Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the Life of Stacy Burke

6:30am Wake up
Make Tea for Roy, Make Coffee for me
Take Cover off of Fred`s Bird Cage, Feed Fred, Give him Fresh Water, Clean or Fix anything askew in Fred`s Cage.
Turn on TV, usually to Good Day LA
Call Out to my Cats (yes, they come when called), feed them a little bit of wet food in their separate bowls.
Put Away Dishes that I washed the Night Before
Turn on Computer
Refill Pet Water & Food Bowls outside.
Water Plants
Clean Out Catboxes
Dust, Clean whatever needs to be clean right then.
Make up Bed
Brush teeth, Brush Hair, Wash Face.
If Roy needs to go his job site that day, I will make him a Boxed Lunch to take with him.

Check Emails, Website Updates, Zip Photo & Video Files. Do Computer Work.
Exercise: Do Floor Exercises at home then go for a 3mile Jog.

I then Shower & Get Ready.
If I have a Photo Shoot, I get my Shoot Bag ready, get gas & go to shoot.
If I have to go Grocery Shopping, I will try to go before 10am.
I may need to drive Roy to a Client Meeting or to the Doctors.
I may need to shoot Video Content for my Own Sites.
I may go out to Visit & Care for My Grandmother.
I run or do Errands that need to be done.
Roy (my husband) is Legally Blind, he cannot Drive, so I do ALL the Driving.
Fill Out Orders
Deliver Orders

If it is Sunday, I usually go Spend the Day at The Playboy Mansion.
Sundays Usually Roy watches Sports with his Guys at a Local Pub & I go to the Playboy Mansion & Hang with My Girls.

I pay whatever Bills that are Due.Yes, I pay ALL the Household Bills & Roy`s Cell Phone Bill. Roy Only Pays for our Rent & Roy helps out by giving me 30% of our Grocery Bill.

I Clean House: Dust, Vacuum, Clean Windows, Clean Mirrors, Laundry, Wash Car, Take Trash Out, Clean Bird Cages, Clean Food Bowls, Clean Catbox, Mop Floors, Wash Dishes, Etc.

I cook Dinner, Feed Roy, Put the Leftovers Away, Wash Dishes.
I make sure I do whatever needs to be done.
At Sundown I cover Fred`s (our Bird) Cage.
I usually try to go to bed around 10pm

My Monthly Bills that I pay:
Cable TV & Internet
Both Cell Phones (Me & Roy`s)
Car Insurance
Gas in Car
Groceries & Supplies
Car Registration
Electric Bill
P.O. Box
Web Hosting Shipping & Expenses

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Life as The Krazy Kat Saving Lady...oh and Birds, Men, etc....

