Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend 2011 - Friday Oct. 28th

Friday Oct. 28th 2011
Just got Home, Hubby wanted me 2Drive him 2the BIG Halloween Store 2get Costumes - he Wanted 2be Old School Capt. America from the Movie.

Roy bought me the Deluxe Super Girl Costume -So my Dead Fly Caught in Spider`s Web Costume will have 2Wait 4the 2mrw Night.

On Way Home -we Drove thru Micky D`s & Ordered the McRib Meal (which is 1180 Calories BTW) -Better go Jog 1st b4 eating that!!

BTW: I 4got 2Mention that While we were @ Halloween Store KCAL 9 News Interviewed us - So watch 4us on The Local News Today!!

2Get myself N2 the Spirit of Halloween, I put on Something Really Spooky, Creepy & Scary on TV........TLC Toddlers & Tiaras.

OMG - I Found the Clip with Roy & I on the Local TV News Buying our Costumes -we are 2ward the Middle of Video

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