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11/24/00 - 12/31/00 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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Sooo did everyone have a great Holiday? Ready for the new year? My 1st Annual *Kat House Christmas Party turned out pretty good. (*Kat is my nickname) People actually showed up....hey....that`s new for me. l cooked...yes, l really did. l bought Turkey Breasts instead of a whole turkey. l was not sure how many people was coming and l didn`t want to have left-overs...no room in my Fridge. Besides my oven is an old one....l have to light the pilot light everytime l use it....such a pain...l`m afraid to light it....l never lit an oven before. ------------------------------------------------------------------ l pan fried the turkey breasts in Pam cooking butter with salt, pepper and a few seasonings. The turkey turned out really tender & juicy. l made mixed veggies and Yams with lots of butter. The 'Boobies with Doobies' (a.k.a. Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica Jones) brought homemade salsa, potato soufflé, chips, candy and chocolate cream pie.....yummy :-p They forgot most of it.....so poor me had to eat it the rest of the week.....poor me...wawaaaaa! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------ They even brought a cool little holiday game. l usually hate party games....but these were fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now l got to figure out what we want to do for New Years. l never make plans...l should. l`m always afraid to.....what if l buy tickets to some place and something better pops up? Sooo...the New Year Eve comes and there l am with no plans...every year, same story. l really need to make some kind of plan this time...ummmmm. lt is really hard to find a club with the kind of music l like to dance to. l like to dance to Rock-n-Roll, Surf, Punk, Alternative and Rockabilly. Most dance clubs play disco, rave or the same 10 songs every other club plays. Ohhh well, l`ll find something. At least l can always ''hang'' or ''chill'' with my friends and neighbors....we might just have a 'quiet' night with a few brews and a raging BB-Q. Ummmm....that sound good to me! :-) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! :-) oxox,Stacy

lf anyone tapes the John Stossel Special tonight called 'Hype' (Friday Dec.22nd) on ABC, l would love a copy :-) l have to be at this Christmas party, so l will not be able to see how it turns out. l have a feeling it will make me look a bit foolish. lt is showing what people do to get 'hype', even if that means using their bodies. Oh well, ABC does it to. They use a little T & A to promote their shows....just a little more subtle....not much, but a little. -------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry that l missed the Chiristmas Model Expo....l hate missing stuff like that, l adore conventions. My voice was missing in action as well as Holiday errons and stress filled the day. l always seem to wait until the last minute to do anything, you would think that someday l would learn not to do that......but l think l like to wait for the last minute.....l think l like the stress....weird, huh? ---------------------------------------------------------------- Awww......the Holidays are officially here. l just want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and warm Holiday Season. Have some Smores, hot cocoa and stay in your PJ`s watching old black and white movies on the TV......that`s the best! ------------------------------------------------------------------ On Christmas Eve l spend with my whole family, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. On Christmas Day people usually spend with their own self-made family, meaning wife, husband and kids. Since l do not have that, and most of the people l know do not as well....l`m hosting a Christmas Party for all my friends & neighbors that are in the same situation. Why should we all be alone watching T.V. and eating left-overs or T.V. dinners when we can all gather together and watch T.V., eat left-overs and T.V. dinners! l`m not much of a cook, so....that is not too far from the truth. l will probably have chips, dips, cookies, beer, wine and maybe some sandwiches. ----------------------------------------------------------------
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Qwanza and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!! oxox,Stacy

