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6/23/2000 - 7/28/2000 - Blast from The Past - Stacy`s Diary

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lt`s my Grandmother`s 80th Birthday on August 1st. We are having a party for her on Saturday. One of my cousin`s from Texas is coming out as well.....l can`t wait! l love my Grandma soooooooo much!!!!!! :-) l bought her one of those singing fish that hang on the wall. l bought one for myself as well...l love`s set on motion detection mode. l hope she likes it. l never know what to get her...she has everything. The fish, l hope, will make her smile. ----------------------------------- ComicCon went great. l got a lot of ideas for future conventions, met a lot of cool people, saw Lloyd Kaufman of Troma and bought a lot of cool artwork. lt was beautiful in San Diego last weekend. The hotel was too nice to leave to go to the convention. l`ll have to go back to stay there when l have time to enjoy it more. ------------------------------------------------- l have some bad news for you....Veronica Blue passed away last month. She is in my 'Friends' section. She was in a auto accident...l don`t know the details. lt`s a shame, she was soooo young and was just starting out. l still cannot believe it. --------------------------------------------------- l`m thinking about doing something behind the camera as well as in front of it. l want to do a show. l want to interview fetish models, surfers, skateboarders, bellydancers, actors, singers, bands, b-movie producers,snake charmers etc, etc. l`m looking into it. What do you think.....does that sound like something you would watch? l would have guests, go on location, interviews, contests, and stuff like that. --------------------------------------------- l`m sooooo full, l just got done eating half of a medium pizza! l ate the 1st half last night, now l got home from work and ate the other half in less than 15 minutes! And you thought models don`t eat, HA! l even had chocolate pudding with whipped cream for desert....oh l know how to party, or what? :-) oxox,Stacy

l just got done filming the movie 'Pretty Cool' which is part of the famous Emmanuelle Series. l play a cheerleader named Samantha. l have a small part in a 'classroom' scene and l have a big part in the 'shower scene', with lines and everything :-) Then l am one of many bikini girls in the 'pool scene' and l posed with the whole cast for the movie poster. The director wants me for another scene that he will be filming on Friday, but l told him l cannot do that. l have to be at ComicCon in San Diego. l don`t know what he is going to do. He really needs me to be there on Friday. You see Directors film scenes out of sequence and he needs to film me doing a cheer with the other cheerleaders that leads into the other scenes that we already he kind-of has a problem. l just hope he does not cut me out of that scene that he already filmed just because he can`t film me in the 'set up scene'. But oh well, that`s out of my control. l wish l could film on Friday, but l can`t miss another day from ComicCon. l was suppost to be there from Thursday-Sunday, but since the movie took a lot of my time, l can`t make it for Thursday :-(

l`m looking forward to ComicCon. l had fun last year, l played 'The Blonde' and was with the Creator, Franco Saudelli, while he was signing autographs. That was soooo cool!! This time l will be at the SHIB and The SuperHeroine Central Booth as well as the Troma Booth. l will be in a superheroine outfit, maybe Super Stacy, maybe Flag Girl......who knows ;-) l will be giving away keychains, pens and l`ll be selling autographed illustrations of me as Daisy Chain signed by me and the legendary George Perez of DC Comics! He is soooo cool!

My poor web-master. l just dropped off new pix for my site. You should have seen his face when he saw the 2 big heavy bags that l dropped heavily on his desk. l dropped them off last week and he is still scanning them as we speak! l kind of went photo crazy this month! l think you will be in for a surprise! They are better quality, better resolution, some are way more 'sexier' than the pix from the past, l`m more naked in them, and l let my hair down and 'get loose' in many of them ;-) l think l`m finally getting 'in-touch' with my womanly side. l`m so use to being a 'girly' type. You know, that innocent, wide-eyed, slightly dingy, damsel in distress type. Now l`m noticing in my most recent of pictures, only lately....l`ve been acting more like the sex-kitten, woman in charge wild cat type. lt might be because of my new hair cut. For those that have not seen it (you can see it when l`m in my live chats), l cut it just below the shoulders, feathered it like the Farah Fawset when she was in 'Charlies Angels' and died the ends of it an expresso coffee color, like Debra Harry of Blondie. l, lately, have been putting a flower in my hair, on one side, like that actress in the old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies, for some reason her name escapes me. lt feels like l went from being Goldie Hawn to being Rachel Welch or Sophia Loren........GGRRRRRRRRR! ;-) oxox,Stacy

