Friday, February 4, 2011

Me Soo Hungry

The Weekend before Christmas 2010, My Husband and I wanted to look at the Naples Island Christmas Lights. It was a very Heavy Rain Storm, but that did not stop us, we bundled up and went for a long cold wet but beautiful walk.
Our clothes were not as waterproof as we thought. After our 2hour walk, we were soaked, cold to the bone & Hungry. We decided to Walk to 2nd street & Find a Place warm to eat. I said to my husband, I wish there was a Place that we could eat that had a Fire Place so I can hang my Jacket, Gloves, Boots & Scarves to dry and we can eat by so we can get warm. 2nd street was very empty of people due to the rain storm. We came upon Me Soo Hungry, a New Chinese Restaurant that Opened up in our Neighborhood. We have been waiting for them to open because we wanted to try them out. Belmont Shore was in Need of a New Good Chinese Food Place!
When we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised that right there in front was a Fire Place!! I quickly hung my wet items by the fireplace and sat at the table in front of it. We were greeted by a really friendly & helpful man. He introduced himself as the Boyfriend of the Owner & Chef. He said that this night was supposed to be their Grand Opening, billed with Dragon Dancers, but due to the rain, they had to Postpone it. He explained that his girlfriend was trying out new dishes and if it was okay if she let us taste a few. We were happy to say yes.
The food was wonderful! The waiter would come out as well as his girlfriend/Owner/Chef to get our opinion on the samples we tasted. The service was above exceptional, the food was unique, fun and extremely tasty! The decor was Artful, warm and very inviting! We hope Me Soo Hungry is here to Stay. We cannot wait to go there again! If you are ever in the area, and if you are Soo Hungry, give it a try!

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