Monday, May 19, 2014

if you drive fast on my street -l will take a bat to your car!

crying my eyes out - saw a dead cat that was run over on my street - which means it was one of our neighbors cat- who the fuck drives that fast down our little tiny street? Fucking dick heads -l will take a bat to a car that drives that fast down our street -motherfuckers!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Solo Stay-cation

Today has been a wonderful 'Stay-cation' - Roy is in Ohio for Rock on the Range festival - l was gonna go out & do something - then l decided - wait -NO -l ALWAYS gotta go here and gotta go there EVERY friggin day -l think today l am not going to leave the house -not take off my PJ`s - eat crap -and just do nonsense stuff -like do my nails, dye my hair, watch stupid 'chick flicks' on Netflix -and drink the whole bottle of wine - BY MYSELF - all l gotta say is.......BEST DATE EVER!!!