Monday, March 21, 2011

My Friend 'Reg' got Jumped on the Blue Line Train

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My friend homeless friend, 'Reg' got jumped on the Blue Line the other night - fell into common trap -he was on train -a pretty young lady approached him she said she needed 2call her mom & asked if she could use his cell phone -he wanted 2help her so he handed her his phone -that`s when he got jumped -he fell -he didn`t see anything -all he heard was people yelling 'hey, get out of here. When he got up the girl, his phone & who ever jumped him were gone -luckily he landed on his bag, so they didn`t get 2steal that -he`s a bit bruised -took him home, fixed him dinner - he slept in Roy`s Man Cave -got him towels & supplies so he could shower & clean up- fixed him Breakfast -and Roy walked him to bus stop so he can he go get new phone.

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