book to see if there was anyway that l could do it all in the morning. lt looked difficult, but possible. -------------------------------- What l had to do that day was get my passport & plane tickets, sounds easy, huh? Well, l will soon find out differently. l had to wait for the FedEx guy to deliver my birth certificate that l ordered and paid for. Of course they always show up while you are in the shower. Thank goodness l left a note for him stating that l was home, but busy, and to please place it on the doorstep. Then l called AAA, The Automoblie Club of Southern California, and asked them if they handle passports there, they said ''yes''. So l went straight over there. l got out of the car, and turned to grab my birth certificate. Well, there was nothing there......l forgot it at home!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! l got back into my car, drove all the way home, grabbed my birth certificate, got back in my car, and drove back to the AAA! l get there and tell them l am there to get tickets and my passport. The receptionist said ''we do not handle that here.'' WHAT!! Then she stated that they just do the pictures and give you the applications there. l said ''fine, l`ll take what l can get.'' l got my passport pictures taken and got my applications. Then l went to the other line to get my plane tickets. Well my credit card declined, then my other one did too!! l asked if they would take a ATM card, ''no'' they said. l asked if they would take a check. ''No'', again was the answer.''But'', she said, ''YES'', l said, by this time l was desperate. ''l can put a hold on your tickets and you can pay for the at home with another credit card, as long as you do it before they close at 5pm.'' ''Great!!! l`ll do it, thanx!!!'' ----------------------------------------------------------- Next stop was the post office for my passport. l got there and there was a mile long line. So l waited and waited. l finally got there, l tell the teller that l want to get my passport.''This is the wrong line, Miss.'' Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! ''You don`t need to wait in line, just go in that room'', he said. So l go in the room, there was a line, but much shorter then the last one. l fill out all the paperwork, paid the fee, plus the rush fee. Then she told me to go and wait in line yet again and get a express stamp for my passport envelope. So l wait again and get the stamp. l go into the room and give it to her. As soon as l leave, she locks the door, l then noticed the passport hours, they were closed. l just barely made it!! Thank god for small miracles!! ------------------------------------------------------ l rush home to make that phone call and book my flight. l make it in time, and my creditcard goes through, yeah!!:) By this time it was way after 5pm. l call Mr.T of Shortfuse (he was the one who was going to shoot me and Ashley), it was too late to do the shoot, waaaaaa: ( Oh well, maybe next time! ------------------------------ The reason l needed my passport and plane tickets, is that l am going to London to visit some friends and to see what kind of parties they have for Halloween!! l am sooo excited, l have never been outside of the US!!!!! l will not be able to answer or read my e-mail during that time, which will be from October 26th to November 5th. --------------------------------------------- l`m also doing live Internet modeling. You can catch me at; and at; (same place). l work 1-3 days a week, just ask for Stacy Burke:) l`ll even tie myself up for you, or handle any of your fetish request that l can possibly do:) ------------------------------------- FYI: The Boxing photos on last weeks updates were taken by Double Trouble Productions. oxox,Stacy
>>> l will be live at today, Friday October 8th from 10:30am-6pm west coast USA time. Come and visit me if you want:) <<

Awwwwww. That is the sound of relaxation.......awwwww. l took the week off. l needed to catch up on my chores at home. l needed to clean house, organize things, take care of my car, catch up on my e-mail, go see my grandmother (l love her sooooooo much!!!!), spend quality time with my children.........what? You didn`t know that l have children?? Well, l sort of do.........l`m talking about my kitty kats, my sweety itty bitty kitty witties:) Snuggle, snuggle, coo, coo!! Okay, l know l`m a dork! What can l say, l can`t help it!:) -------------------------------------------------------- Let`s see, what did l do last week? Oh yeah, l think l already told you about me doing a video for Double Trouble and George Perez of DC comics. Well the next day l worked with a couple of old friends. Bob of Bob`s Videos and his partner of Unlimited Desires. We did a two day bondage, torture, candle wax,clothespins, whipping, blindfolded, two girls and a guy shoot. l`m not sure when it will be out, but keep an eye out for it, l`ll also let you know when l know more. --------------- Last Friday l wen t to the 4th anniversary of KLSX 97.1 FM talk radio. What a blast!! There was a birthday cake and everything. l got to be on air again with Tom Leykis. He usually signs his name on women's breast, but the place we were at said no nudity allowed. Any girl showing nudity gets kicked out!! Waaaaaaaa;p Tom was on stage doing his live broadcast, l came on stage and gave him a lap dance fully clothed. Then l pulled my pants down, l kept my G-string on (l didn`t want to be kicked out), and he signed his name on my butt!! Ha, there is always a way to go around it!:) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back stage l got to meet Gary aka: Ba-ba-buoy, Stuttering John and Melrose Larry Green of The Howard Stern Show! l took pictures of them, of them cutting the cake, of them and me etc,etc. l will put them up on our site soon, they will be in my Stacy`s Out & About Section. ---------------------------------------------------------------- l pick up my new car tomorrow!! l can`t wait!! My lease was up on my old 1998 car, so l decided to get a new 2000 one!:) l`ve never had a new car until 2 years ago. l have always had old used ones that would break down all t he time and in the worst place at the worst time. l would spend so much money on car repairs, tow trucks, lost work because of the delay, time and patience. Not to mention, my safety. l could have been hit by another car on the freeway while l was waiting for my tow truck, a criminal could have came around me or my car etc,etc. l got sick of it. So l leased a new car. loved it soooooo much!! lt actually saved me money and time. lt was a good feeling knowing that l shouldn`t break down, and if l did, l don`t have to deal with going to the autoshop. The dealers hip has to deal with it, while they give me a loaner car. What a piece of mind. ------------------------------------------------------- Well this week was nice, but it is time to get back to work. l go crazy if l have too much time off. Have a good week everyone! oxox,Stacy

l`mmmm baaack!! l got back from Vegas this weekend. Whew......what a week! lt was fun but exhausting!! My Voice went out and all. l was promoting on-line horse racing and my voice was a little horse.....HA! l did a little gambling, but not much, only a few slot machines. One day l lost, the next day l won, so l came out even. Since l was in Vegas l set up a fetish shoot with some people who shoot out there. lt was for Mad Jack of IBN. lt was a trampling, smothering, suffocating, drowning and dominating video. l got to be the one doing all this to some poor guy for about 6-7 hours. Talk about great therapy! l felt soooo good afterwards! Thank goodness the guy didn`t take it personal, in fact l think he kind of liked it!:) As soon as l got back into town, l did a shoot for Dorothy Laine. lt was a different kind of bondage shoot. A first for me and Dorothy. lt was a glue shoot!! Yes a GLUE shoot!! We even used real glue. There was one scene that l had to step into the kind of glue that are in fly traps. lt was the stickiest glue l have ever felt! lt got on to everything!!! lt uoosed into and in between my toes and all over my feet. lt took me an hour to get it off.....or so l thought. l thought l got it all off and went home. When l got home l looked down at my feet and screamed! They looked like l had furry slippers on, but l was bare footed!!!!!! l guess all the carpet fuzzies from the shoot location got all over me while l was walking around collecting my stuff. l finally got it all off when l took the longest, hottest, most oily-est bath in history!! l feel sorry for the person that owns the house that we shoot in. l bet there was glue all over the place!! The next day l did a superheroine wrestling video written by George Perez of DC Comics for Double Trouble Productions!! He wrote me in as Daisy Chain, he even sent me the costume tailored for me and everything!! l think he is going to do a illustration of me in the costume autographed and all! l am soooo honored!! He is very popular and talented!! After all he is the artist for DC Comics!!:) Now, l got to get some sleep. l have not eaten all day and it is 8:30pm and l am starving!!!!!! Talk to you next week!! oxox,Stacy

