Monday, March 21, 2011

My Beauty Routine:

(1st posted Oct. 8th 2009)

My Beauty Routine:

Once a week I use an Harsh Apricot Scrub
Once a Week I use a At Home Facial Peel
Every Night I cleanse face with an Acne Toner
Every Morning I cleanse my face with an Anti-Acne Cleanser

I moisturize my body every day with lotion with Vitamin A, C & E
For my Face I use a mixture of Retinol A, Vitamin C Serum & Acne Cream like salicylic acid. (Vit A is great for Cell rejuvenation, Vit. C is a great antioxidant & radiance booster, and I have oily skin & prone to acne- so I need a bit of Acne Medicine to prevent pimples)

I like to use an all over Body Spray instead of Cologne. I go with the Seasons. In The Fall/Winter, I like to use Pumpkin, Apple, Vanilla Scents. In the Spring/Summer, I love Coconut, Pineapple, Banana Scents. My Favorite is the Smell of Tanning Lotion.

I have always used & will always use Avon Products- They are the Best & Least Expensive.

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