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12/6/01- 1/31/02 - Blast from the Past - Stacy`s Diary

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January 31
l stayed up late and watched the black & white film 'The Elephant Man' starring Anthony Hopkins. Boy, that film sure makes me cry. lt is so hard for me to watch a movie, TV Show or any type of scene where somebody is mean to someone or something, it gets me sooooo mad! l love my AMC (American Movie Classics)TV Station! Last week l watched 'Bus Stop' & 'The River of No Return' starring Marilyn Monroe (thanx to Telstar for setting me straight...l was calling it 'The River Runs Through it').
My 1st impression/intuition is correct once again. l have been wanting to do more Live Fetish Stage Shows for Fetish Events & clubs. Someone told this girl who was interested & looking for a Stage partner as well. When we met, l had a few reservations on being her partner. l had no reason for my reservations other than just a feeling in my gut. As we talked, l noticed how she stirred the conversation only about her & if their was a moment when the conversation stirred away from being about her....she had a hard time listening & seemed a little sad. l thought 'uh oh...this might not be the best partner'. Well l ignored my gut feeling & decided to continue to commit to planning upcoming shows. lt was during the holiday season so we both agreed to wait until after the holidays to get together & plan out some shows. The 1st week of January, l was away in Vegas doing the AVN Expo. She said she was coming up for that but never saw her. When l got back home, there was a message from her saying we need to get together. l then got a nasty cold/flu for 2 weeks after that (blah), l was planning on calling her when l got well, l guess that was a bad decision . l guess she doesn`t like it when people don`t call her right back....because she sent me a nasty email yelling at me & telling me she is telling everyone that she knows & other promoters that l am unreliable, half assed & l gave her the run-around at the AVN Expo. l didn`t even see her at the Expo! Boy, she didn`t even wait to find out why l didn`t call her right back! l guess l should have called her, but l didn`t call anyone....l didn`t plan on being sick for 2 weeks. All l can say, weather l am right or wrong, if this is how she handles disappointment, then l am glad we didn`t become l guess this is a good thing, that l found this out now instead of later. Now, l am getting someone that is calling me at all hours of the night & hanging up. l don`t know if it is her or not....the caller ID says Private Number. *sigh* Next time l have got to trust my gut feeling....when will l learn?

oxox, Stacy

January 26
Sorry that my 'Words' are a little late. This week went by soooo quick for me! l have been busy this week. l have been playing catch-up. l have not worked all this month (because of the flu, Vegas and the holidays) & the bills are due. So l am busy shooting during the day & going out with Hef & his Girly-Girls at night. Yep, l now have a night life....and l am having a hard time keeping up with it....but l love it! l just try to sneak in a Kat-nap when ever l have a spare hour or 2. No matter how late l get home, l still seem to wake up at is my automatic self alarm clock!
l bonded (Pun intended ;-) with 1 of Hef`s Girls more than the rest....her name is Tiffany Holliday...isn`t that the best name ever?! She loves the fetish scene & wants to do Fetish modeling in the future. She has the perfect look for it! She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in that movie 'A River Runs Through It' ....she also has a Maimi Van Doren look to glamorous! We wanna try to set up a shoot between us soon......l have soooo many ideas! She is working on her site at the moment, but you can give it a sneak peak: - We even talked Hef into coming to an upcoming Fetish Event next month....whoooo-hoooo.... Tiff & I are turning Hef onto the Fetis h Scene.....LOL!

oxox, Stacy

January 17
l have yet to ride my new motorcycle :-( l was in Vegas all of last week & l seemed to bring back a very
nasty cold with l have been resting all this week...or at least Trying to rest, but l am having
trouble sleeping, so it is taking a bit longer to get over it. Next week, l can`t wait to get back to work... l have not worked this whole month!! Well...l guess if you count the Adult-Expo in Vegas, l guess l did work this month. l just love conventions so much that it is hard to call it work....but l am there over 8 hours, setting my booth up early before it opens, signing autographs, posing for pictures, talking to people, standing on my feet in heels the whole time, then taking my stuff down & loading it into the car. lt does take a lot out of me & my feet hurt soooo much afterward. My voice disappears after every convention.

l might not get a chance t o practice riding my motorcycle for quite awhile....oh well, l just got to make sure l make time to register it & get all the paper work in order. Blah, l don`t like all that boring stuff, l just wanna ride my new bike....but l gotta do what l gotta do.
l also need to catch up on a few bills...l think l over did it this Holiday Season! Every time l use my
credit card, it comes back DECLINED! Oh boy, and l have many more that come back the same way..... l
gotta get back to think l would learn to stop spending so much...... oh well, l`ll try... maybe... hopefully.
oxox, Stacy