Hi everyone. l am in Viva Las Vegas yet again! No l am not going to move out here, however l feel like l live here by now. l am hired to promote yet another web-site. lt is called; . lt is a on-line betting service for about 30 different horse races. l got a lot to learn about this. l thought l knew computers and about horse racing, but oooooooooh was l wrong. lt is like going to school all over again. l do not have a lot of time to go out, gamble or see a show. Just work, eat and sleep. l know, l know poor me:) Oh well, another day-another adventure! ----- l`m sorry l have not been able to read or answer my e-mail. l`ll be able to catch up to that when l get back this weekend. --------------------------------------------------------- L.A County Fair is here!:) l love the fair!!!!! When l get back l can`t wait to go. l love to just walk around all day, f rom opening to closing. l love to see every inch of it. l love to taste the different beers, wines, cheese & foods. l love to see all the animals. l love to go into the petting zoo and pet all the animals, especially the lamas. l like to see what bands are playing. l like all the sales and great deals you get on stuff that you`ll probably never use or need. Who knows l might bring my camera and snap a few!:) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Take care all, l`ll talk to you when l get back! oxox,Stacy

My site is growing up! Ooooo, they grow up so fast! lf you have not noticed yet, a lot of new icons have gone up, and that is just the beginning!:) You all know about 'The Member`s Forum'. We now have the 'Stacy Out & About' section. There you will see pictures of me and my friends running-a-muck! Mostly all candid shoots, on a whim, of me and my friends acting 'cooky', going here and there and everywhere. l have many more tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned!:) l`m having soooo much fun! l love creating new stuff for the site. ------------------------------------------------------------ Yesterday l worked with Double Trouble again. l love working for those guys! lt is like getting a workout with a personal trainer and getting paid for it! l learned a lot of new wrestling holds and new moves. l`m too small to pick up people and do body slams and certain moves that the bigger people can do. l basically just let the other person throw me around a lot. l got to learn how to fall and how to go with certain moves. The hardest thing is to actually hold on to them. You see, after awhile you both get really sweaty and when you try to hold on to them, they sometimes 'slip' away from you. lt is like tr ying to squeeze a wet bar of soap. l`m sorry, is that 'too much information'?;o ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow l work with Anton Productions again. l love working for them as well. lf any of you want to have a custom video made, Anton Productions is the place to go. They will actually answer your e-mail(as soon as they can), and they will actually do your custom video for you BEFORE the year 2001. They are pretty flexible too, so don`t worry if you think your idea is too far out there to do, l bet Anton Prod uctions can do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Before l go, l just want to give my friend, Jim a plug. He is doing a great job at; . lf you have not seen it in awhile or you have never been there, take a look, l think you`ll be glad you did! lnfact he is the one that did last weeks updates. oxox,Stacy

Attention Everyone; l will be away from my computer on September 13th Monday afternoon (California USA time) through September 18th Saturday afternoon. l will not be able to answer or read my e-mail during that time. l`ll tell you more next week!

Wow, what a month August was!!! l had only 4 days off the whole month!! l guess that makes up for July. July, l had very littl e work and a lot of free time. Feast or Famine that is what they say. -------------------------------------------------------------- l got to work with Dorothy Laine, Darla Crane, Eve Ellis, Cory and The Weatherman at Shortfuse, Jack Banner, Gloria Reyes, Taylor St. Claire, and Sharon Kane all in one week!:) ------------------------------------ ----------------------- l hope you are all enjoying my newest addition to my site, The Member`s Section. Remember, you can send me your artwork, jokes, short stories, comic strips, or anything you wish to post on our Member`s Section via e-mail or 'snail mail'. Be sure to tell me the name you wish to use to be posted with your contribution. ----- Ohhh, my feet hurt! l wish l had someone here to massage them for me for a few hours without complaining!:) :) l went on a 15 mile bike ride! l am getting into riding my bike more and more. lt is fun and it helps me keep in shape. ---------------------- Well let me tell you how Cu rveBall `99 went. We showed up on time and waited in line for the gates to open. The crowd was very peaceful and respectful. However there was a guy there who was not in line and not there to watch or participate in the charity SoftBall game that was being played by Adult Film Stars. lnstead he was there to preach and to yell at us and tell us that we were sinners for coming to see such a game. He was pretty mean in his tactics. He kind of stirred up the otherwise peaceful and respectful crowd. We tried to tell him that this was a charity event for people with disablities, but he still held his ground and told us we will all burn in hell. Wow, talk about guilt trips! -------------------------------------------------------- One of Howard Stern`s friends, Mel rose Larry Green, was there to lend some comic relief. You got to see his Regis Philbin impersonation, it is uncanny! The game didn`t start for at least 2 hours, but it was worth the wait! There were two games, the 1st game was the best! lt was the Blue against the red. l bought a blue baseball jersey and l bought a red one for my ex-boyfriend. Well, guess whose team won BOTH times?:) Yes, the blue team won both times....yeah!! l can`t remember all of the players, but here are some; Brittany Andrews, Rayne(the girl that put it all together), Ron Jeremy, Misty Hills, Holly Body, Chloe, Christy Lakes, and so many more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- l took a few pictures. l wanted to take more, but it was really hot and my ex-boyfriend was getting a little annoyed. As soon as l get them developed, l`ll get them scanned and l`ll try to put them up for you soon.
Talk to you next week!:) oxox,Stacy

Last week was the week of Super Heroines, this week is the week of the lovely Sharon Kane! l have been working with Sharon Kane a lot this week. She is s o lovely and so striking! She has the fullest, most erotic lips l have ever saw in my life! She reminds me of Kim Bassinger(spelled right?) . l first met Sharon a couple years ago when we did a bondage video for Harmony Concepts filmed by Chelsea Pfiffer. We have not worked with each other until we worked with Ken on his Super Heroine bondage video: Ms. Americana. What a great video that is! l have not yet seen it, l only know how it was to film it. l think it came out great! -------------------- A few days after that, Sharon, Taylor St. Clair and l filmed a bondage video with Chelsea of Harmony Concepts. Talk about hot and steamy!! Sharon could make the Titanic float again! Yesterday Sharon and l did a photo shoot with HOM for one of their magazines. l played her ever adoring maid who will do anything to please her mistress! Tomorrow l`ll get to work with her again along with Eve Ellis. l believe it will be a bondage shoot. l`m not sure who the company is, l think it will be for Diamond lnternational.

This weekend l think l`ll be going to The CurveBall `99. That is a charity baseball game played by adult film stars. l believe anyone who is anyone will be there. lt sounds like fun! l`ll be going with my ex-boyfriend. This will be 'interesting' to say the least. The reason we broke up is that he hated my career. He was jealous of everyone and he hated the attention l got. We are still good friends and l invited him to this event, so l am interested on how he handles the day. l think if he would just relax a bit, he`ll have a great time! oxox,Stacy

What a Super Heroine Week! Every shoot this week has been something with Super Heroines. The 1st shoot was with Ken, the guy that put together the Super Heroines in Bondage Forum. It was with Sharon Kane, Greta, and me. l play Flag Girl a side kick to Miss Americana, the good heroine. We are tying to stop The Leather Lady from committing crimes in America.

Then it was off to Anton Productions to do another Super Heroine story. This one will have plenty of special effects, l can`t wait to see how it all comes about. l played a villain in this one, called The Feline.

The next day was with Double Trouble. l was a wrestling chick, a Sable type called Kat. l got to be knoc ked out and carried by my opponent from room to room before shipping me off to some other country.

