Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blast From the Past - The Beat Goes On - 1st Posted Jan. 25th 2010

I have already told you about my car breaking down on Christmas Day with my 89 yr old Grandmother in the Car. I go a ride for my Grandmother - Me & Roy got a tow all the way back to Long Beach. Saturn was supposed to fix my Transmission for free due to a recalled Transmission -but with the Government Buy-out -that agreement was Null & Void and we had to pay about $2500.00 for a re-built transmission.

Fast forward to January 24th. Sundays, I usually go hang out with the Girls at The Playboy Mansion, eat, drink, talk, watch movies etc. Roy usually hangs out with the guys in Long Beach, drink & watch Sports. I was not feeling to well, so I decided to stay home & Rest. Roy went out all day with the guys, drank & watched football.
Around 9pm he came home, well actually our friend Jake brought Roy home. Roy was super drunk and was bleeding from the back of his head. Jake said Roy fell & slide on the sidewalk on the back of his head. I want to call the paramedics, but Jake insisted it was just a scrape. We cleaned & wrapped Roy's head up with bandages. Roy was defiant, tried to get up several times, even fell face first in bathroom. We put Roy to bed & Jake left.
Roy said he was hungry, so I made him soup and gave hi lots of water. Roy took off his bandages even when I protested he keep them on. He kept getting up. I told him if he gets up one more time that I will call the paramedics & he will go to hospital. Roy kept calling me into bedroom, wanting more food, water, soda, hugs etc. Finally after 2 hours he fell asleep.
Roy awoke OK, but a bit hung-over. We had a talk. I told him that this cannot happen anymore. He cannot get so Drunk. I am not a professional, so I cannot tell him what he needs to do, so I told him that he needs to seek a professional for help. Roy does not drink every day. Roy can have a few beers and he is okay. The problem is when he does drinks too much, Roy gets dangerous and he will not listen to anyone. He is a bull in a china store!

Roy had to board a Plane on this day (Monday Jan. 25th). He had to fly to El Paso for a Work meeting. Roy packs up and I drive him to the drop of area at LAX. I turn of car to give him a hug good-bye. I go back to my car, try to start it and it is dead. My car will not start. I am stranded at the drop off curb of LAX. I go to security, they say there is nothing they can do. They say that the LAX Cops should be around soon, they never came. I used my cell phone to call my Free Saturn Roadside assistance. I get a recording stating that due to over-whelming calls that they are booked up & to try again tomorrow! I try to call some of my friends, no one is home. I call 411 many times to get another tow truck company close to LAX. Every number they gave me either did not work or I got put on hold forever. Finally 411 gave me a tow truck number that I got to talk to a live person! Help was finally on its way!!
The tow truck came and towed me to my Saturn Dealership that I always go to. That tow truck ride cost me $125.00 -but what else could I do? I dropped off my 'Hooptie' (car) and got a Courteous Shuttle back home. It seems that my battery was leaking Fluid and corroded my cables. That repair bill will be about $350.00 and it should take a couple days!! Gulp!!
I am soooo sick. I make some Mexican Soup with Lots of Lemon, Tabasco & Cilantro. I am so stressed. Money is not good lately. My work has slowed down because of the Holidays & because of the Economy. Roy got a promotion, but he is still in training and it will be awhile before we see any income increase. That what makes his trip to El Paso so important. This trip is his 1st of his Travel Training.
It is now 4pm, I sit down to take everything in. My cell phone rings, it is Roy. Roy is in El Paso. He just got to his hotel, the training does not start until the morning. Roy says his heart is racing (Roy has a bad heart), his heart is beating really fast and he is nauseous. Roy said he threw up and is not feeling well. I am scared, what if it has something to do with his head injury? Roy says he is going to go to the hospital and he will call me later.

Roy called me a few hours afterward. He says he is back from Hospital, in his hotel, taking a bath & then going to bed. In the morning he has a work meeting all day, then he flys back home later that night.
Roy has many health problems, one of them is a bad heart that beats fast at times. I think it was a combo of Dehydration, Flying, The New Promotion The Car Breaking Down The Financial Stress, etc that brought on his heart fluttering. We must get things right and soon.

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