Hi Everyone! l`m writing this being very tired. l just got home from doing my live chats....traffic was at your normal slow pace. Now l put on my comfy shorts and men`s t-shirt, just had some apple/cinnamon rice cakes with melted fat free cheddar cheese on it.....yummy dinner, huh? Actually, they are really good...l could keep eating them `till l bust a gut. l have weird taste in food, l actually love diet food.....ummmmmm;-p --------------------------------------------------------- l finally got in touch with my little brother after not knowing where he was or how he was for many years. l was worried about him. l was not raised with him. l was raised by my Grandparents after my Mom and Dad divorced when l was a baby......therefore l was raised as an only child. My Dad had 2 boys from his 1st marriage, me from his 2nd marriage, and a girl and another boy from his 3rd marriage. l had 3 brothers and 1 sister, but l was not raised around them, l love them dearly even so. l`m glad l was raised by my grandparents(my Dad`s parents) was the best thing that could have ever happened to me:) They were strict.....but l loved that...they made sure that l was raised right and not running a mock. They were soooo loving and sweet and they never fought! They were married for over 50 years! ------------------------ --------------------------------------- My Dad has always been abusive to his sons....for some rea s on he didn`t like boys. l think it is because they threatened his 'manhood'. My Dad is very competitive. No one can be taller(which is hard for him `cause he is kind of short), richer, tougher, smarted, meaner, more cunning, charming...etc, etc. lt was a matter of time before his boys would be taller, richer, etc, etc. So he decided to miss-treat them and make sure they knew that they would always be 2nd...he would be always the 'Main Man'.....give me a break. My poor granparents, they were so ashamed, they didn`t know where they went wrong with him. They blamed themselves for his behavior. They tried to make up for it by being very loving and giving. However they didn`t know that he was abusive, no one did..........we found this all out when the boys grew up. ---------------------------------------------- He told my little brother when he was young, not to visit the family or that he will find him and 'punish' him. My brother was so scared he left and we didn`t hear from him in years. l was calling everyone trying to find him. Years and years went by. Well, one day l got a message on my Voice was him! l called him back and told him to call me. He did, and he came out to see me. Now he comes by every Sunday and spends the whole day with me!:) He is the sweetest thing in the world. l told him that he is always welcomed at my house and that our Grandma misses him dearly. l called my grandma and gave him the phone. She was soooo happy to hear from her missing Grandson! ----------------------------------------------------- Now that l found him...l`ll never lose him again. He used to be a model and he is thinking about getting back into it. l`m going to try to find him some work. l wish that l can have a business big and profitable enough to employ all my friends and family.....l think l will try to make that happen. My cousin already hit me up for a job, so l`m busy looking for something that he can do. l want all my friends and family to be close to me and to be financially stable and happy........that`s my Goal!:-) oxox,Stacy