Then was one of my highlights of my career. Dominic Wolf called me and told me that Franco Saudelli, the creator of the adult comic book, The Blonde, was in town from ltaly. He was coming to the Comic-con in San Diego and he needed someone to play The Blonde while he was there. The Blonde is a well done artistic creation of a sex y super heroine who gets tied up by her enemies and visa-versa. l was quite honored to be considered, let alone actually playing The Blonde! We even did a photo shoot together. l dressed as The Blonde and recreated a few scenes in the comic book. Franco even got to tie me up! Wow, to be tied by Franco Saudelli!! He said he would send me copies of the pictures and l could use them on my site, and share them with all of you!:) So keep an eye out for them! ...l got to also meet and work with Franco`s cousin Valerio Ventura. He is a very talented director and photographer. We did some shots for his site; . lt is a boxing web-site.

Then l was on The X Show on the FX cable channel. The X Sh ow is a show geared towards men. They have a lot of girls, sports, tools, and gadgets and other stuff on their show. My segment was in a Jay Leno talk show type of format. l came out in my own Super Heroine costume. They asked me many questions about fetish. l tried to answer all of them in the 6 minutes that they have gave me for my segment. l hope l cleared their confusion instead of adding to it. You can see vi deo captures of the show on The Super Heroines in Bondage Forum.

l will soon have a new addition for all my members. lt will be called 'The Members Forum'. lt will have cartoons, drawings, jokes, stories, what ever my members send me via e-mail or snail mail, that they want to post for viewing. lf you do send me something, please tell me the name you want posted with your contribution. Also make sure it is really yours and not a copy of someone else`s talent. -------------- Until next week:) oxox,Stacy

l am back, l am back from Vegas! l have never been so happy to see my kitty kats and my house in my life! Vegas was pure Hell!!! lt was not the people that l was working for, it was everything around it. lt all started with the hotel room. l don`t think l`ll ever pay for a hotel room through the internet again. l ordered the reservation through a discount web-site. We ended up with a room the furthest from the entrance as possible! There were no windows in the room. No window for air, no windows for a view, no windows at all! There was no bath tub. Boy, a nice hot bubble bath would hit the spot after 9-10 hours of modeling shoes!---but no, none of that. Tasha, my friend and fellow model was in one of those 'moods'. l have always have heard of these 'moods' that women can get, but l have never been in 'the eye of the storm' before. l think you guys know what l mean. After a few hours of being around so much negative energy, l started getting a bit 'cranky' myself. Tasha is a 'night owl and stays up late. l am a morning person, early to bed-early to rise. Especially when we have to be up and ready to work a 9-10 hour day at 8am. The last two days l suffered major allergy attacks. Now, for you folks that has dealt with this, you know what hell this can be. l was having sharp and painful 'pins and needles' in my nose. My eyes were swollen and watery. l was sneezing continuously. My nose was red, swollen, running and chapped. l felt like there was a war between my nose and head. l just want to say, for the record, l love Tasha a great deal. She is still and will always be great friends. All friends go through some moments, this was one. Before l go l want to share with you a website you might like to check out. He is a really great photographer, and took really great pictures of me for his site. he is at: oxox,Stacy

Hellooooo from Viva Las Vegas! My friend and fellow fetish model, Tasha Welch and l are here modeling the new fall shoes for the Shoe Convention. Yes, l am also a shoe model! You need to be the perfect size 6 to be a shoe model. Tasha is a perfect size 6, however, yours truly is a size 51/2. My foot fits really good in the boot style of shoes. My foot is a little small for sandals and stuff, but the trick is to flex your foot and plump it up. The muscles in my feet are usually all cramped up and sore after the show. Man, l`m going to have to find someone to massage my feet when l get back. l wonder who l can get?.....Tee Hee:) ---- Sorry, l am not able to answer any of my e-mail until l get back. lf you have e-mailed me, please be patient, it might take me awhile to reply. --------l hope you all voted for me in Danni`s New Discoveries on her website: l am featured under her New Discoveries section along with a f ew other models. She has 20 images of me, some of the photos are never before seen. l took along my camera along with me to Vegas. l`ll share the pictures with you as soon as l can:) Ohh, by the way, on last weeks updates, the Bad Slave set, the model with me was the lovely Jessica Jones. Just thought l should let you know who l was spanking:) ----------- Hope all is well with you, see you next week! ;) oxox,Stacy

OOhhh, it is a full moon tonight. l LOVE full moons!! l can stare at it all night. What a perfect night for a boat ride! l love how it just lights up the sky so bright. ------l will not be able to answer my e-mail August 2nd throug h August the 7th. l will be away from my computer. l know l will have a lot of e-mail when l return, so it still might take me awhile to get back to you. l`ll tell you all about my trip, who l went with, where l went, and why l went, when l get back. Ohhhhh, a cliff-hanger. -----Hey check out the two new magazines from Harmony, Love Bondage Fantasies and Bondage Life Magazine. l am on the cover of both! That is very rare to be on both magazines at the same time. l am very honored to be in the magazines, let alone be on the cover! They say l`ll be on yet another one in September. l believe it will be Bondage Adventures. -----l just got done with doing a wrestling match with Hollywood for Double Trouble. lt was really hot!!! lt was really hard to do! When it is hot like that and you got to put up a fight for a couple hours, it takes a lot out of you. lt is hard to get your strength up. lt was definitely a good work out! -----Ohhh, excuse me, l got to go out and look at the moon some more. Take Care, l`ll see you next week. oxox,Stacy
P.S. Attention, Attention: Everyone please go to , go to Danni`s New Discoveries and vote for me!! l am featured on her New Discoveries and l would LOVE to win!!!:) l would very much appreciate it!!:)

Hello everyone, how are you? l`ve been doing okay. Work has been slow, l`ve been relaxing a bit this week. l went to the Playboy Expo with my friend and fellow fetish model, Tasha Welch. We had a blast! We met all the Playboy Playmates and some of the Playboy Bunnys. We even met the Dahm triplets, Hef`s girlfriend-Brande Roderick and even Hugh Hefner himself! -------- The best part of the Expo was that l got to meet the famous artist, Olivia!!!! l bought a few of her posters prints and she signed all of them!! Gosh, l love her and her work!!! One of my dreams is to be one of her models, and become an Olivia poster!!! ------- l`m checking into live web-cams. l want to add it to my site someday. l am trying to find out more about them. l have no idea how to hook one up or how to use one, but l`ll find out soon. Give me some time to figure all this out, hopefully it will happen:) You will be the 1st to know about it! ------- l`ve been doing more outdoor activities lately. l`ve been swimming, boogie boarding, playing smash ball, play ing darts outside, bike riding, jogging, and taking walks! l`m loving it!!!! l am getting a little too dark from the sun, so l`ve started to use sunscreen. l don`t want to get sundamage and look like a piece of beef-jerky when l get older. l also do not want skin cancer, so sunscreen it is!! ------ Be sure to check out my friend, Jim`s web-site at: www.bonda . He is the new ha nds at the reins. l think he is doing a great job!! Tell him that Stacy says 'hello'! ------ l`m looking back at my dishes in the sink, the cat hair on the carpet, and a few dust specks on the TV. It could only mean one thing....... yes, its time to clean the house.......aaahhhhhhh! Oh well, the sooner l do it, the sooner it will be done. Talk to you next week! ;) oxox,Stacy