Ummmmmm.....egg nogg....ummmm, cinnamon.....nutmeg....ummmmmm! l love this stuff!!! Too bad it only comes out once a year, bummer. l guess that is why l overdose on it when it comes out. lf l had it all year, l might not like it that much. Funny how we like things more when we have less access to them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you tried these new candies, that are like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups....but they have gram cracker, chocolate & marshmallow inside instead? Yep, they are S`mores Cups....ummmmm sooooo good. My secret is l warm them just bit in my microwave then pop them in my mouth....ummmm. l am exercising a lot more to make up for all this sugar diet that l seem to be on lately! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My shopping is all done, cards are sent......all l got to do is wrap all these gifts! l`m waiting awhile `cause my cats love to 'un-wrap' them prematurely :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- l hope you all can make it down to the Christmas Model Expo on Sunday December 17th. l have their link in my 'Current Events' section for more information. Miss Gloria Reyes & Jessica Jones phoned me today and confirmed that they are going to come with me and share my booth.........oh boy.....we are going to raise the roof!!!! l hope they are ready for us!!! When ever we get together we spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!!!! But the good kind, of course! ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ l just received some pix from our members to post in my 'Spotlight section! l was wondering when someone would send me something.....and boy, did you....VERY nice, thank you sweetie!!! l will post the pix in my Spotlight Section after the Holidays. Please send me more....l want you guys to have your well deserved Spotlight as well! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looking for a last minute gift? Go to: www.bestfriends.org and adopt a friend that needs a home & love....they are worth it........it is truely a gift of love & life! oxox,Stacy

This week l did a lot of shoots for Anton Productions. lt was a fun week. l got to dress in Army Clothes with dog tags and all, got chloroformed and tied up through many scenes...it was great!! l can`t wait to see how it comes out.

l am talking to him about creating my own videos. l want to make it like a T.V. series.....part V.I.P. and part Baywatch.....but like how we all wished they would be like (wink). l want a cast of characters and l want to do a bunch of them....a series. l need a lot of guidance on this project. l`m only used to being in front of the camera, so all this tech stuff and paying people like camera guys and models is new to me. l hate the word 'can`t'.......l will tell someone, 'okay...l want the videos to be like this....' if they stop me and say, 'wait, we can`t do that'......l get peeved.....'why not?' l always ask....why must we make things so difficult? Life is not as difficult as some make it out to be....like Nike says...'Just Do It!'

So keep your eyes out...it will be awhile before you see anything. We got to create scripts, hire models correspond schedules, find locations, create set designs, outfits and most important...l got to raise some $ to pay for all this. l want it to be good...l want it to look like a real T.V. series, plots, regular cast members, guest stars, stunts, in peril situations, lots of out door locations. Lots of work and money we are talking her e......but l love it...l can`t wait to do this....ahhh...a new door to open......l`m giddy like a school girl on Christmas Day!

Danger Beach is the name of my new series. Cool, huh? The site will be up in a couple days at: www.dangerbeach.com . Ohhhh.....so fun, so fun....giggle, giggle!!! oxox,Stacy

Wow...it is December already!!! How time flies!! l put my Holiday Lights up last weekend, l almost finished my holiday shopping and now l got to start sending my Holiday Cards. Maybe next weekend, l`ll get my tree. l don`t want to get it too soon, l don`t want it to dry out before December 31st. Soon after that, l`ll need to wrap all my presents....whew! Oh well...l love it...it is sooo fun. l always end up having way too many gifts. l guess l go a little crazy while shopping. l buy this and that...thinking, aw that`s cute....someone will like that. lt`s not so bad...those extra gifts go in my 'Emergency Gift' section of my house. You know those times when it is someone's birthday that seems to sneak up on you or you get invited somewhere unexpectedly and you need a gift....that is when that section comes in handy.

The lights in the city look soooo pretty. l love holiday lights around my house, it makes it soo warm and cozy. l just want to curl up on the couch, in my sweats, drinking hot cocoa, holiday scented candles lit everywhere, watching re-runs of 'l Love Lucy' browsing through catalogs, newspapers and magazines with my warm purring sweet kitty kat curled up in my lap........ah, yes, life is good!

My web-master is leaving on December 14th for a well deserved holiday trip. l will be sort-of on my own for awhile....or at least until the end of January. l am sure everything will be fine, but just incase.......l`m just letting you guys know incase anyone has problems with the site, to let me know A.S.A.P. and l`ll try my best to help you as much as possible.

Come and visit me on Wednesday or Thursday from 10am-3pm PAC time in my Stacy`s Chat or in my Dungeon Room(now the Pantyhose Room)....l love to chat with you guys! oxox,Stacy

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