Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

Roy`s heart has been acting up since Thursday Night after he came home from the gym. If you follow my blogs, then you know Roy, my husband has a chronic heart condition. He has Heart arrhythmia. Usually his heart will act up for a few hours then go back to normal or we take him to the ER where they shock his heart back into rhythm. Thia is the 1st time where his heart has been acting up for 3 days straight. Roy`s Heart Doctor is on Vacation and wont be back for 2 more weeks. All this is stressing Roy out More.
Roy did not want to venture far from home in case he needed to lay down, so we pretty much just stayed home all weekend. It was actually nice to just relax and not be around a bunch of people in a party atmosphere. Roy watched Football in his Man Cave and I Cleaned, Cooked Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and watched Chick TV in the Front Room. It was a Cozy, Warm, Loving and Relaxing Weekend. We however missed going to the Playboy Mansion for the Golden Globes Party.
Tomorrow is Monday. I will be at a shoot all day and Roy says he is going to try to see a doctor. However he is scared that he may have to go to the hospital. I told him that all will be okay. I told him that he needs to see a doctor, that it is better for him to go then not to go.
I am worried but I do not want Roy to be more stressed out. I do hope that he will be okay. Roy has a lot of Anger towards being sick, he is not cool with this at all. Either way, I am here, by his side, doing what I can to make things better. I just wish I had more power to make things better!

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