Back in the 1990`s I was into rescuing Stray Cats & Kittens. I would not go after them. I would either find them, they would be born or live under my Mobile Home or they would 'Mysteriously' be found on my doorstep. I think the neighbors knew I rescued Cats and once in a while I would awake to a box of kittens on my doorstep.
I would keep them until they were old enough to be Spayed or Neutered and get all their shots. I would then place them in a Non-kill shelter or adoption center.
I only allowed myself to only keep 3 cats as my own.....however I would have many at times due to they needed a place to stay and be cared for while they were getting spayed, neutered, shots, etc. I couldn't`t allow them to go outside because the property manager of my mobile home park was a cat hater and would set traps up, then kill them. It was a 'War Zone' for those poor kitties.
During this I kept 3 cats, Johnny, Bear & Kaiko. Kaiko & Bear was born in 1998. Bear, I kept because when she was born, the mother left her for dead. She was left life-less behind after birth. I took the little Kitty and saw that the Pouch/Embryo Bag was stuck to her nose and she wasn`t breathing. I wiped the 'bag' off her nose and blew into her mouth & nose. She all of a sudden started to breath and then I gently placed her back with her mom. Her Mom did not reject her, she took her mom`s nipple and started to feed, all was good.
When the kittens got big enough, I spayed/Neutered them, gave them shots & took them to the Non-kill Shelters/Adoption Centers.
The Only kitten that had a hard time finding a home was Bear, the name I given the Kitten I saved from Birth because of her Tortoise Shell type Fur, she looked like a Bear Cub. Bear grew up fearful of humans, still to this day it is a Chore to touch her. I decided to keep Bear because I knew I would be the only one that would accept her for her being her and allow her to live the way she wanted. She is happy just being with & getting the attention of the other cats.
Another kitten I kept during those years was Kaiko. Kaiko was born 1998. Kaiko was Black and White Female. She was very Pretty and a little dumb, but cute. She was a lot like Odie from Odie & Garfield Comic Strips. Kaiko was very determined, you can never tell kaiko 'No', she will do whatever Kaiko wants to do.
Kaiko was very Vocal. She loved getting pets & love, but hated to be picked up. She did not like being out of control & giving her control to someone else. Kaiko was very odd, but I liked that about her.
Johnny Cat is another Cat I kept. He was Born 1991. He was my Baby Boy. He was more human than any other cat I met. He would Play 'Fetch'. He would sit on my lap like a toddler. He would reach up and hug me with his paws. He loved playing Hide & go Seek with me. He would think he hid very well, but he did not realize that his tail would hang out beneath the curtains or couch. His tail would wag constantly. I would joke & try to hold his tail, but he was so strong that his tail would somehow wag anyway.
When I was very Sick, and I mean I was super Sick (hope to write a blog on that someday), Johnny Cat would always be by my side. Johnny Cat was really my best friend. He was so smart & funny. Johnny was always a sick Cat, he was born sick. I saved his life many times. Doctors were amazed that he came back to life as many times as he did. One doctor called him a Miracle could not explain why Johnny got better.
Once Johnny was in the Hospital on an IV he would not eat. The Doctor told me that she didn`t know what to do, that she could not send him home until he ate something. I went into his cage in the hospital, I looked at Johnny, he looked at me and Meowed. I told him in my Stern Mommy`s Voice, 'If you want to come home, you better eat something, once you eat & poop, the doctor will let you come home!' Johnny looked at me, then walked over to his food and ate the whole bowl of food! The doctor stood there with mouth open amazed!! She said, 'I can`t believe what I just saw, but he is free to go home' . Johnny lived for 5 more years after that. Johnny lived for 16 years total, He was not old. Cats can live for over 20 years, but I am happy for the 16 years I got with Johnny. However I was a mess after his death, I really missed Johnny, He was my Baby Boy! It was Nov. 2nd 2008, Johnny was dying on the Balcony in Convulsions, he would not let go, I knew he was in Pain, He knew we had an agreement that 'he not die until he reached 20 years old'.....but I saw how much pain he was in. I looked at him, held him and told him 'it was okay if he left, I understood', I said 'goodbye Baby Boy, Mommy Loves you'. Once I said that, he took one last gasp & he was gone. I held that little boy & wept soooo hard!!! I still have his ashes on the mantle. He is my Angel!
I really wanted another Baby Boy. A black and White Kitty like Johnny. I search High & low for a month, but no cat was up to my expectations. I was home Crying one night (Dec. 2nd 2008), I got a Photo Text from a friend of Mine (Texted Photo Pictured up top above). It was a photo of a Baby Black and white kitty in a cage. The Text said there is a Boy Black & white kitty for adoption in my vets office. I grabbed my keys & flew out the door. I saw Frankie (I named him Frankie because, one of my Favorite Elvis songs was 'Frankie & Johnny'). I grabbed him, they gave him Flea meds that made him super farty, I paid them my adoption fee and I took him home.
Frankie is sooo much like Johnny it is scary. I love this little Boy so much. He is a Cuddler, Nossiler, Licker, Loving Baby Boy.
I will go onto the Fred the Bird Story Soon that I recued....that is For another Time.
We lost Kaiko on Jan. 27th 2011. It was really tough for us. Roy, my Husband since March 2009, really took it hard. Roy has not had a pet in a really long time, so it has been awhile since he had to deal with the loss of a pet. Kaiko was 'Daddy`s Girl'. Kaiko would give Roy 'High Fives' as seen on YouTube. All our friends loved Kaiko and Kaiko Loved all the attention when people would come over. Frankie only wants Mommy & Daddy, but Kaiko was very social!
Kaiko was Only 13 years old, but she had some health problems. Most of my cats are special Needs cats, mainly respiratory problems. We had to finally take Kaiko to the Vet to put her Down. We really wanted her to die in the comfort of her own home around her family, but Kaiko was just to strong willed, even to the end, not to let go, even though she was to sick to save.
It is very hard to say good bye to a loved one, animal, human or whatever. Sometimes you feel guilt thinking maybe there was a way to save them, but in the end, we all do what we can. The best thing is to make Life as great & loving as we can while we are here & have life to give!!
oxoxo, Stacy
Video of our Kaiko Kitty, giving daddy 'High 5`s' R.I.P our 13yr old Baby Girl!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures

Jan. 2nd 2011
I am fighting Vultures right now. My 90 year old grandma is very sick and a few so-called family Members are circling over her head with their Claws out. They have already stolen things from her house while she has been sick, they have forced her into her bank and tried to make her sign over her will, as well as many other sickening antics.