Did everyone have a good 4th of July? l did! My brother, my cousin and my ex came to my house for a major block party. My neighbors downstairs had their annual 4th of July Block Party. We close the street down, draw a chalk drawing of a huge American Flag on the street, decorate the houses, have a band play, free beer, food(for a limited time) and everything! l would say about 1000 people showed up! lt was soooo cool! l felt like Gidget in an Beach Party Movie! After the all day in the sun event, we went to another friends house to watch the fireworks over the ocean.... how pretty it was! Then we lit off a few of our own fireworks. lt got a little scary, as you know 'Boys will be Boys' and they were lighting bottle rockets straight from their hands, so it would go straight acro ss and not up in the sky. l heard a few people got hit in the leg with the bottle rockets. That`s not cool.....those boys deserve a spanking! Ummmm....well maybe they deserve more of a punishment than that;) -------------------------------------------------------------- l never knew l could ever like Country Music. l have always hated it, but l`m a changing. l`m really getting into it. l`ve always loved Rock-a-Billy, and Elvis Tunes. l just bought my 2nd country CD. The 1st was Patsy Cline, the 2nd was a combination CD of Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.. l love it! l don`t know if l could get into mainstream Country, but l love the 'Old School' type....l guess you would call it Western. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- l will be in my Live Fetish Chat this Tuesday and Wednesday (July 11th and 12th)from 10am-3pm Pac Time. l will also be at San Diego`s ComicCon (Comic Convention) during July 20th-23rd. l will probably dressed in a SuperHeroine Costume, fighting crime and all:) oxox,Stacy

To update on my last weeks 'Rant'. lt looks as if the lady that was denied to move into my old house will be pressing charges against my ex-manager. l am so glad someone is finally standing up to him, l hope he gets what is coming to him and justice will finally prevail. ------------------------------------------------------------------ l got a part in a movie....a speaking part! l met with some people while l was in Cannes with Troma Films. They called me this week and asked me if l would like to play the part of Samantha, a stuck up cheerleader in a independent film called 'Pretty Cool'. The film is sort of like the movie 'American Pie', a coming of age movie. My scene takes place in the girls locker room. One of the guys takes this serum that makes him invisible. He goes into the locker room while us cheerleaders are taking our showers. Well, l think you know what happens next....l mean what would you do if you were a guy in High School and you were invisible in the girls locker room? (tee hee) l have speaking parts and everything! l film it the month of July, starting next week. S o l`ll keep you posted. ------------------ This weekend l will be at the Vans Warped Tour and the Hootenanny all day walking around and checking out the sites. l am scheduled to be in my Stacy`s Chat and/or my Dungeon Chat this Monday July 3rd and Friday July 7th. Sometimes l am scheduled to be in my chats and l don`t make it due to shoots that come up unexpectedly, sorry about that. So just remember, those dates are tentative. l am adding a new video to my video clips section as well. ------------- Watch for me in an upcoming issue of Skin2 magazine. l just did an on-line interview with them. l am not sure when it will be out, but it should be interesting. They asked me some very difficult questions. lt made me stop and think....ouch that kidding, but it did make me think about who l am and what am l doing here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ln case you missed it, l updated my 'Friends' section last week. lt is pictures that l taken myself of Veronica Blue. Now, l`m not THAT mean....she liked what l did to her....she is such a good little slave:) ---------------------------------------------- As you know Anton Productions and Double Trouble does m y custom videos for me. Well it looks as if l will be adding the tight a sexy binds of Jack Banner to that list. So if any of you want a custom video, let me know...l`ll give you the details. Talking about Double Trouble, they featured me on their site this month of June. l believe their URL is . They have my interview up there in text and audio form. oxox,Stacy

