Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When Groping is a Crime - and why you need to report it.

I told my neighbors to be on lookout for a black kid between 16-25yrs old - purple baseball hat...I think plaid button down...t shirt underneath...wallet chain...long shorts...squeaky bike....I was just walking down my street today. ..and he groped me hard on ass.....I couldn't get my cell out fast enuff to take pic....but flagged down cop and made report....I know some might see this as not such a big deal...but you never know....don't want it to escalate or someone else gets hurt. That is why I reported it ASAP - someone that does that is prone to escalate to bigger gotta report ANY injustice.....cause it WILL Happen to someone else until he is caught.....I just cannot just stand by and do nothing about it to prevent that.

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