Wednesday, February 16, 2011

02/16/11 Grandma Update to: Protecting My Grandma from the Vultures

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Feb. 16th 2011
: I Brought Grandma 2 White Castle Cheeseburgers, a Cold 32 oz Coors Light Beer, a Dora Table Lamp & A Big Bag full on Ensure Weight Gain Shakes. Grandma was sooo Happy. Her face lit up at the sight of the Cheeseburger & Beer, her Favorite Meal. She ate the whole Burger & Drank the whole 32oz of Beer! She looks & Acts 10years younger!! She Loves her New Friends and goes to all the functions. She Plays Cards, Bingo, watches Movies, eats Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with her New Friends. She brags that she is Never Alone. She tells me how she pretends she is asleep while the nurses come into her room to check on her during the Night. It is so good to see grandma with a pep in her step, a smile on her face, a Giggle in her Laugh and her so full of Life. I love that feeling Grandma is Safe, Healthy & Happy!!!

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