Sunday, May 1, 2011

Graham our British Pirate.

Graham is from England. He was once in the Military there. He is Only 50 years old, but his life experiences make him appear to be Older. He has a Strong English Accent. He Loves his Beer, his Hand Rolled Drum Cigarettes and his Daughter that he sees every time he can. He looks like a weathered Pirate and he is as crude as one as well. He comes off very Crass, but for some reason, Graham can get away with it. I think along with the Accent, in which Girls adore, I think people can see through his appearance & verbal lack of etiquette, and know through all that is a heart of gold. He is one of those guys that will come to your rescue no matter how drunk he is or how inconvenienced it may be. No matter how drunk he may be, he will snap out of it and go into action when needed.
I have so many stories about Graham that I will share in time. I always said that we need to install a Camera in his forehead & call it the 'Graham Cam' His stories are so Funny, Odd & brush with Greatness & Death that they are not believable.
His dream is to buy a boat, live & Sail around the world. Great Dream, but we are worried. Graham has never sailed or driven a boat ever in his life! He says he will learn on the way. We are begging him to take classes, but he refuses. He says Evil Vic will teach him. Oh Boy, Evil Vic??? He Drinks more than Graham, which is saying a lot and He is no Sailor either, talk about the Blind leading the Blind!! We joke around with Graham, making up quotes in his Captain Log: Day 24 -just passing 7-11 in Long Beach Harbor, The Natives are restless, Stopping for Beer, tobacco and supplies, Vic almost dead. Day 38: On Island that the natives call Catalina - Claiming it Graham Land. Vic is Dead.
Graham just bought a Boat this week. He says it is getting towed here, should be here by next week. We cannot wait to see it. This adventure to be continued.

....This Just in May. 9th 2011: Graham Just Bought a Boat....Below is the 1st Photo of it of him at Sea in it with our Friend Veronica. He says it needs a lot of work, the engine is shot, but it sails okay for now. Oh boy, it is going to be an Eventful Summer, I can feel it!!

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