Thursday, July 7, 2011

Introducing Felix The Cat

As you may remember, my 13 year old Girl Cat, Kaiko died back in January. My husband Roy took it pretty hard, even though he knew Kaikio only 3 years of her 13years.
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In June of this year 2011 Roy came to me and said that a co-worker has some kittens that need homes and that maybe we should take a look at them. I was pleasantly surprised. Roy was very distraught over losing Kaiko and would not talk about getting another cat with me, however we both agreed that we should think of getting a Kitten to keep our 3year old Boy Cat Frankie active and company. We do have Bear, my 14year old Female cat, however, she is like owning a pigeon. She does not socialize with anyone, she hides all the time, but she does like getting groomed by Frankie.
I said, Sure, lets go check out the Kittens. When we got there, there was about 6 kittens all playing around. I spotted one in particular, he looked just like Johnny (my 16 year old cat that died in 2007) and he looked just like Frankie when he was little. Yes, i have a type of cats i gravitate to, usually the black and white males or the orange boy tabby cats. In my experience, boy cats are more loving, but girl cats have a charm as well.
There was an instant connection with this kitten. We took him home, named him Felix, due to his look and to my nostalgic fondest to the Cartoon Character Felix the Cat. When we got home, he immediately ran around, exploring and smelling everything. He found our Cockatiel bird Fred fascinating, attempting to stalk it unsuccessfully. When he met Frankie, I was expecting Frankie to be the 1st to hiss at Felix, since it was Frankie`s house 1st, but surprisingly, Felix hissed at Frankie! However that quickly changed, Frankie Now rules the Roost.
Since Felix was covered in Fleas, I put a Flea collar on him and doused him in Flea Powder. All was fine until 2 days later. Felix would not wake up. He would just sleep. He would not even get up to eat, drink water or go pee. I kept him bundled up inside my hoodie close to my heart. The next day I took Felix to the Vet. Felix had a 105 temperature. The Vet took an x-ray of his belly and it had lots of gas in him. Felix was highly allergic to something and it caused an infection. The Vet gave him antibiotic shots and send Felix home with a bunch of medicine for me to give him 2 times a day. As soon as I brought Felix back home I saw an improvement. Each day, Felix got better and Better. We still have no idea what happened to Felix. The Vet said Felix could have been sick before I got him or it could have been something from my house. I hope it was not the flea collar or powder I put on him, but just to be safe, I will not do that again. Felix Loves to climb up on my shoulder and sleep on my neck. Felix Loves to sleep in Bed with me, my Hubby and Frankie! Felix is back to being a Mischievous energetic Little Kitten terrorizing Frankie, just the way I like it!

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