Ohh, it is good to have some 'down' time to collect your thoughts, catch up with personal projects, and just to 'stop and smell the roses'. l love going outside and look at the beautiful sites, smell the BB-Q`s, see the parents playing with their children, seeing people walk their dogs, playing ball, riding their bikes, etc, etc. l really do love life!!! lt gives me hope to see all these sites. l can`t wait until crime and violence goes down!! We all really need to work on that. The only solution l can come up with at the moment is, if we all be friendly to each other, have more understanding, don`t raise our voices in anger, more education by sharing our learning's with others, have a neighborhood watch, and keep the neighborhood clean from graffiti, show that we care for our neighborhood. Ok, l`m off my 'soapbox' now. Thanks for bearing with me!:) l got to see one of my favorite artist this weekend! l got to see The King of The Surf Guitar- Dick Dale, live in concert at a small little club!!! He played most of his hits. l was dancing all through the show! l was doing my little go-go hip action to the extreme!:) l LOVE to dance like that! l love all those `50`s and `60`s beach movies! l LOVED Goldie Hawn in Laugh-In, she rules! l wish l could just jump into one of those movies and live there for awhile!! l love all the actresses back then too! Rachel Welch, Barbara Eden, Jane Fonda, Sofia Loren, Ursula Andrews, Goldie Hawn, Ann Margret, Bridgett Bardo, and l can`t forget Marilyn Monroe. l even like the singer, Charo! l think she is cool! She plays a great flamingo guitar, l love her personality, and she is sooo hot looking!! Ohh, and Nancy Sinatra, gee, l LOVE her! ''These boots were made for walking, and that`s what they`re going to of these days, these boots are going to walk all over you".....bow, bow, bow, bow, bow. Wow, there is a lotta love here.....can you fell i t?:) Hope everyone is having a great summer!! oxox,Stacy

What a productive week!! l had a blast this week! lt all started on Thursday night. l went on the radio station KLSX 97.1 FM. I went on the Conway & Steckler Show from 7pm-10pm. (FYI: Conway is Tim Conway Jr. The son of the great comedian that was on the Carol Burnette show.) l was there promoting a company called Shaved Monkey. lt`s a site dedicated to women shaving their, uh....'monkeys'. Friday l went down to the Tom Lykes show live broadcast on KLSX 97.1 FM from 3pm-7pm. It was soooo much fun! They had a BB-Q, food, drinks, and a few people over. Tom was in true form, signing any 'rack' that came his way. That is what Tom does, he has a permanent ink marker called a sharpy, and he will sign his name on a womans breast, which he calls a 'rack'. Yes, my 'rack' was indeed signed eagerly by Tom. l will definantly be back, l love Tom, Gary, Doolley and the whole crew. Infact if you go to his web-site at: , you will see my picture on his opening page ! Right after that l was on KLSX 97.1 FM, yet again!!!! l co-hosted with Ed Powers. His show is every Friday night/Saturday morning at 1am-3am. l took calls, answered them, plugged my site, and everything! lt was great new experience for me. That is the biggest perk of my wonderful job, l get to try and experience anything and everything that l want, l LOVE it!!!!!!! l think l`ll be on again with Ed Powers this Friday night/Saturday morning between 1am-3am, so listen in....maybe even call in and talk to me personally! l added something new on my site. l added my video log. lt list most of the videos that l have done. l`m still waiting for Double Trouble to send me a copy of the videos that l have done for them. There is a few other companies which probably somehow slipped my mind. Just a reminder: some of the companies call me by the name Kat or Kat Leiber, like FM Concepts, Anton Productions, Double Trouble and Mother Productions. Kat is my nickname and some of the companies wanted to use it. l would rather they just use my name, Stacy Burke, it would end the confusion, but l guess it is too late for them to change it. l want to plug a few sites that have featured me, in someway, on their sites. , , ,

Whoooo, ahhhh......Happy 4th of July everybody!!! l love fireworks, they are sooo pretty! Hope you all have some fun in the sun, BBQ`s, picnics, swimming pools, family, friends, and all that cool stuff! l`m going to be on the radio again. As you know l was on 97.1 KLSX with Tom Lykes a few times and l`m linked on his web-site. This time l`ll be on with Tim Conway Jr. and Doug Steckler again on KLSX 97.1 FM. l`m going to be promoting Shaved Monkey, a web-site that l model for. l`ll be on Thursday July 1st, so l might not have this text up in time for you to catch it:( Hopefully l`ll get to go on again. Keep tuning in once in never know, I might be on the radio:) Hey, there is a site l want you to check out. lt is at: lt`s a pretty good site, l think you`ll like it. l went to the Fetish Ball on Saturday with Mr.T of Shortfuse Production s. l wore a PVC corset with mo torcycle type headlights and taillights on it. Everyone was dressed sooooo good and clever. Bryan Davis was there along with Simone who was dressed in this most wonderful corset with made her waist 20 inches!!! lt was a pleasant sight! l also got to meet one of my favorite band`s lead singer...... Jonathan Davis of the rock group Korn!!!!!! SWOOONN!! l had such a great time!! l can`t wait until the next one!! oxox,Stacy

Ooooo, ouch, ooooooo, my fanny is a little sore right now, so it`s a little painful writing at this computer at the moment. l did a spanking video yesterday for Star Chandler at HOM. l played a bumbling blonde bimbo maid. l`m always getting into trouble....and getting spanked. l had soooo much fun making this video!!!! lt will probably be quite awhile before it comes out, but l can`t wait! We had a lot of electrical problems on the set, so l feel sorry for the editing department. The video ends with me being spanked....HARD, with a few items. l finally got to do the wrestling shoot with Hollywood at Double Trouble. l got to play a brutal cowgirl thief. Hollywood played the cowgirl sheriff. lt was just like playing Cowboy and Indians when l was small... l mean, when l was younger. l got to wrestle, punch, fight and take off with the loot....l`m sooo bad! l went to an interview at Hustler Magazine this week. l hope they decide to use me for one of their shoots! They usually don`t use girls with big breast. They don`t like them, they like the 'girl next door' type of look. So if they do schedule a shoot with me, it will be a big deal, and l`ll be happy:) Enjoy this weeks updates! oxox,Stacy

Hi everybody!:) This was another busy week. lt all started with The Erotica LA Convention in LA. l worked two booths, the Hustler booth and the Mother Productions booth. The mother booth had a cage and a Domanatrix whipping male volunteers. lt was quite fun! Then l was scheduled for a wrestling shoot with Double Trouble Productions. We waited for the other model, but she never showed up, so we re-scheduled it for next week. lt turned out she was stuck in major traffic. l love doing wrestling and boxing shoots, it`s a g reat workout and l love th e costumes! My next shoot was with Anton Productions. lt was a chloroform and bondage shoot with three other models. FYI: Anton Productions and Double Trouble both call me, " Kat" in their videos. It`s a nick name that kind of stuck. Check out my friend, Dorothy Laine`s web-site at; She has out-take pictures of her first video she directed with me and Kelly Ashton. lt`s pretty cool. lt was fun shooting that video. I played Kelly Ashton`s maid/slave. lt`s my job to give her a bath, shave her, brush her hair, and dress her. All this time l purposely misbehave so l get punished by her over and over:) Well, l better go to bed. l`m sleepy and l got to clean the house tomorrow. My friends Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones are coming by this weekend. oxox,Stacy

