Monday, April 11, 2011

The Story of Skankles Part 2

(Part One @

After over a year of avoiding Skankles. She called up Roy and wanted to meet. She wanted to mend things up for her Boyfriends (Roy & his best Friend) Sake. She said that her man was feeling sad & was missing Roy`s Friendship. We know it took a lot for her to do that, so we agreed. Things were not exactly back to normal, but at least we could all be in the same room and talk to each other. The best part was that Roy got his friends back.....sort of. She still would not allow Roy`s friend to come to our house. However we would go to their house as long as there were other people there. It was not that great, but it was better.
Now skip yet another year. It seems that 'Skankles' has given her Man an ultimatum. She told him if they did not get married by her birthday in March, that she would break up with him, move out but remain friends. Well, I guess our boy wasn`t ready, so he took her up on it. She now has an apartment close to us and he took on a room mate & decided to stay in their apartment.
He was very depressed for awhile. The boys would stay with him, he would get really drunk and then start feeling really sad and blamed himself. They were together for a little over 2 years. It was his 1st real girlfriend. She however, has done this before. In fact, it is what she does. She flirts a lot, meets a guy, moves in then after a year or so, she tells them to marry her or she will leave.
Even though I may have had my differences with her, I kind-of understand where she is coming from, even though I do not condone it. I have to give it to her for being honest & up front about it, no matter how much I may disagree with it. She has a plan for herself. She has a time frame. She wants to get married, have babies, before she gets any older and she lets her partner know. I get it. However, I wouldn`t want to get married on an ultimatum. I would always would wonder if he wanted to be with me. I wouldn`t want to force anyone to be with me. I would wonder if he would ever resent me for it. I just couldn`t do that.
Just when I am starting to warm up to the New 'Skankles' I hear rumours that she is seeing a New Guy so soon which would not be that bad but I also hear that she may have been seeing this guy while still being with Roy`s best friend! Oh No, I hope Not, but so far I do not Know. Looks like this summer all secrets will come out on the beach, since we are all neighbors once it looks like this is Also a Diary Entry to be Continued.

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