Friday, March 14, 2014

Cat Nap

I really don`t mind waking up at 5am to work the morning shift at work -however due to my allergies/congestion -l usually toss n turn all night -sleeping only 10 minutes at a time -l usually get the majority of my sleep between 6-7am -right before l get up -due to exhaustion, coolness of the morning & finally finding that 'comfy spot' ---- which means, by me waking up at 5am, l usually have gotten little or no sleep at all ----which was today -usually l can`t take naps - BUT 2Day, when l got home from work & errands -l did - l took a 2hour nap -and it felt GREAT ------but now it`s almost 6pm and l feel like it`s 6am ----- my body clock is all off!
 ..... however.......I`m having wine right now as l take online quizzes....while cooking Hubby a chicken pot pie for dinner -so it`s ready for him when he gets home from Gym.........damn.....l`m whipped!! LOL

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