1st let me set up the story. It is sort of a long story, but I will try to break it down for you. My Grandma & Grandpa raised me ever since I was 2years Old. They are my Father`s Parents. My Mom & Dad divorced before I was 2years old. My Dad is an evil criminal and a Woman & Child abuser. My Dad was married before, had 2 boys. He left his 1st wife because she gave him 2 boys. He told my Mom if I was a born a boy that he would leave. She left anyway due to his abusive nature. My Mom had some problems, so my grandparents stepped in and took care of me. Later, my mom offered to take me back, but I decided to stay with my grandparents. My Mom would take me during the summers, she would spend every other weekend with me and she bought me braces and whatever else I needed. She did the best she could and I love and respect her for that.
My Dad re-married soon after the divorce from my mother. Luckily his Now wife had a baby Girl, however 2years after she was born, he got another Son. He was not happy, however this wife did not leave him despite the severe abuse that she & their son took.
I can write a book about the abuse & criminal activity of my father. Actually his 3 sons could write a better book. I was lucky that I was born a girl and was taken away from my father. I only know about it, I was never a victim of it, at least from my memory.
My grandparents, my father`s parents took care of me my whole life. They raised me.
Like I said earlier, My mom did what she could. I spent Every Summer with her as every other weekend. My Mom would also take care of me, buy my braces and whatever I needed with the limited income she had. My Dad who is mega rich due to his criminal ways did not spend a dime on raising me. It was all on my grandparents & Mom. My Dad would promise to give something to his parents, my Grandparents who raised me, but he broke every promise. My Dad would love to brag about his wealth. He would come around only to show off his new Corvette, Jaguar, Cadillac or Rolls Royce.
My Grandfather & Mom died in the early 1990`s. My Grandma was Alone. She & my grandfather were married really young, back in 1935. She was 15 & he was 19 years old. They were married over 50 years. They were so in love. I Only saw them fight once and that one time was nothing. They had the best marriage. I may have had a frugal Strict life, but it was loving, Nurturing, solid and good. I was very lucky to have them in my life.
My grandmother never learned to drive. Grandpa, her husband was her life. It took her a long time to adjust being alone. We were worried about grandma for awhile. My grandmother is very strong. After awhile, she started a friendship with the other widows in the neighborhood. They would all come to grandma`s house for Coffee, Snacks & to gossip. They would take her out to church, shopping or out to eat.
Grandma used to always cook from scratch and wear old clothes, even though she had a closet full of new clothes. When Grandpa died, she pierced her ears, she started wearing her new clothes, she stopped cooking from scratch, she started buying & eating frozen food. She loved going out to restaurants with her friends.
After a few years, a lot of her widow friends started to die off, only a few remain. The ones that do still come around are getting to old to drive my grandma anywhere. My Aunt (my grandmother`s 1st born) and her Husband (my Uncle), who live close by, now drives grandma to go grocery shopping, out to eat, to the doctors, does household chores for her, cares for her or whatever needs to be done. My Aunt & Uncle have been doing this more and more as years go by ever since my Grandfather Passed. My Grandmother has 3 children, however her 1st born is the only one who stepped up to the plate and took care of grandma even though they have medical issues of their own. I guess it helps that they live close by and grandma does not like to be away from her house or far from it at all.
My Grandmother is now over 90years old. She is getting more frail. The Doctor gives her pain killers that really affect her. My grandma is losing a lot of weight and she has a low tolerance to any drug, so she gets fuzzy under medication and it scares her. She is also getting sick more. Right now at this moment she is really sick. My grandma is staying at my Aunt & Uncle`s house, they are caring for her. My Cousin (My Aunt`s Daughter) from Texas is here visiting and helping take care of grandma right now. I am going to take time off and go down there and help out & stay with grandma as well.
As time goes on I am finding out some family drama that is going on. It seems that there a few Family Members that are Vultures, hovering over Grandma with their Claws Out. Things are 'disappearing' from Grandma`s house. Mail is disappearing from Grandma`s house while she is sick & staying at Aunt & Uncles house.
The worst thing I have found out is that a few months ago when my grandmother was not so sick, My Dad, His Wife and My Other Aunt (my grandmother`s youngest born) told my grandmother that they were going to take her to lunch. Instead they took her to the bank and demanded to see grandma`s will. For some reason they think that Grandma is giving her money to other family members besides them, which is not the case, but that is what they think because they feel it 'suspicious' that my Aunt & Uncle help grandma out so much. My Grandma was very confused why they took her to the bank. They caused such a ruckus that the bank had to throw them out.
Somehow during this whole incident at the bank, They got to see her will and they somehow got their name on her account. The way we found this out is that The Bank Manager thought this was suspicious and called my Aunt & Uncle about it. My Aunt & Uncle are usually the ones who drive her everywhere, so the bank knows that they are the true care givers to grandma. It took about $25,000 to clear things up and get grandma`s account back to the way it was. I am still unclear why it took so much money to correct grandma`s bank account, but that is what they said.
I am so mad at my Dad, his wife & my Other Aunt. How dare they scare grandma like that. How dare they force her to open her Bank account. How dare they even ask about her will!!! That Money is grandma`s money, Grandpa earned that money and gave it to grandma, it is her money to do what she wants with it. She can give all her money to her dead cat that is buried in her back yard as far as I'm concerned, I am beyond pissed off!!
When the bank account got changed back in the care of grandma by my Aunt & Uncle who is caring for her, my Dad & Other Aunt was upset. My Dad was so upset that he went to visit my grandmother, but not to see her. He demanded that she write him a Check for $8000- to pay him back for some home improvement he did for her years ago. What the nerve he has!!! He just did that to so he can get money out of her, his own mother, how shame full!!
There is so much more to the story that I have not mentioned, wow, soooo much more.....and it is not over yet, so the story continues. However my Cousin from Texas is here visiting & caring for grandma at my Aunt & Uncle`s house. I was there on New years Day and I will be there on Tuesday as well as any other day they need me. Me and my cousin are going to go by Grandma`s house and check on it. We are on patrol. No way am I going to let anyone take advantage of my grandmother!!!

