Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Very Charlie Brown New Years Eve!

The Morning of New Years Eve I was not feeling so well. I had a sore throat, sniffles & my body was achy. Probably a start of a mild Cold. So I took it easy, took medicine, Vitamin C and took a long needed nap that actually helped a lot! My husband and I had planned on going to the Playboy Mansion for New Year`s Eve. I got up from my nap at 4pm to give myself enough time to shower, get ready and drive to the Mansion. As I awake still a bit groggy from my Rejuvenated nap, my husband walks in and says he has 2nd thoughts on going to the Mansion. I understood his concern, since I hate driving on New Years Eve, especially Home after the party ended at 2am. However, it kinda threw a 'Monkey Wrench' in my whole New Years Eve plans. After all, I had my outfit picked out, I had everything set and Now I have no clue what we are doing and it is getting to the critical hour! I went ahead and Jumped into the shower and got ready as usual. Walked into my Husbands room and told him, ok, we will not go to the Playboy Mansion. That I am dressed up and ready to go where ever he wanted to go. I was going to leave our New Year`s Eve plans in his hands, my only request was I did not want to drive. It was Now 5pm.
My Husband jumped on his phone, called his friends to find out where they were. He was getting a little stressed because he was not getting the response or enough information. He put on his Tux, called a Cab and off we went. As we are in the cab, he is calling and texting his friends. He tells the cab to stop and drop us off at this corner. We get out but cannot find the location that he thought they were at, so we go into this Pub that was nearby for a quick drink until we get more information.
The friend my husband was texting found us and we walked over where we were suppose to be at. We met up with his Girlfriend and another couple. We stayed for a bit at her beautiful Home. Her daughter has a New baby and my husband Loves Babies, so he was cooing and smiling at the little one.
After a few Champagne toasts we all took a big cab to Shoreline Village to see the Fireworks that they were going to set off for East Coast New Year`s time, even though we were in West Coast Time. We get there, all bundled up, look in the sky, the Fireworks go off.........we hear them, but we do not see them. The dense heavy fog covered them up. All I could do is laugh, however I felt so bad for the people that spent their time & money and I felt bad for the kids that were looking forward to seeing the fireworks. This is when we all called it a 'Charlie Brown New Years'.
We then all went to Gladstones, this Fish Restaurant in Shoreline Village, were they had reservations. We all enjoyed a very good fish dinner, had a few more drinks, then took another Cab over to Pine Avenue to meet up with the rest of our friends.
Every year, they Block Off Pine Avenue for a Big New Year`s Eve Bash. We get there, however, there is a lot of walking involved, good thing I wore comfortable heels and a heavy coat. We had a few rough patches trying to get in, since it was now 30 minutes before 12midnight, but we do Eventually all get in and find our crew. The band is Rocking, we are all having a great time. However during the last 5minutes before the hour, I got a little claustrophobic and had to move away from the group to a more open space behind them. My husband did not take that so well. He was a little mad at me, he asked me 'Since when do you get claustrophobic?' I tried to explain, but nothing I said was good enough, besides my voice was hoarse and going away. I walked back a little more during the count down and then he walked away from me. I guess I could have handled that better.
After the Count down and it was after Midnight, the crowd lightened up, so I went to go re-join the group & hopefully find my Husband, however My Husband was nowhere to be found. I just tried to make the best of it, after all it was a New Year, New Beginnings, better future, etc. I stayed and partied with our Friends. Then we all took a Bus home, since buses were free for New Years Eve. When I got home, there he was, My husband was asleep in his 'Man Cave'. I did not disturb him, I just went to my room and went to bed.
I awoke at 8am with a New Attitude. I am not going to stress over this. I decided to be more positive, not let my expectations get the best of me. I cannot control people. I can only control myself and I want to make things better. My husband is still asleep in his Man Cave as I write this. I sent him a text that says 'Happy New Year! Thank you for a lovely Dinner & you looked Handsome in your Tux Last night' . Lets just hope he awakes with the same bright and shiny new attitude as well and if not, it will still be okay!


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