Monday, November 7, 2011

My Dream Place I want to Own Someday!

I wish I could Open a Club/Bar/Lounge filled with Many Big Screen TV`s and Big Comfy Couches. Each TV playing something different like Bravo TV, Fashion Shows, Tabloid Shows, Chick Flicks, Sex & the City, etc. Serving wine, girlie drinks, finger foods, Fondue, desserts, etc, Have a Dance Area and Maybe even a 'Primping Room' with Nail, Hair, Massage Stations - What a Great Place that would Be!
Doesn`t it sound awesome?? You know the Gay Guys would Love it as well! AND - Straight Guys would come around because they know that is where the Girls hang out. It would be a Perfect place for us girls to Hang before going out, after hanging out or Just to hang out and Talk Crap about the Guys....LOL!!

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