l have a 'Rant' this week. Why are people soooo mean and why do they like to play with peoples lives? ls it the power? l`m so mad and overwhelmed that l don`t know where or how to start. l bought a mobile home years ago, when l was very young. l thought l would like to own a small house instead of renting. l thought l could sell it when the mortgage was up and use the money for a down payment on a house when l sold it. Little did l know that the economy would be great and no one would want an old run-down mobile when they can get a nice new home instead. ------------------------------ The managers of the park were a little strange. You see, l can buy a mobile home, but l have to pay a space rent to the park and the managers of the park has to 'approve' you. When l met with them, they asked me 50 questions; will l have kids, do l use drugs, will l have boyfriends over, etc, etc. l was young and l was taught to respect authority, so l answered all the questions. l guess l passed, because they let me move in. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1st confrontation was that week. The rule book was thick, but l followed them. One of the rules was that you couldn`t park in front of your house, only in the carport, which l did. My grandparents had a car the same color as mine. While l was at work they came to my house and brought me a few items that they thought l would need now that l was on my own. They must have parked in front of my house, `cause the manager came to me when l came home and yelled at me. She said that l knew the rules' and l cannot park in front of my house. l tried to tell her that it wasn`t me, l was at work all day. She started to yell more and said, ''look here missy, it`s not to late to throw you out of here, l know it was you!" The more l tried to talk to her the more mad she got and walked away. ---------------------- That was one of a million....and l am not joking.....of confrontations through the years of me living there. They were soooo mean. They would talk bad about me to other mobile home owners in the park. They turned a lot of people against me. Some of them were drunk men that lived there and they would say lewd comments to me while l was using the pool or doing laundry. l was accused of graffiting the public bathroom....l would never do that, but they blamed me anyway. lt was torture. l couldn`t fight them much...l`m not good at it, but l did stand up for myself, and that just made them hate me more. -------------------------------------------- lf l had a complaint, they did nothing, but if someone complained about me, they were right there. More and more, people were moving in that were scary. They were that 'white trash' type you see on the Jerry Springer Show. Druggys, drinkers, domestic violent type people. l thought they were suppost to 'screen' people here. ------------------------------------------------------------- Well, as you know l moved out of there 2 years ago. l still own the home though. That means l still have to pay the space rent as well as the mortgage. l never thought l would ever sell it. lt was an eye sore, l was too busy to show it to anyone, l was too far away from it, etc, etc. Well, finally a couple months ago a lady got a hold of me. She was from a real estate company and she had a buyer for my home! lt was to a disabled lady. Her father was going to buy it and fix it all up nice and pretty for her. l went in and filled out all the paper work, l was so happy! l would finally get rid of my home, no more paying space rent and mortgage for a home l`m not living in (plus paying my rent on my new expensive place), and it would be all fixed up! l tho ught all was going to be good right? l was so wrong! The manager of the park refused her to move into the park. He said he has that right, he doesn`t want a disabled lady to live there. ------------------------------------------- l tried to tell him that her father would fix up the home and that he will have a nice home instead of the eye sore that is there now. l told him that her father is paying for it, so he will get his money on time. l told him that it would be discrimination if he refused her. l told him that he had 'white trash druggys' there, why is that okay, but not her? He refused still. l think he is just doing this to 'get' to me. ----------------------------- l feel so bad for her, she was crying and everything. She is fine to live on her own, l think he just doesn`t like women or disabled people or anybody for that matter. I was told he asked her the same questions that he asked me all those years ago. l was now told that those questions are not appropriate. -------------------------------------------------------- l want to fight him so bad. This is so wrong! He always gets away with this kind of stuff. He has good lawyers that fight all his battles and wins. Why do people like this always win? What is wrong with our system? He is telling everyone lies about me. When l lived there l was harassed. l am still being harassed. Now l still have to pay that space rent and mortgage to a place l have not stayed in for 2 years, l`ll probably just give the home away and pay the mortgage off, just so l don`t have to pay the space rent and get away from him. l feel so sorry for that lady. l have people watching the house for me, just never know. l just wish justice would prevail. l`m usually positive, but this is bringing me down. l think being evil must take a lot of energy. lt takes a lot to be`s a lot easier to be nice, l think. l ha te games, l hate evil, l hate mean people! l got to fight, we got to fight! Thats why people like this wins, no one wants to fight, it takes a lot of energy-negative energy. Evil loves the negative energy, they thrive on it. We need to help each other out, we need to stand up for ourselves....but why does it have to be so hard? ---------------------------------------------------------- Well, thanks for listening to my 'rant'. Sorry if l brought anyone down, l just had to get that off my chest.
Come see me Tuesday and Wednesday June 27th and 28th in my fetish chat rooms...l love chatting with you!:) oxox,Stacy

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