Yesterday l worked on the new South Park music video for Trey Parker & Matt Stone. It might be used for the trailer of the movie. l`m playing a groupie and a bar waitress. l like the song, even after hearing it a hundred times. lt`s sounds like a pu nkish, lrish fight song. The name of it is, "That`s what Brian Boytano would do". l know l probably spelled Boytano wrong, but l don`t know how to spell his name, l only know how it sounds. Brian Boytano is a famous ice skater. Saturday l worked for lBN. They do trampling & smothering videos. l had so much fun there. lt was more like a party! There were about 3-4 models, a couple camera people, 3 tramplees, food, pizza, softdrinks and lots of laughs and fun conversation. The owner of the house, Steve, wasn`t feeling so good. l hope he is feeling better. He had the coolest toys in his house! My favorite was this giant red ball. lt was like a blown up bean bag. l jumped on that all day! lt was great exercise and fun. l want one so bad! lt reminded me of a toy l used to have when l was a little girl. l think it was called the 'hippity hop' . lt was a big blown up red ball with a handle. You sit on it and hold on to the handle like you were on a horse and jump and bounce around the house. lf l see one, l`m buying it and l`ll use it everyday! Sunday l was at the Bike Rally in lrvine. l was working a booth for the clothing company Bad Bones. lt was a nice day! We all went out to dinner afterwards and got a little loud and silly. l think our conversation 'scared' off a few people in the restaurant. We were talking about bondage, spankings, trampling, smothering and a whole bunch of stuff. Be sure to visit my friend Dora on her site, she has pictures of me and her having 'fetish fun' :) oxox,Stacy

What a slow week! Half of me loves the time off, and half of me is going crazy and can`t wait to get busy again! l have an audition tomorrow for a hostess of a new TV show. l don`t know the name of it yet, or if it is, or ever will be really on TV. lt wont be the 1st time l`ve done something for film or TV, and it never comes out. This weekend l`m doing a shoot for IBN. They do the trampling & smothering videos. lt`s a great way to get out aggressions l may have. lt`s also a great workout! l don`t know who l feel more sorry for, the girls working up a sweat pounding the guy, sliding and falling over his sweaty body(a girl can break a leg doing this if she is not careful), or the guy laying there being trampled and smothered. Hummm, tough call. This weekend l`ll also be working the Bad Bones boot h again. They are the clothing line that Vince Neil, of the rock band Motley Crue, has 1/2 ownership of. lt will be a motorcycle event somewhere in Irvine. l don`t know all the details yet. lf you see me at the booth, l`ll be signing autographs. Last week l told you l went out with my ex-boyfriend for my birthday. Boy, was that a mistake! Now l remember why he is an EX-boyfriend!! He HATES my career & lifestyle! He brings it up whenever we have an argument, he trys to make me feel guilty and cheap. He hates that other guys are sometimes in the video or pictures. He`ll say these things very loudly in a crowded restaurant to embarrass me. UUGGGG, what was l thinking to go out with him again? He would be fine if he could just accept what l do and respect me, but that is who he is, just like l am who l am, and we will never change. OOOOOh, the new Austin Powers movie opens this week! l can`t wait to see it, 'Yeah baby!' oxox,Stacy

lt`s been a slow work week. l`ve been enjoying it though! Yesterday l did a shoot with this great new producer for Harm ony Concepts. His name is Jack Banner, l think you`ll like his style. He likes sexy, pretty, and tight fitting clothing on his models. My ex-boyfriend is taking me out for dinner t onight to celebrate my birthday. l still haven`t picked out the restaurant. l want to go see bellydancers, but they usually just work on Fridays & Saturdays. Oh well, l`ll figure it out later. l know, l know, why am l going out with my ex-boyfriend. l`m just 'comfortable' being around him. Dating has always been difficult for me. l`m really uncomfortable going out with someone l don`t know that well. l`d rather go out with friends. l think the best way to go out on a first date is to have friends go out with you. That way you are more yourself. There is always conversation, and it will be guaranteed fun. lf you click with your date, then you schedule another one with just the two of you. l went to a film screening on Tuesday night. A friend of mine introduced me to a guy that owns a limo company and he was invited to go to the Notting Hill film screening hosted by the magazine, Vanity Fare. lt was me, him and a few people that were also invited. lt was a good movie. lt was a romantic tear jerker, another words, a 'chick flic k'. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant were the stars of the film. l thought Julia Roberts was a little mean to Hugh Grant in the movie. lf l was him, l wouldn`t have stuck around. lt`s a good date movie. After words we all went to this Japanese restaurant and had sushi. Oooo, it was sooo good! l love the ginger and wasabi sauce! lt was a good 1st date. lt was a little weird having a limo come pick me up. All my neighbors was looking, it was kind of cool. l might go out with him again, he was nice. l kind of feel like Mary Tyler Moore, a single working girl having difficulties in dating. l`m finally on the Playmates of Hollywood web-site, check it out. l have their link on my links page. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend! oxox,Stacy

l finally fixed my computer!! My computer would not turn on sometimes, l had to push the 'on' button a few times before it would turn on. One day it would not go on at all! l called a computer repair man and l made an appointment. The day before he was supposed to be here l walked by my computer, and for the heck of i t, l pushed the 'on' went on!! l was afraid to turn it off, so l left it on until the repair man came. The day the computer repair man came, l told him what was going on with my computer. Well he turned my computer off, then he went to turn it on, and wouldn`t you know worked fine!!! He turned it off and on several times and everytime it worked beautifully! (Murphy`s Law). Well, since l still had to pay him for the minimum of an hour, he cleaned up a few unused folders and icons, adjusted the monitor settings and the mouse (it seems my mouse was set on 'ultra' wonder it was so hard to place the mouse in the little boxes). l left the computer on for the next few days, to afraid to turn it off. Finally l turned it off and covered it up and left for a shoot. The next morning......yes, you guessed it, it would not turn on! l got on the phone and called my computer repair man and told him, " guess what....''. Well, luckily for me, he had a call close to me and he told me he would be over in a couple hours. This time l refused the temptation of trying to turn it on. Well he came over and it would not work for him either, yeah! lt was not the button, like l thought it was, it was the power supply. He had to take it apart and replace the power supply, at least it wasn`t my hard drive or anything else to critical. lt took about an hour, l have an older computer that has a lot of screws to get into the computer. l had to pay him for the hour fee plus parts. All together it cost me about $200-(that`s including the 1st time he came). l guess that`s not that bad. Well that was my week:) oxox,Stacy

Hi everyone! l did my 1st shoot of, hopefully, many for a magazine this week. This Magazine was called 'Cheeks'....yes, you guessed it, it is a magazine devoted to women's butts. Lots of arching and turning my head around to the camera like Linda Blair in that 1970`s horror flick. But, no spitting up split pea soup:P The next magazine shoot is scheduled later this week for the Magazine 'Panty Play'. Yes, you guessed it again, it is a magazine devoted to women's panties and women who 'play' with their panties. That should be a fun shoot! l worked with Anton Productions this week. lt was a custom video for my pal, Mr. Villain. l hope he likes it. it was a b ondage video with me mostly un-gagged so l can plead for mercy. lt was a very fun shoot, thanks Mr. Villain! l think l already told you about my interview and shoot with Doria. l meet her while l was on Playboys TV Show 'Night Calls'. l was the girl that got to be hog-tied and tickled! Whooowww, that was a hoot! Well, l`ll see you same Stacy Time, Same Stacy Channel! oxox,Stacy