January 10
I am in Vegas right now, l have a booth at the Adult-Expo with Anton Video. The last day is Saturday, so you still have time to come out & say 'hi'! l will be signing autographs & posing for pictures. For more information go to:
l bought a motorcycle, l`m a Motorcycle MaMa, a Biker Babe....LOL! Actually, l bought a red 1985 Honda Scooter. l tried riding it yesterday....OMG, I am soooooo bad at it!!! l was soooo scared!!! l couldn`t balance it, l jittered so much the handle bars were all over the place while l was trying to keep my balance, so l kept crashing into stuff. lt is pretty heavy for me to control. l was to scared to go to fast, it is hard to get used to hand brakes. l kept braking to hard, l almost fell over the handle bars! l have small hands, so for me to grip the handle bars & brakes is a bit rough for me. l need a LOT of practice. Thank god it has no gears for me to control, l couldn`t handle that. l need to get a helmet & a permit before l practice too much. l also need to get it registered & insured as well. Then once l practiced enough, l need to get a motorcycle license before l take it on the road. This will take quite awhile with my busy schedule! Hopefully l will master it before the warm season starts, l can`t wait to putt around e verywhere! Now all l need to do is get a Katgirl Costume to go with my Kat-Cycle.... DaDaDum..........LOL!

oxox, Stacy

January 03
Wow, l have not talked to you since last year!!!! LOL.... I know, I know, corny joke....sorry, l couldn`t resist. l hope you all had a grand New Years Eve & Day!! l know l did, it would have been better if l felt better. l was at the Playboy Mansion for Hugh Hefner`s annual New Years Bash. l even got to sit at his table! Good thing, because since l had a bit of a cold, l stayed in my seat almost the whole night and since l was at Hef`s table, all the people came to him to wish him a New Year, so in a way, the party came to me! l did get on the dance floor & danced with Hef & his girls at the stroke of midnight!
l wore my Motorcycle Corset that you all have seen a dozen times, but this time l 'gussyed' it up a bit. l put a worki ng headlight in my hair on top of my head, l made the lights work, l put handle bar tassels in my hair, l had a license plate purse, chrome boots, silver gloves...l even had fuzzy dice, but they were too big to put anywhere . They took a few pix of me, so watch for it in Playboy Magazine in a future issue.
Fetish Model, Dita Von Teese was there with her beau, Rock God- Marilyn Manson! They looked absolutely stunning!! She is sooo beautiful!! Tiffany Holliday (one of Hef`s girls) wore a beautiful White corset with silver trimming & rhinestones from Versatile-Fashions. All the other girls were in gorgeous long evening gowns. The Triplets were there in rhinestone thongs & bras....boy do they have awesome bodies!!!! Julie Strain was there with her husband....boy are they ever so cute together!! There were many stars out.... l probably would have seen more if l got up from my seat once in awhile...but oh well, l had a great time....this night will certainly go in my memory bank!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
Hef invited me out with him & his girls again! They go out every Wednesday & Friday night, and have Spa Days & watch Movies every Sunday. l don`t know if l can keep up with that schedule, but l will sure try! l am hoping that l can convince him to add more Fetish into his magazine. Not to change it, but just to include it more in the Playboy Glamorous style....l think it would be nice. l also want to tell Hef that they need to stop cropping the girls toes & feet off in the full length picture of the girls in his magazine! Everytime l see a great pose where the feet would look lovely, they crop off the best part! l am sure he gets lots of advice, he may not appreciate my input, but l guess it never hurts to ask :-)