Jan. 12th 2011
Grandma is well enough 2leave the rehabilitation Center -not good 4her 2be around all that sickness @ 90yrs old.
Grandma cannot go live alone @ home with Broken Back, Alzheimer's, dementia, mixing up her medicine, etc-so we found a great place for her
the place she`s going, she gets her own apt. outside has a restaurant, kitchen that makes fresh cookies, everything is homemade & Living Room, Fireplace & Activities, they even have Wii
they make sure she gets her meds on time, they make sure she is clean, her teeth get cleaned, they keep her busy w/activities, the place smells good
in the main room all the people living there were dressed nice, active and all playing the Wi bowling. They have a Backyard with Picnic Tables, Grass & a BBQ - So when we visit her, we can BBQ for her if we wanted to -When I'm 90yrs old I wanna live there!

We are going to Slowly Move her stuff in her new Place. We know she will have a fit if she thought she was staying there. She really wants to go back home, but she cannot live alone any more. We entertained the idea of having someone move in with Grandma, but she needs a place that will give her Full Medical attention if Needed at anytime.
We also are afraid of the Vulture side of the family moving in with grandma just in an attempt to steal grandma`s house.
It will be difficult to break the news to grandma that she will not be able to live alone at home anymore.
All During this My Husband Roy, felt abandoned and Threatened me with Divorced, he Even put a Deposit on an Apartment for Himself, saying he was leaving by the 1st of Next Month!!! I was Like WTF??? I talked him into staying & try Marriage Counseling before he makes such a Rash Decision - he Agreed.
More to Come....Stay Tuned.

Jan. 25th 2011
2day= Up at 6:30am like always....Make Coffee, Feed Animals, Make Breakfast, Dishes, Clean, Make Beds, Pay Bills, Computer Work, Exercise, Beach Jog...etc...then......
Drove an hour to Visit my Grandma, Drove Home, Picked up Roy and went 2our 1st Couple Therapy Session - it went Pretty Good, Looking 4ward 2Next Session!
My 13yr Old Girl Kitty Cat Kaiko is Very Sick, Might Die Soon. Roy cannot Handle taking her to the Vet because we know that the Vet will probably 'Put her Down'. She is not in Pain, we both think that it might be best to make her as comfortable as possible and let her die with the love & attention from her family.
Grandma Update: How interesting that Grandma`s Expensive earrings go missing on Friday, the same day that my Evil Vulture Grave Digging Aunt went 2go visit her......ummmmmm
Grandma just cannot have anything Expensive right now.....but no worries, My Grandma will not go Bare without Bling.....I`m gonna buy Grandma some of the Best Looking Costume Jewelery that this Avon Lady (aka: ME) can Buy!!

