Friday, August 30, 2013

No Knee, No Guts, No Glory! The Sick leading the Sick

Roy`s knee surgery went well - however, he is in a lot of pain -he is now resting at home using the 'Ice Machine' on his leg - which is this machine that compresses cold air around Roy`s knee to help the healing - Thank you Vic for helping him home and waiting with him until l came home from my shoot! Roy requested Fried chicken, mash potatoes, biscuits & cole slaw for dinner - so I grabbed some on the way home from my shoot on Thursday. 
 However Later that Night......
Oh, what a pair me and my Hubby Roy make - he is really bad pain after knee surgery - and I spent the whole night puking my guts out - dunno if this cold turned into a bad stomach bug or yet again, I got food poisoning - I did not sleep at all - my stomach bloated up huge - it was in major pain - took ant-acids, pepto besmo, water.......all I did was toss and turn in major pain and spent the night on the bathroom floor puking my guts out with the TV on for my Only comfort - I really don`t think I can eat again - Every time a food commercial would come on, it would make me feel nauseous and I would puke some more - not liking this - but here we are - both of us in this house - both miserable sick - trying to help each other - I am trying to get today off from work - but it is not looking good - in fact I may have to go in EARLY - WTF?!! Oh but wait......the New girl finally text me back - she had plans, but will adjust them and work for me - Hooray!! Ok, Hubby calling out for me.....I better wattle over, go and see what he needs........Talk to y`all later - Have a Great weekend!! 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nasty Cold - Shooting w/ Anton Video & Roy is having Knee Surgery

This Cold is a REAL Nasty one - wont go into the Gory details - but it was enough to have me call off work today - I NEVER DO THAT - good thing we Finally have good trained help now - but I had to - l need to be on point 2mrw - Tomorrow is a BIG DAY - Taking Hubby in to have his knee Surgery in the morning - then Driving to the Valley to shoot with Anton Video  - Then picking up Hubby and being his personal nurse along with my other jobs - It will be nice to have Roy finally on the road to recovery!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Belmont Babe & Comic Roy - Local Crime Fighters

Last night, after I got off work, Roy and I went for a walk though our neighborhood for their Street Fest (Neighborhood Restaurants serving samples of their food, Raffles, Vendors, Family Fun Event)......we saw guy getting ass kicked bad ......woman and man pushed guy over bus bench, he fell, hit head on ground....then while he was on ground they both slammed his head on sidewalk. ...she was standing on his neck and kicking his head into ground with other foot....her guy was throwing major fist punches to victims head....then guy threw victims shoes and phone onto traffic.....hit a car....almost caused hubby Roy walked towards them....they started coming towards us....I made Roy stop...he took pix....I called 911...Roy followed them down an alley and l stayed on phone with 911 until cops came......we filled police report....cops found the couple...found knife on her.....we had to wait to identify was them.....hope they never come back here again.....victim should be ok....he was badly hurt......bloody all over, especially his head and nose.....but still very drunk and refused to go to hospital. ....sad cause all in front of his little daughter and stunned wife! l heard victim was a bit of an asshole before getting beat -being obnoxious - but can`t condemn him for that as we all get out of hand sometimes - he Still didn`t deserve what he got. That Couple was pure Trouble - someone that I do NOT want in MY Neighborhood!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Home from Fetishcon 2013

Just got home from FetishCon - Waaay to much Fun - goes waay to fast!! To much to tell you - but exhausted right now. Flew all day Monday August 19th (connecting flights between Florida & California) - just got home.....dropped off bags......ran errands.....went grocery shopping......made dinner for hubby & house sitter (thanks Reg!).......cleaned checking emails......I still need to un pack, clean house, do laundry and get ready for work well as pack picnic basket for Movies on the beach after work tomorrow. I am posting New YouTube Video Vlogs about my FetishCon adventures......check them out at