oxox, Stacy

December 27
Whewwww, did l have a groovy Holiday yesterday or what?? l had my Annual Meowy X-Mas-a-Go-Go lastnight & everybody showed up.... except my web-master (Tony, ya better come next year!)!! Danielle Emerick, Steve Diet Goedde, Empress of Erotica, Her husband, O ctavio, Gerry Koehler, Ken Yamada, Syn, Dorothy Laine, her husband, Faye Raye, Renee, Toney, Doneil, Webber, Hector, Paul, Karem and more. We opened gifts, drank my famous Tuaca & hot apple cider, ate & Go-Go-ed all nig ht long!!! was a fabulous time had by all!!!! Somehow l ended up with more food and gifts, l think some people forgot their stuff!
Christmas Eve was fun as well. l spent the day with my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle & Cousin. l love to watch my grandma open her gifts on X-Mas Eve!!! l always make her a big X-mas stocking & wrap every little gift inside, she sure gets a kick out of it....... she saves all the stockings from all the past years.... she is soooo cute!!
l don`t know how l am going to get through this month. l am a 'morning' person. l like to go to bed early & wake up early & l rarely drink. This month is full of parties, it seems like every night there is one!!! l am going out with Hugh Hefner & his girls again tonight!! Hu gh Hefner called me on Christmas Day to wish me a Merry Christmas, to say he & his girls enjoyed my company the last 2 Fridays & wanted to invite me along with them again this Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of this week !!!
Last Friday l got to the Playboy Mansion at 10pm, l was the 1st one ready. So l wondered around the mansion alone for a while & looked at the beautiful X-Mas tree in the movie room! The staff was great, kept coming in & as king if l wanted anything, a drink, a sandwhich, water? No thank you, l am fine. About 20 minutes later the girls came down. l know a couple of them already, Zoe & Sandee. Hef then comes down & greets me. He has his people take a few pix of us & tells me he will give me copies of these pix. The limo picks us all up & takes us to the Barfly in Hollywood. E! television is having a party for Chyna the WWF wrestler. Brooke Burke & her husband was there as well. We party HARD. Hef danced all night long & we all drank a lot of Champaign. l didn`t take my digital camera with me because l wasn`t sure if it was ok to take pix & ; it wouldn`t fit in my purse. l took a disposable camera instead. l took a few pix & Hef took MANY pix with his disposable as well (so cute)....he loves taking pictures. l hit it off with the girls. l even got Tiffany`s #, l put it in my cell that night. She wants to become a fetish model! I tried to call her yesterday, but l couldn`t find it on my cell.... l guess l didn`t hit the 'save' button when l punched in her # :-(
My invite for Playboy`s New Years Eve Party states no cameras allowed, so l may have to rely on the crew to give me copies of the event. l am really looking forward to that party, it should be a memorable experience! l will try to post pictures of all of my 'Playboy' experiences if & when l get permission :-)
I hope all of you had a 'Meowy' Christmas & a 'Groovy' Hannukah!!!!!!! *HAPPY NEW YEAR* - Whooo-hooooo, Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo 2002!!!!! :-D
oxox, Stacy

December 20
I had a very busy but very exciting week! 1st of all l was in Arizona shooting barefoot bondage scenes for Slamm Productions, so keep a look out for those, which should be coming out soon. l even got to wear the infamous straight jacket yet again! :-)
Friday The Tom Leykis Show called me & needed me to attend the LIVE radio broadcast at the Playboy Mansion, of course l said YESSSSS! I always have a great time at the Mansion! The 1st time l was there l was 'killed' in the grotto for Troma Film`s 'Toxic Avenger 4/Citizen Toxie'. The Troma team & l run a mock for the entire day dripping with fake blood everywhere. l feel sorry who ever had to clean up after that shoot! The 2nd time l was at the Mansion was for a wrap party for 'Night Calls' , a TV Show on Playboy TV, which l was a guest on.
--------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Third time, just maybe the charm! l got there early to greet everyone from the Tom Leykis Show from KLSX 97.1fm in LA ( & ).
It was cold & rainy, but they put the huge tent up with heaters and all, it was beautiful! Art from the band Everclear was there & sang a few songs. l met Art a few years ago at this Beach Concert Gig. He is the coolest guy, very down to earth for being a Rock Star! Then it was my turn. Tom interviewed me & asked me about my recent travels to Europe. He then advertised my site a few times (thank you Tom!), and then he did what he does best, he autographed my 'Rack' & 'Bum' with a black sharpie marker!
Hugh Hefner came out to be interviewed by Tom. Then Hugh looked over at me & waved. l am not sure if he remembers me or not, he may have just waved to me because l was one of the few girls there. A few minutes later a woman walks over to me with a camera in her hand. She said that Mr. He fner wanted her to take my picture & to get my name & phone number! Wow, cool, l thought! The rest of the night went great. Ba-Ba-Booey (Gary) of the Howard Stern Show was there & he gave me an autographed picture of him. The program director, Jack Silver told me that he wants me to be the leader of the KLSX Bod-Squad the 1st of the year! The Bod-Squad will be like Cheerleaders for the radio station who make appearances at ce rtain events. Wow, how exciting....a new gig... ya know l like to work, promote & go places, this is a new perfect Gig!
Ok, l have not gotten to the best part yet. l get home and check my messages & there was one from Hugh Hefners Assistant! She invited me to attend Hugh Hefner`s Annual New Years Party @ the Playboy Mansion!!!!!! OMG, how cool is that!!!! Not only that, but she also invited me to attend a 'Spa Day' that they have every Sunday starting the 1st of the year!!!! l get to have a 'Spa Day' with the rest of the Bunnies!!!! Ok, this is just a dream come true. Every girly-girl dreams of having a Spa Day & attending a grand party at a Mansion & get invited to do both!!!!! l am the luckiest woman ever.....what a great Christmas Present!!!
Well l better get to cleaning my house & wrapping up Christmas Presents. l am having a few people over for the holidays & l got to get my place in Ship-Shape!
Wishing you all a Happy & Groovy Holiday!!!
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Enjoy the Holiday updates of me & Dorothy Laine enjoying our Holiday Cocoa bound by the Fire Place! :-)

