Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleaning the Little Things while on the Phone with my Grandmother

Just got done Emptying Out Both of our Silverware Drawers, Washing All our Silverware, Cleaning out the Drawers it`s self and the Plastic Bin Organizers that go in the Drawers ---- Now Cleaning inside the Fridge --- hope l get it done before I have to get ready to go to my shoot tonight ------ it feels good getting the little stuff that you let go done!!
l just got off the phone with grandma - she sounds in good spirits - her voice was better - she was saying she was busy talking to her girlfriend - she asked me what l was doing and l said l was cleaning house- she said that her and her friend want to come down to my house to help me clean - l told her that l would take her up on that offer!! She is so cute!!

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