Jan. 26th 2011

*Evil Aunt Grand Daughter Emailed Me this: I agree. A lot of people are saying things on both sides but you don't see us plastering all over Facebook the evil things we've heard. We are a family and we really should be overcoming this petty he said/ she said bullshit for the sake of Grandma Mary's health. That's the important thing isn't it? Family and health.

Ladies & Gents, Those were the grand kids from my Evil Aunt - I am not Mad at them, they are Believing & Defending what she is telling them, I am sorry you had to be a witness to Back to Scheduled Programming!!!!

To bad that they are just 'Hearing' what is going on and Not going to visit Grandma & see for I do 3-4 times a week....after all, one lives closer to Grandma than I do....but Like I said.....they are just defending the 'WORDS' Of Their Grandma aka: My Evil Aunt.....I cannot get mad at them.....I would do the same......but then again....NOT.....I would go Visit & see if the Words Matched the Actions myself

Jan. 28th:
I went to see Grandma yesterday. I bought & brought her More Supplies for her room. Paper Towels, Paper Towel Holder, Menthol Gel for her Nose, Stuffed Animals to tie down Help/Nurse Strings, Calendars, Lotion, Trash Cans, Trash Bags, Shoes, Pants, Photos, Frames, Deodorant, Lip Balm, Snacks, Etc.

I finally asked her what really happened to her Earrings. Grandma admitted that she gave them to my Evil Aunt. My Grandma said she didn`t want to get hit on the head for her Earrings.
It seems that Grandma thinks someone will hurt her & Steal them. Grandma is coming up with a lot of weird fears lately. I found out that my Evil Aunt/Her Youngest daughter calls her every day and tells her Grand Stories that seem to scare Grandma.
I tried to give grandma some good looking costume Jewelry but grandma refused, stating that she might get hurt because they will 'think' her jewelry is real.
Grandma also commented that if she is paying so much for that living asst place, she might as well pay us grand kids to live with her. My Grandma also says she is scared of the strange man that comes into her room at night. That 'Strange Man' is the male Night Nurse, who checks on all the residents on a nightly bases. I had to re-assure grandma that a male or female nurse is a good thing, they are there to make sure you are okay, it is their job. Grandma is not getting these stories from us, she MUST be getting these wild scary stories from my Evil Aunt. I really want to replace the 'A' in Aunt to the Letter 'C' for this Aunt!!

Grandma`s Good Girlfriend of over 40 years has been visiting Grandma. It is so cute to see them together, they really are ornery together, I love it! However, What is sad is that my Evil Aunt has been calling Grandma`s closest Friend of 40 years and now Grandma`s friend is rude to us when ever we are around and talks highly of my Evil Aunt to grandma. It looks like my evil Aunt got her claws into my Grandma`s friend and Grandma`s Friend is Believing the 'Words' that my Evil Aunt is telling her though the Phone. *Sigh*
I am really getting tired of people believing WORDS instead of coming around and looking at everyone`s action and who is REALLY doing what. My Biggest pet-peeve is when Actions do not Match the Words!!!

Jan. 30 2011
My Good Aunt & Uncle is on top of things. In fact, they are...I forget the correct word....but I think it is Executive Guardians? The Evil Aunt already got her attorney grandson to issue papers to my good aunt & uncle trying to sue for petty things, but My Good Aunt & Uncle assures me that there is no way that the Evil Aunt can win anything. So that is why this Evil Aunt likes to talk smack, tell grandma/her mom wild stories to make grandma feel 'sorry' for her, so Grandma gives her stuff. What is sad is a few of the family members & Grandma`s best friend of over 40yrs are believing the lies that the Evil Aunt is spewing and helping her out by telling grandma stuff like that she is going home, that is cost a lot of money for her being at this asst. living place, that strange men come into her room, that she will get hit on head if she wears anything nice & other Stories that grandma Believes & making it harder for us to care for Grandma......because we have to tell & try to convince grandma that those stories are untrue.

