Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Happened to Honest Capitalism?

I am Pro-Capitalism, but not at the Expense of Others, My Fellow Man, The Planet or Universe. I am for Honest Capitalism.
I understand that there will always be the battle between Good and Evil, however, I will always fight for over all good. I will especially step in whenever I see the fight being fought more UN-balanced & UN-fair than usual and watching good people being fooled by what they think is good, like a Sheep to Slaughter. Evil can disguise itself as being good. You must always read the fine print or more so, follow the money.
I know sometimes I must Vote for the Lesser of Evils. I will always Vote. No one will silence me. No Vote is a usually a Vote against your best interest, because you are putting your fate in others hands. It is very important that everyone Votes. Everyone needs to document their Voice with a Vote. It is more then winning your view, it is documenting how we as a nation feel. It is history. Even if things do not change right away, the more we all speak up, the more of a chance we have of having things change the way the Majority of us wants it instead of continuing to give the power to the 1% to Stuff their own pockets with our best interest.
oxox, Stacy

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