Saturday, December 27, 2014

15 hours straight on Couch!

WOW - I spent 15 hours straight on the couch - must be a record!! I laid down on couch after work yesterday - took nap - awoke to watch a bit on TV with the hubby - fell asleep again - awoke at 3am - Frankie my cat all nozzled next to me, to cute to disturb him - so l stayed on couch - slept some more only to awaken at 8am by the bright sun shinning in my eyes - ok - up l go - stiff as hec - but up - HAPPY SATURDAY!!
 (photo of hubby and Frankie on couch)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Drinking Spiked Egg Nog in my PJ`s watching Holiday Movies!

what am l doing on my day off on this beautiful Saturday before the boat parade 2night, you might ask?? Watching Christmas movies back to back - drinking spiked egg nog in my PJ`s - that`s what!!

l almost electrocuted myself!!

as my upstairs neighbor was washing down his balcony above mine - water pouring on open electrical socket of extension cord - so l went to cover it with plastic - while doing so l twisted the plug with my bare hand to turn plug down - as l did this my finger squeezed the socked - all of a sudden l got a big twingy ZAP!! Yep, l almost fried my finger - l quickly covered the plug and walked away - asking my hubby - hey, l think l almost electrocuted myself!! LOL!!

Prayers to save my hubby`s last good eye!

ok - as you know l am not into prayers - l am not a religious person - HOWEVER - my hubby Roy- has one eye - he was once completely blind 20yrs ago - but regained sight in one eye - -- and is now having problems with his ONLY one good eye.....which was not good in the 1st place - so prayers are much welcomed....he is VERY SCARED that he is going blind in his last good eye.
 His Eye doctor cannot see him until next week - but phoned in a prescription for special eye drops to help Roy with the pain, irritation, watering and blurred vision - today is a new day - so hoping he is at least pain free today! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December is Kicking My Ass & it is Only 6 days in!

Well, December is still Kicking my ass and it is Only 6 days in!
 Last week after I spent all my money on Christmas gifts, feeling all good about getting things done early, all presents wrapped under tree - I sat down to answer emails - but it would not turn on- my computer fried, dead, gone!! I went to see if I could get it fixed, nope, it is toast! I bought a new $600- laptop, great Black Friday Price however - I really could not afford it after my Christmas shopping! Took it home, installed the software they gave me, only to get a Trojan virus 1st hour - WTF?? took it back and had to pay an extra $30- and wait 2 hours to have it fixed - and wasted my whole Saturday!! 
 This week, I was charged $200- for my blood work for my 1st doctor appointment in 20 years - and yes, that IS With insurance - no biggie - until they called me for my results - they just told me basic female hormone info that I already knew - I asked them, what about my cholesterol, blood cell count, Hemoglobin, know......basic blood work info??? They said they are a Complete Woman Care Center...they just look for female issues. WTF?? I thought the word 'Complete' meant just that - I guess not! I just wasted my time and money with that place - now I gotta start all over looking for a 'General' Practitioner. Sheesh - this is one of the MANY reasons I do not have or go to doctors - you gotta spend a lot of time and money to find a good one - lesson learned!! 
 Yesterday after work I had to deposit money via ATM - I walked away, only to discover I didn`t have my ATM Card. I went back to machine, I looked at ground, I looked in my purse, in my wallet - No ATM card! Did someone grab it from ATM slot? Did it fall and someone took it? Did the ATM machine suck it back in, in which case, it would be shredded? I hope the later is true! I proceeded to go into Bank and get a temporary card while I wait for my New Business ATM Card. In the meantime, checking my Bank account daily to make sure no one did take my card and attempts to use it. I can`t believe I did that - my mind must have been somewhere else.
 Then after all that....I walk in my home - Hubby all upset - he just opened his clean laundry that I did for him the day before and he is missing 2 of his brand new pants he bought. He caught me off guard, my mind still on my missing ATM card and $200- on bogus Doctor visits - I tell him l have no idea about any missing pants - but he is not buying my excuses or defense, he is upset....which after my day.....makes me upset. 15 grueling minutes later, he finds his 'missing' pants in his drawer. I might have put them in the drawer, but forgotten. You think he would be relieved, but no, he is just pissed that I put them away.
During all this.....I was suppose to be on my way to a Photo Shoot - but the time at the bank handling my missing ATM card & dealing with my irate husband yelling at me for his missing pants, made me more then just a little late for my shoot.......not to mention it was a Friday, after 2pm, during the holidays, traffic sucks and now my make-up was all cried off and my face was all red and swollen from crying. Yes, I had to cancel my shoot, which meant me losing more money!!
 Damn.....can`t wait what else December has in store for me!!