Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Batman - Woman!!

I Bought Hubby a Batman Onsie at Target on Wednesday after my shoot - grabbed one on hanger marked 'Large' -but when I got home -realized it was a medium -thought no biggy since hubby made fun of them earlier in week, so I thought he didn`t care  -but soon realized that he really liked it/wanted it and was bummed it was wrong size - so I went back to Target today - on Black Friday, in the rain to exchange it - Only 1 large left - yessss - exchanged it no problem - smile on his face worth it - got today off work cause I had an event to go to - but enjoying the day.....home......watching Holiday Movies in my PJ`s......drinking spiked egg nog - Roy going to concert later - I may just stay home and be a Holiday Bum....ahhh yessssss!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wine-Down - Shooting for Cuel Video tomorrow

Spent Waaaay to much at Grocery Store ($180-) - like always -oh well -just got home from a Busy day at work -Made Dinner for me and Hubby -Flank Steak PinWheels & Baked Potatoes -yumm -now for a glass of wine to help me 'wine-down' ;-P
 I got a Busy day tomorrow - Shooting a Custom Video with Francesca Le for Cuel Video. I will post the Script @

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dark Wednesday

Hubby works from home all day on his computer...he is on an important client editing hair wet from shower.....I still need to blow dry it and get ready for work....Electrician knocks on our door...tells us they need to replace pole by our building...that we will be without power for the next 4hrs starting advance warning Urggggg!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am Wild over Oscar Wilde -wait- Who is Oscar Wilde?

Hubby in San Fran on business - I am home alone watching Parks and Recs on TV, Drinking Wine, eating Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Raisins on Crackers.....and googling Oscar Wilde.......ok....l maybe late on this....prolly was taught in school about him.....prolly watched a few films.....but learning about him as if l never heard of him before.....l am in loooove with him so far.......what is his story? l must watch a movie about him.......l am fascinated by him......l am a 'smitten-kitten' ....l want to know all about him....NOW!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agent of Wine & Video Editing

Hubby watching the TV Show 'Agents of Shield' with Evil Vic -then they are going to see the new Thor Movie --- Me? I just got off work, drinking wine and editing 4 episodes of 'Roy`s 5 minutes of Metal' for Roy`s New YouTube Show @ in the 'Vote4Roy' Playlist