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! l went out and had a raspberry margarita, yummy:
This week started off with a shoot for Tom Lykes- The Movie. lt will be a documentary about, the radio talk show host,Tom Lykes. He is on KLSX, 97.1, in Los Angeles and on other radio stations in the USA. He has this thing called '' flash your rack Fridays". lf a listener of his flashes their headlights of their car, and another listener sees that, they must 'flash' them! So l had Brian, the films producer, drive me around and 'flash' the listeners my 'headlights', that flashed me their headlights! Then l got to go on air and have Tom sign my 'rack'! Whewww, all in a days work. l had a great time! l added Tom`s banner to my lin ks page. l would LOVE to go on the show and do an 'on air' bondage tie, spanking, foot worship, any or all of those. lf you would like that to happen, e-mail Tom and tell him so. The next shoot was with Doria Rone for her site, l`ll get some copies of the pix for us too:) l also did a shoot for Chelsea Pfeffer at Harmony.
Tomorrow l`m doing a wrestling shoot for Double Trouble.....oooo, l`m gonna get my ass kicked:( l`ll let you know how it turns out. oxox,Stacy

l finally got cable!!! l have never had cable before in my life!! l never wanted it, l don`t like to watch too much TV. I never wanted the distraction from life. I am a spontaneous person, and they had a special running where you get a lot, and l mean a lot of channels for free for a month. l thought, well, l`ll give it a try. My favorite channels are the old movie channels and TV Land. l get to see my favorite show when l was growing up, Emergency! l was soooo in love with Randy Mantooth who plays John Gage. Swwooonnnn:)
l just worked with Darla Crane this week, and Dorlez Cortez. l also di d a kat-fighting shoot for Double Trouble. l was a 'Bad Girl' for Vince Neil`s clothing line called Bad Bones at his celebrity golf tournament. l also went to the Fetish Ball in San Diego. That was nice! l got all dressed up in a PVC corset and saw a grand fashion show hosted by Whiplash. We had a limo and everything....plush:)
Now l must go to bed, l have a shoot with Chelsea Pheffer tomorrow. Good night;) oxox,Stacy

Yes, that was me on the show Love Connection. l looked so pathetic, didn`t l? l went on it thinking it would be really fun. Well it was not f un. They didn`t really give me much of a selection of guys, none of them were really my type. The guy l picked by process of elimination, was your typical ' pretty boy fraternity jock type'. He seemed to like me a lot and we went to pretty cool places, but he wasn`t my type or me his type. He likes green eyes, brown hair, quite and naive girls. l`m none of those things. The date was not as bad as the day of the show. He totally turned on me! Insult after insult, he made up stuff about me and my house (he`s never been to my house). He tried to make it sound like we had sex on our date...WE DID NOT! l told them he was lying, but they edited that out (for ratings l guess). l also didn`t like how they did my make-up...uuugggg! My hair was sooo flat....uuugg! Oh Well, it`s over and done with. l`m putting my dating shoes in the closet for a while...maybe a long while!:( oxox,Stacy

Wow, what a week! l will not have a day off this month, not at all! But l`m having fun! lt started with a Wrestling photo shoot and video, what a workout! The next day l did a bondage shoot with Jay Edwards. The next day l did another bondage shoot with Bryan Davis. Then it was off to do an interview with Dolores Cortez of Bondage Life Magazine. We had a fun day, you`ll read about all the crazy stuff we did in the upcoming for it!
This weekend l`ll be at The Long Beach Grand Prix. l am going to be one of the models called 'The Bad Girls'. I`ll be modeling clothes for Bad Bones. Bad Bones is the clothing company of the rock band Motley Crue. You can see their stuff on Motley Crue`s web-site.
Next week l have shoots booked the whole week and weekend! l still have not completely finished moving, oh well. I hope all is well with you! Take care:) oxox,Stacy

Is everyone sick from all that Easter chocolate? Yummmmmm!
I`m having trouble with my e-mail, so I`m sorry if I have not answered your e-mail yet. I press ?read mail?, it goes to check it and a little yellow triangle comes on saying it has not responded yet,'Do I want to try again or disconnect?' I try again and the same thing happens! Aaaahhhhhh! So Im not receiving any e-mail, waaaaaa!
It`s been a slow, but fun week. I did a shoot for Shaved Monkey. They do videos and photos of women shaving their, ah, ?monkey?. They are a new company, I think they?ll do well.
I also did a shoot for Diamond International. They do trampling and face smothering videos. That was a long day. It was a great work out though! The last scene was an hour-long trampling video. I broke a sweat and everything!
I?m going to try my e-mail again, wish me luck! Oxox,Stacy

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity, Easter`s on it`s way! <:) Happy Easter, kiss my Kester! Just kidding, Happy Easter everyone! May chocolate eggs be in all your baskets come Sunday morning! Hope you enjoy my Easter pix, l`m in my Sunday`s best, in mint pastel lingerie. l will wear that on Easter under my Easter clothes and bonnet. My week started off with a shoot with Bob of Bob`s Videos. He does pantyhose and smoking videos. l do not smoke, so it was hard for my to do the video. l tried to act like l knew what l was doing. He is a nice guy, you should check out his site, it`s pretty cool. My next shoot was with Eve Ellis, Toni Sinclair and a new producer for Harmony Jack Banner. We almost didn`t get to finish the shoot, in fact we really didn`t. We were laughing and joking so much, it took the whole day to shoot a few hours of tape! Ev e is a riot to work with, she`s so fun! Has anyone noticed she looks a lot like Sandra Bullock, or is it just me? l think you`ll like Jack Banner`s work, he is a great guy! You can see his work at Harmony Concepts. This weekend was my yard sale. Well, maybe the next one will be better. l`m having another one this weekend. What ever does not sell this time around l will give away to a thrift store or a shelter. l`m almost all moved into my new place, just a few more items. Then l will start to clean and fix up my old house, and try to sell it as fast as l can. l`m paying for 2 places right now, it is way too expensive for me to handle! l`m a little stressed right now. Well, l got to go now. See you next week! H appy Easter! oxox,Stacy

UUUGGGG! I hate moving!!! lt`s taking a lot longer to do then l thought! lf l had help and my truck back it would be better. My ex-boyfriend still is using my truck for work. He is only off one day a week. That`s the day l get to use my truck and have help moving the heavy stuff. l have soooo much stuff! l`m going to have a garage sale this weekend....which is another headache all together! l also have stuff in storage which l need to get rid of too. Then l got to clean and fix up my old place and try to sell it. UUUUGGGGG!!! I also got homes for my stray cats. l needed to before l moved. l am sooo stressed, can you tell? l hope to be all moved in by April 1st (no, April Fools please). Then l can start to clean, fix up and sell my old place. UUUGGGG!!! Oh well, once it`s over it will be nice. l hope all is well with you! oxox,Stacy

How`s everyone's hangover from St. Patty`s Day? Take 2 green aspirin and e-mail me in the morning.(Tee Hee:) l `ve been busy this week. l got a new place, and l`m in the process of moving. lt`s a lot more work than l thought! l have a lot of stuff that l need to get rid of. Then l got to clean the old place, completely, and try to sell it. Then l need to introduce the new place to my cats. l finally found homes for 3 of my cats! So now l`ll have just 2 kitty cats! l think l`m going to have a yard sell next week end. l went on an audition today for an HBO movie called The Sex Fi les. Wish me luck! l always get so nervous on auditions.l`m working for lBN tomorrow. lt will be a trampling and smothering video. Then this weekend l`m working with my model friends, Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones. Maybe we`ll go out afterwards and run a muck. Did you guys know that Nancy Sinatra is touring this week? She is playing in LA this month. l would love to see her!! l love her, she is so great! lf she comes out your way, try to go see her and tell me how she is. Well, l`m getting sleepy. Talk to you next week! oxox,Stacy