Feb. 3rd 2011
: Grandma BACK in hospital. She is internally Bleeding & the doctors do not know why. They are Running Test & Giving Grandma a Blood Transfusion today.
It is a waiting game right now. I will try to post more information as I get it.
Thank you all 4the Well Wishes. Grandma had the Blood Transfusion yesterday & is now going in to have a Colonoscopy today.

Feb. 4th 2011:
Good News: Doctor said Grandma is Okay. Colonoscopy was clear. She just have some abrasions & needs to eat more Fiber. Looks like maybe the Plavix she was taking was causing the Bleeding. The Doctors took her off that Med & Now she is on the Mend!

Feb. 16th 2011: I Brought Grandma 2 White Castle Cheeseburgers, a Cold 32 oz Coors Light Beer, a Dora Table Lamp & A Big Bag full on Ensure Weight Gain Shakes. Grandma was sooo Happy. Her face lit up at the sight of the Cheeseburger & Beer, her Favorite Meal. She ate the whole Burger & Drank the whole 32oz of Beer! She looks & Acts 10years younger!! She Loves her New Friends and goes to all the functions. She Plays Cards, Bingo, watches Movies, eats Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with her New Friends. She brags that she is Never Alone. She tells me how she pretends she is asleep while the nurses come into her room to check on her during the Night. It is so good to see grandma with a pep in her step, a smile on her face, a Giggle in her Laugh and her so full of Life. I love that feeling Grandma is Safe, Healthy & Happy!!!

March 29th 2011: I have been going to Visit my Grandma Every Tuesday. I always bring her a Cheeseburger, a Beer & Other Treats. Peeps are her Favorite Treat, so since it is Easter season, I have Been bringing her a Lot of Peeps - She Loves Them so Much, She eats 2 Packages in One sitting!!
I also bring Photos & stuff to decorate her Room. I do not try to bring to much because she always Asks why am I bring more stuff in her Room. She Says she is going home soon & she doesn`t want people to take her stuff. I reassure her that No one will take anything, that if she moves, I will take everything to her & if anyone takes anything, that is okay because I will replace it for her.
She always says things are missing from her room - but after a few minutes going through her room - I find everything & Put it back where it belongs - I think she moves them & forgets where she put things. However there were a few Photos missing that I could NOT find - No Worries, I have Copies & will Re-post Next Week. I also noticed that a Few Family Members still need to be added to her Photo Wall, so Next week I will bring and put them up for her.
Sometimes she thinks she is still going to be going back home to live alone, but that unfortunately wont be the case. However the good news is that she is saying she is going home less and less. She is starting to talk about the ladies that live there and how much fun they have! They keep her Very busy there. They have Wii Bowling, Bingo, Church Services, Card Games, Movie Nights, etc. They Serve Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in their Little Restaurant area. They also have a Patio area outside with a Grill. Now that the weather is getting better, I might try to plan a BBQ Lunch with her outside!

Update: Feb. 2012

UPDATE: Grandma in hospital again -Not good -family flying in -Picking out dress & caskets -I was supposed to Shoot 2day -trying Not 2think about it -but it`s tough.
My Grandmother Raised me - so she was like a Mother to me as well as my best friend.
Grandma having hard time breathing -doesn`t want life support -she refuses 2eat -she is trying 2stave herself -says she wants 2die.
I have full make-up on because I was going 2shoot 2day -in a Funk -just sitting here waiting 4updates -eating Combo`s snack crackers.
l should do something -but I don`t wanna do anything but go back 2bed -but l better snap out of this & be productive somehow.

All the while my Evil Aunt (my grandmother`s youngest daughter), the Vulture is hovering, I am trying to ignore it for Grandma`s sake. It will be difficult during the funeral. I know that evil Aunt will find a way to make it all about her. I can see it now, her blubbering, sobbing, hysterically crying, making a scene in a sad attempt to bring the attention and sympathy towards her.

I will post updates here in this post, so keep checking.

Tuesday Feb. 21st 2012:
I called my Cousin who was at Hospital today. My Grandmother is eating and getting up on her own! Yesterday, News of my Grandma was Very Grim -2day the News is Very Good -this is not the 1st time - Both my Grandma & Hubby share this trait!
On a Superficial Brighter Note: Making my Hubby Hot Sausage Gumbo in the Spirit of Fat Tuesday - Happy Mardi Gras!

UPDATE: Feb. 23rd 2012: My Grandmother is doing better - She is out of hospital and in nurses care at her Asst. Living Home - My Cousin from Texas flew in and is Watching Over Her right Now.