Friday, August 30, 2013

No Knee, No Guts, No Glory! The Sick leading the Sick

Roy`s knee surgery went well - however, he is in a lot of pain -he is now resting at home using the 'Ice Machine' on his leg - which is this machine that compresses cold air around Roy`s knee to help the healing - Thank you Vic for helping him home and waiting with him until l came home from my shoot! Roy requested Fried chicken, mash potatoes, biscuits & cole slaw for dinner - so I grabbed some on the way home from my shoot on Thursday. 
 However Later that Night......
Oh, what a pair me and my Hubby Roy make - he is really bad pain after knee surgery - and I spent the whole night puking my guts out - dunno if this cold turned into a bad stomach bug or yet again, I got food poisoning - I did not sleep at all - my stomach bloated up huge - it was in major pain - took ant-acids, pepto besmo, water.......all I did was toss and turn in major pain and spent the night on the bathroom floor puking my guts out with the TV on for my Only comfort - I really don`t think I can eat again - Every time a food commercial would come on, it would make me feel nauseous and I would puke some more - not liking this - but here we are - both of us in this house - both miserable sick - trying to help each other - I am trying to get today off from work - but it is not looking good - in fact I may have to go in EARLY - WTF?!! Oh but wait......the New girl finally text me back - she had plans, but will adjust them and work for me - Hooray!! Ok, Hubby calling out for me.....I better wattle over, go and see what he needs........Talk to y`all later - Have a Great weekend!! 

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