l know it is not until next week, but Happy St. Patty`s Day! Kiss a blimystone and get the luck'o'the Irish. May the Irish eyes be smiling upon you! Hope you get the pot'o'gold at the end of your rainbow! OK, ok, l`ll stop the puns.
l`m a little depressed. l went on a date the other day. l had a really great time and l thought he did too. We took a long walk on the beach and had drinks at a beachside bar.Then we saw a bellydancer and had a 7 course meal at this Moroccan restaurant.
We laughed and talked and had a great l thought. Now,1st let me say that even though l had a great time, l wasn`t "smitten" with him. l just thought it was 2 people eating, talking, enjoying the day and each others company. He was the one who scared me a bit by saying things like,"on our next date we will go there",and other future stuff like that. l thought,"wow, he`s reading to much too soon,slow down". Well, l found out from my friends, that he told them that he had a terrible time and he probably won't call me again. He said l wasn`t for him and he complained about me! l just don`t get it. Why did he act like he had a good time? Why did he insist that l spend the whole day with him? l even made sure that he knew that it was just a great day and l didn`t expect a relationship from the date.
This is why l don`t date. l RARELY date. l usually work, exercise and come home.These head games suck! Why can`t people just be honest and say what they mean? If he was having a bad time or if he didn`t like me, he should have told me. That way we both don`t waste our time, money, and energy.
Well, thanks for listening, l feel better now! Have a green beer on me! oxox,Stacy

l found out l have yet another name! Diamond International calls me Mistress Angel. l have no idea why or how they decided on that name. l thought you should know. l`m sorry about all these names and confusion, if it was up to me, l would stick with my own name, Stacy. The week started with a photo shoot for Jon of Harmony and Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage. In fact we went on line, live during the shoot. You can still see the photos on her live web-cam on her site. That was so fun! She was having a hard time with her computer and the camera, it kept freezing. At least l know l`m not the only one with computer glitches. The shoot turned out great anyway. She did a lot of request shots. On Monday l did a 7 girl shoot for Diamond lnternational. That was fun,fun,fun! Just imagine 7 models in one house! We were laughing and joking around, it was hardly work! On Tuesday l joined a Gym! l`ve been working out at home my whole life, which is fine......if you get to be home! I needed to have a place to work out wherever l was that day,so l finally joined a gym . Today l met my trainer and he gave me a work out routine......OUCH! It`s a lot different when you are at home and no one is watching you to make sure you are doing all the reps at the full force that you are suppose to! It does feel good afterwards though. Another reward for all the hard work is the jacuzzi and sauna, ummmmm! After that it was off to the tanning bed, car wash, oil change, take the vacuum to the repair shop. Take my Ugg boots to the cleaners (l love my Ugg boots so much they got stinky from all the use), then to finish the day, l did my taxes...yeah! Yawn :o l`m getting sleepy. It was a long day! Goodnight ;) oxox,Stacy


Wheww...l`m home, yeah! lt`s been a busy week! lt all started with The Weatherman and Mr.T at Shortfuse Productions. lt`s always a blast to work for them, they`re fun! Then it was with Harmony`s new producer, Dolores Cortez. We are doing a series of videos with the characters Lola(me) and Colette(Stella). She is great! l love her outrages ways and ideas for shoots! Her videos are on the campy side, l love campy! Then it was off to San Diego to work with Dominic Wolfe and Jay Edwards for the weekend along with Gloria Reyes ( a new and upcoming model ). They are guessed it....great! l would never work with someone who was not great. l love all the people l work with! The next day l was back in LA to work with a sweet sweet guy from Texas. He is such a sweetheart! He is doing bondage videos, l`m not sure how he is going to distribute them. lf and when l find out, l`ll let you know. When that was done, it was back to do another shoot with Dolores Cortez. Then the long week ended with a shoot that was with me and 7 other girls playing nude basketball! Yes, nude basketball! lt was the blondes against the brunettes. I hate to say it, but the brunettes won. Oh well, maybe next time. Now, l`m finally home. But not for long, it`s erron day. l need groceries, the cats need catfood, l need to clean the house, clean the car, do the dishes, etc,etc. Well, l better get started. Take care everyone! oxox,Stacy


Blaahhhh! lt`s laundry day and my sinus is killing me! Oh well, it will be over soon, l hope. l have a bondage shoot with The Weatherman tomorrow. You can find him on Mr.T`S Shortfuse site. lt will be fun! Another busy week, l wont have a day off for at least 9 days. l love it! Hey, what is the deal with Newsgroups? l`m still a newbie at this computer stuff. l`ve been hearing alot about newsg roups lately, and l am curious. How do you find o ne? What do you do when you do find one? What are they for? Are they cool? Does it cost money to subscribe to one? Some web-sites say they advertise on newsgroups. ls that ok to do, or is that considered "spamming"? What do you think? I hope you all are enjoying the new video section of my site! Sometimes it is a little slow. lt helps to pr ess the 'next scene' button. Well, it`s time to put the laundry in the dryer. Take care everyone, see ya next week! oxox,Stacy
P.S. Check out Harmony Concepts new opening page! lt`s me as the new mascot for Harmony!! They choose me to be the new Holly Harmony!! l am so honored to be chosen! This is very exciting for me! To find out more and to find out who Holly Harmony was and is g o to the opening page and click on the center cartoon.


l am baaacck! l was in Mississippi for a bondage and pantyhose shoot. The pantyhose shoot was for Bob`s Videos. l`ll let you know how to get a hold of those pictures and videos as soon as l get that information. Have you seen the new addition to the site? We now have free video streaming! l hope you enjoy it! l have a lot of cool and exciting additions planned for the site. Happy Valentine`s Day everyone!! Hugs and kisses to you all, oxox! Eat a lot of chocolate, drink some champagne, light some candles and play some soothing relaxing romantic music. That should make the day wonderful, whether you are with someone or not. l`m working with that new director again this week. l hope Harmony Concepts like his work, he is looking for a distributor. l`ll show you his work as soon as l get the ok to show them. l also just did a video for Darla Crane of Close-up concepts, l can`t wait until it comes out, it was sooo fun to make! l always have a blast when l work for her! l just went shopping and bought a lot of new and pretty lingerie! You`ll get to see what l bought in future shoots! Again, Happy Valentines Day! :) oxox,Stacy

l need to clear up some confusion. No, l do not have a twin.There are some pictures out there that has me as Kat Leiber.Some people call me Kat because of my love for cats, my cat like ways, movements and eyes. l don`t know where the name Leiber came from, someone must have pulled that one from the sky or something. l don`t mind being called Kat. lt just makes it a bit confusing for every one. FM Concepts calls me Kat Leiber, so does Mother Productions, Diamond International and Napoly Videos. So there you have it, mystery solved! l havn`t had time to practice my bellydancing or try my new kickboxing videos, waaaaaaa! l just got done with working with a new director, it was a fun shoot. The shoot was with me and Tasha Welch. He is hoping to distribute through Harmony Concepts, l hope they say yes! l also just finished a shoot with Roger of Bondage by Request. The shoot was with my two good friends Gloria Reyes and Jessica Jones. They did great!! They are new and upcoming models, l think you`ll like the m! It was Rogers 1st time with a story line. It turned out GREAT! Well, gotta go, l have a little time to work out...yea!!!!!! oxox,Stacy

Well, l haven`t had time to practice my new exercise videos! Maybe next week. l`ve been soooooo busy! l`ve just been hired to book and promote bands! l used to do that a long time ago, but l`m back at it again! l`ll bring my camera to some of the "gigs" l promote, so you`ll get see behind the scenes stuff! lt will be part of something new l`m working on called, "Stacy`s Soundstage!" Pardon me, the doorbell is ringing.................l`m back, it was the A von Lady. Yes, l love my Avon!!!!! Hey, l did a video called, "Can you get out of this one?". lt stars me and Tasha Welch, l have it for sale for $45-, autographed! lt is my 1st video that l`m selling! lt`s directed by Slam Duncan. lf you would like to purchase one, send a check or money order to: 8976 Foothill B-7 Suite #401 Cucamonga, CA. 91730 Hope all is well with you! oxox,Stacy