oxox, Stacy

December 13
Here is Part 2 of the story from last week, enjoy :-)
oxox, Stacy

He drives for what seems like hours. You are half asleep, exhausted by your noble but vain efforts to
free yourself. But real sleep evades you. The bumps in the road and remembering back to what he said he
would do keep you awake in f ear and realizing that that was only one of many things he may do. You keep
making valiant but useless attempts to free yourself but find that he is an expert at binding, which is
what he does for pleasure. The gag is beginning to dry your mouth. What you would do now for a glass of
water. The binds on your wrists while not cutting off circulation are immobilizing, as are the ones around
your ankles. The straps cause aching with each bump. Every once in a while he talks to you. With mocking
concern he wants to know if you are comfortable. He tells you about his place. A nice cabin in the most
remote part of the state. A fireplace to keep you warm while he has you spread out on the bed for him to
enjoy your lovely body. There is a hoist by which he can hang you by your wrists while he fucks your cunt
or ass as he wishes. He may even have some friends come over. He even has a lady friend who goes both
ways and would be fond of joining in menage au trios. He does this all to terrify you since he cannot yet do
so physically, he will do it mentally. He tells you about how much he likes to have his cock sucked and
how angry he gets if it i s not done to his satisfaction. As tough as you were, you now begin to
wonder if you will survive this coming ordeal. Not survive as in live or die, but will you be able to get
on with your life again. "We're here my dear!" he yells back to you as he slows down and turns the van.
He drives again for about 5 minutes making you realize that this place is far off the main road. The van
stops and you hear the sound of a garage door opening. Inside it goes as darkness envelops the back of the
van where you lay. Trepidation is your only company as he turns off the engine and you hear him come out and
walk toward the side door. He opens it, a faint light outlining his dark silhouette, which still has a mask
to conceal his fac e. He leans in to undo the straps securing you to the floor then unties your ankles.
With your feet free again, your resistive nature takes over and you try to kick him but he is ready for such
insolence. He takes you by the ankles and drags you to the door. He then pulls you out and makes you stand.
You continue to try to struggle in the vain hope that if you can free yourself from his powerful grip you
may b e able to run. But he quickly subdues you by taking hold of the rope that binds your wrists and
pulls it up your back causing great pain. To try to relieve it you stand on the tips of your toes, the
straps of your high-heeled sandals keeping the shoes on which makes keeping your balance hard. "Alright
bitch, you are going to calm down and do as you are told, otherwise the pain you are feeling now is
nothing compared to what I will do to you," he tells you while pulling up more increasing the pressure on
your arms and shoulders. "If you don't behave, I'll subject you to torture so painful you will beg me to
kill you to relieve it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" he yells knowing that intimidation always helps when torture
alone is not enough. You nod hard and fast hoping he will see your willingness to comply. "Good girl," he
says taunting you as he releases the pain but keeps enough pressure on your arms to maintain control. He
pushes you toward a door leading into a dark room. When he turns the lights on, a full-blown torture
chamber is revealed to you. You whine in despair as he shoves you toward a bed with ropes attached to var ious
points on it including at the top of four-foot high posts at the foot end. He sits you down and binds your
ankles. You submit because you know that resistance at this point would mean being subjected to one of the
devices in the room. When finished binding your ankles, he rubs he calf of your leg looking into your
eyes seeing the despair and anxiety that drives his warped libido. He stands and turns on a TV that shows
a blue screen. Then he steps behind a video camera which when turned on puts you on the screen. " ;Now my
sweet, I am going to make you into a movie star," he tells you causing you to increase your efforts to free
yourself from his expert bonding. He turns on a CD player where the Stripper Song c ome blaring out. He
comes back to you and forces you to stand on your bound feet. "This is going to be a great movie my
sweet," he says as his hand begins to rub your ass. He looks at the TV and sees your weeping face and is
turned on by it, but not as much as when he finds the button holding the waist band of your skirt and then
pulls down the zipper causing it to fall on the floor. You react with hysteria as you see your shapely legs
