Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My Friend & I were sitting having cocktails at Descanso Beach Club in Catalina - this Lady next to us just put down her plate of food of Salad & a HUGE Fresh Kabob of Fish, Steak & Veggies - when all of a sudden a Seagull came flying down, landed right next to us - on table - next to the lady`s plate of food - I thought the bird was just going for the salad - Ohhh nooo - that seagull took that HEAVY skewer with the stick in his mouth and Flew away with it in his beak across the Pacific Ocean without dropping it or any piece of it - it was the Funniest thing - I wish I caught it on Video - until then - here is a Photo-Shopped re-enactment - 'HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BIRD? LOL!!