Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brain Damage between Friends

I have had a few 'Head-buts' with a certain Friend that I will call EV, through the Years.
One night, I was with my guy friends on Balcony of a local pub. EV was talking. He talks slow and Stutters a lot and gets mad if you cut him off, talk over him or ignore him. I was listening, but I started to ask him something before he finished what he was saying. He got mad at me, glared at me and said Harshly, Rudely and Loudly to me 'Can I finish?, Can I Finish? Can I finish?' I looked at him, shut my mouth tight and sat there as he went off on me. Someone said something beside me that I cannot recall now, but it made me Laugh. I don`t know why, but I think it was because in my head, I was thinking 'Okay, EV is being Rude, but that is just him, I can either get mad, which will only make things worse, or I can not let it bother me and go on having a good time'.
Well, EV did not like that I laughed and got more mad at me. So I turned my seat around so he could not see me and for me to try to stop laughing, but for some reason I couldn`t stop laughing. I was not laughing at EV, even though, I think that is how EV took it. Looking back on it, I think I was just laughing as a Stress/ Survival thing - it was either Laugh or Get upset, and allow EV`s attitude get me upset.
EVgot really angry at me, even when my hubby tried talking to EV about something else to distract EV. EV yelled to me 'Stop Laughing you Bitch!' That is when I gathered my stuff and walked away from EV, Hubby & everyone on the Balcony, I went inside & Sat Down at the Bar. I just removed myself from a bad situation that was only getting worse.
I sat at the Bar and the girl bartender sympathized with me because Only an hour earlier, EV was rude to her. EV ordered Food through the Guy Bartender and he forgot to write down No Cucumbers, not because EV told him, but because he remembered EV hates Cucumbers. So When she brought EV`s food to him, he threw the Cucumbers at her yelling 'I hate Cucumbers, they spoil the food on my Plate!' and threw the Cut up Cucumbers on the table for her to pick up & throw away.
EV has rage issues, he is mean & rude even to his Friends. Some say it is because of his Brain injury (from a car accident years ago) -but some say he was like that before. Everyone hates it, some gets upset, but they all put up with it. I don`t know if I can be like everyone else.
There are so many stories involving EV`s Rage. He has tantrums, he is rude, he gets violent, he will cuss you out, he will call you names, he will hold grudges, he rarely says he is sorry, he expects everyone to wait for him. If everyone wants to go somewhere and he does not like the place, he will refuse to go to that place and get mad at everyone that goes without him. If there is an event that we are all at and he doesn`t know about it, he will get mad. If we try to make plans, we have to arrange it to his schedule or he gets mad. Everyone around him walks on Egg Shells and adjust them selves to deal with it and appease EV.
When EV orders food, if they screw up his order or if something is on his plate that he was not expecting, he will get mad, yell at server and sometime will throw the food at server calling them names at the same time. EV would do the same thing even at someone`s house if the hostess gives him a plate of food he does not like. He rarely says Thank you. He calls ladies in grocery store Cunts when they try to talk or joke with him and he doesn`t find funny.
EV would never put up with someone that would treat him like he treats everyone else. EV is VERY Lucky for the Amount of Good Loyal Friends he has and has had for all these Years. Some of his friends go back to Grade School. EV treats them all like that once in awhile, they all get over it and remain friends. I do not know if I can be as Understanding as they are, however, I must try. EV is one my Husbands best Friends. I will never try to break the friendship they have. I will try to be more understanding, however, I will never condone what EV does nor will I be Best Friends with EV anytime soon.

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