1/21 /99
How is everyone doing today? l hope all is well! l`m doing OK, work is picking up....yeah!!!!! Well, this is what l did this week: l just rented the movie: Sunset Boulevard with William Holder & Gloria Swanson....GREAT movie, l highly recommend it! l bought new exercise videos (kickboxing & Aerobic Boxing)....l`m a little lost, but l`ll get the hang of it....hopefully! l`m also getting back to my bellydancing, l havn`t practiced in a year! l want to get good at it someday! l got to go to the post office today to get the new 33 cent stamp, mine are still the old 32 cent:( l`ve got a lot of plans for my site!!! There are a lot of things l want to add to it, and l will! l think you will like what l have in store for you!....(said th e spider to the fly..he,he.) lf you have any cool ideas for the site, don`t be shy, let me know! You just might see your idea on the site! So, stay tuned; same Stacy channel--same Stacy time! Love you all! oxox,Stacy

Hi everyone! l just got back from Viva Las Vegas! l did not even gamble!
l was there promoting a new site that hired me as a spokesmodel. l t is called Flash Your lt is a site dedicated to flashing. lt will have different girls "Flashing their Rack" including me! l also got to see all the new gadgets that will be in our future! lt was the Computer Electronic Show (CES). lt had the new Plasma TV`s, Palm size computers, car computers, scanner pens, etc,etc,etc. Oh yes, l saw the future!! And it`s kind of cool! l walked from 9am-7pm! My feet were soooo sore, l was literally in tears! l was wearing high heels....meant for looks, not comfort! But it was fun! l love Vegas, l love to walk, and l love new toys!!! l got back Sunday late night, and l slept all of Monday! I`m slowly getting back into the swing of things.
l took a few pictures, you`ll see them on my site someday! Well, go odnight...l`m going back to bed, l`m still a little tired ;o oxox,Stacy

Yes, my site was down for a few days. l am sorry for any inconvenience that it caused! On New Years too:( l am sooo sorry! l changed servers, that is why. lt`s all better now! ln fact it will be a lot better now!!!:) l am in Viva Las Vegas!!! Or is that Viva Lost Wages?! l am there being a spokesmodel for somethi ng new l am doing.l will give you more details soon. Hop efully it will be a good addition to the site! Since l am in Vegas, l won`t be able to answer my e-mail for a while:( l`m going to miss that!) l like to answer my e-mail! lt is fun! l will be back on Monday the 11th of Jan. Then l can tell you the scoop! May this New Year be the Grooviest Year ever!!! Peace & Love to all! oxox,Stacy

That was my New Years Kiss to you! I hope everyone had a wonderful,safe and joyful Holiday Season!! I`m doing ok. l am finally getting over my cold! Work is also picking up, fast (yea!).I just did a shoot for Mr.T, at Shortfuse Productions. The pictures came out soooo cute! Right now l am featured on The Weatherman`s Page. l want to thank them for a really nice time! l enjoyed myself! They are sweet guys!....ooooo, l think l got a cavity from all those sweet words l just said! Oh well, it is all true! l want you to know, that l am listening to all your request. l plan to do most of them. They will be up as soon as l can shoot them. l like all your ideas, l can`t decide with one to do 1st! Well, l`m off to a shoot,l don`t want to be late! You take care, and l`ll talk to you next week!
Peace & Love to All, oxox,Stacy

Hello, Hello, can anyone hear me? My voice is gone! Thank goodness for the keyboard or l would have no voice at all. l have a little cold, don`t worry you can`t catch it from there. Well, it is almost over! It is countdown to the Holidays! l hope you all have a great on e! l`m looking forward to seeing my family and eating all that great food! l hope l don`t give anyone my cold. That is one present l do not want to give to anyone! I have many ideas to add to our web-site! Thanks to all who gave me many great suggestions! On November 1st l did a NBC TV Special called, "Pro-Wrestling`s Greatest Secrets:Exposed!". They are now selling that video through NBC Home Video. The number is:1(800)NBC-4144. l think the video cost $19.95. I played a lady wrestler named Kat. AAACCHHOOOOOO!.....excuse me. l`m going back to bed. l guess l`ll talk to you NEXT YEAR?? Yep, next Friday is the 1st day of 1999! WOW! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah & Happy Kwanza to all!!
Peace & Love,Stacy

How is everyone today? I`m doing ok. Work is a little slow right now because of the holidays. I can`t wait `till it picks up, I love to work! I know, I must be sick, but I do love it !
I have 3 kitty cats that need a good home. Does anyone know of a place I can take them, that they will care for them and find them a good and loving home? Please e-mail me if you have any information about such a place.Thank you!

One of my members sent me a really heartwarming story. I want to share it with you. It`ll be like a little holiday present to you from me. Enjoy!

TO; Stacy
FROM: Mr.Villain
In the days when an ic e cream sundae cost much less, a 10-year old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in front of him "How much is an ice cream sundae?" "Fifty cents," replied the waitress. The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and studied a number of coins in it. "How much is a dish of plain ice cream?" he inquired. Some people were now waiting for a table and the waitress was a bit impatient. "Thirty-five cents," she said brusquely. The little boy again counted the coins. "I'll have the plain ice cream," he said. The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on the table and walked away. The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and departed. When the waitress came back, she began wiping down the table and then swallowed hard at what she saw. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were two nickels and five pennies, her tip.
Peace & Love,Stacy

Hi there, it`s me again! I`ve just finished my holiday shopping!! Yea! I did it all on line! I didn`t have to deal with all the crowds, parking, and long lines at the counter! It also saved me money! You see, if I go to the store, I`ll see things that I like, but do not need and have no room for, and I will purchase them. On line I just buy what I need in less than a half hour!! Yea for computers!!! I just did a photo shoot with Tom Cruise! It`s for the new movie he`s going to make called,"Magnolia". Look for me! I`ll be the blonde having the BAD HAIR DAY (looks like straw!). There was one picture with me, Tom Cruise, and 5 other girls in lingerie in bed! The other picture is us girls in sexy business skirts and blouses at our computers and cell phones and Tom in the middle. I have no idea what the movie is about or when it will be out. They haven`t even started yet, I think. They were all "hush, hush" about everything. So I guess we will all find out together! I`ll talk to you next week! Take care! oxox,Stacy


Hi everyone!!!! Well, I survived my very 1st week here in my web-world! I couldn't have made it here without you! Thank you for all your support and kind words!! You will always be close to my heart, you were there when it all began! You will be the one who gets to see,1st hand, how my web-site will grow and flourish! You were there when my baby (my web-site) was born! You are like god-parents, so to speak! Let me know your ideas, thoughts, and guidance. I will keep adding,expanding, creating and developing all sorts of cool stuff to my/our site!
Well, off I go...I gotta go get my camera!!!( smile....:) Until next week.... Peace & Love,Stacy

Well here I am, I guess I am a web mistre ss. I worked hard to design this page with the help of a web designer and now I'm here in cyberspace. I'll be doing all the chatting on this page and taking all the pictures on my upcoming shoots. I've worked with Jay Edwards, who I want to thank along with Dominic Wol fe for my pictures that are up right now. Also I worked with Lori from Bedroom Bondage as well as a bunch of others. That's when the idea came to me to make my own website. So here I am

Please be patient with me in putting up lots of pictures. In fact if you have any requests you can e-mail them to me. As a member of my fan club I'll do my best to put up what you want to see. Anyways, enjoy the sets that are up now and write to me. I want to get to know each of you.

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