now revealed in all their beauty. The music is humiliating because of the tone it sets and you know
that this is only the start. He reminds you to keep your balance and not to fall otherwise the stage will
shift to one of the torture devices on the other side of the room. Standing behind you he tenderly holds
your shoulders then moves his hands down your body to the bottom of your blouse. Slowly, one by one he opens
the blouse from bottom to top relishing the pace of your breathing as it goes from slow and deliberate to
fast and frenzied. Your face glows with blush from the embarrassment and humiliation of your body being
stripped down to only a pair of skimpy panties and an equally skimpy bra as he opens the top button and
pulls the silky blouse down your shoulders and arms. "You are doing well my sweet, just keep standing there
like that," he tells you as his finger invades the cleavage between your breasts while still standing
behind you. Your head falls back onto his shoulder as you weep openly in despair from suffering this ordeal.
He laughs as he holds you steady reminding you again about what will happen if you fall over. You pull your
head up and look up at the TV screen seeing what he is doing to you and your mind races with thoughts of what
you will do to him when you are able to have revenge. Then you realize how much your feet ache from the sexy
shoes you were wearing much to the delight of your captor. Your calves hurt so much that you want to just
sit down. But is the pain you are suffering now worse than what he would do if he punished you? What did he
say? You would beg him to kill you to relieve the pain! You see the implements of torture in the other
side of the room. A hoist hanging from the ceiling with a hook at the end. A selection of whips in cludes
a thick bullwhip and a cat-o-nine tails. And smaller implements that you don't recognize but still instill
fear in you. It strengthens your resolve to do as he commands to keep him from torturing you more than he
is now. He steps away from you and checks the ropes on the bed checking to see they are secure. He looks at
you with a gleeful evil grin, which makes you try to project a brave front. It soon fades when you realize
that it is the bed that will be the next place you will be at his mercy. The most terrifying thing you
see are those ropes at the top of the foot posts, which are almost 4 feet apart. "I'll have those nice
sweet ankles of your dangling from those very soon my sweet," he says to you as he approaches you with that
same wicked grin. He looks over your fine form still standing with aching legs that are ready to collapse
from under you. His hand lightly rubs your belly then slides into your panties lightly rubbing the sweet
curly hairs that guard your womanhoo d. A whining plea comes through the gag, which has now dried your mouth
so much, that you would do almost anything for a glass of water. You are unaware that such sounds generate
the blood that ha rdens his cock and will keep it hard for hours. You feel his finger slightly penetrate the
lips of your vaginal orifice frustrating you by generating revulsion and arousal at the same time.
"Hmmm, smells so nice! It excites you doesn't it my lovely," he says to you, taunting you as he sniffs his
finger then licks it with his tongue as though it were an ice cream pop. Soft muffled pleas come from your
gag as you cry hanging your head in undeserved shame. Your legs are beginning to wobble further weakened by
the emotional torment you have so valiantly endured. He looks at you with a glare that terrifies you more
that anytime since you fell into his clutches. He touches your hair and rolls his tongue around his lips
as though he was licking his chops before a fine meal. Terror grips you and your legs finally give out from
under you. He grabs you cradling you in his arms before you fall. He begins to walk toward the torture
devices but then turns around back toward the bed. "No, I can't wait anymore, I need to be inside you
now," he tells you as he lays you down on the bed. The relief of pressure from your legs allows you to regain
your strength and your resolve to fight back. But as soon as he lays you down he secures your feet to the
foot board to immobilize you. You struggle in frustration because he has gotten the best of you
again. Muffled screams of rage come from you as he laughs at how easy it seems to be able to overcome
you. He slides his hand up the length of your leg into your crotch and rubs your cunt hard enraging you more.
When he releases you, you start to sob and cry because your ability to defend yourself has been hampered. You
lie still as he begins to untie your feet from each other and then secures them to the posts, leaving you
spread-eagled. You try to kick him but he reacts by slapping your legs away. Once secured, you see a look
of anger on his face. "Fucking bitch, you tried to hurt me. You are going to suffer for that," he says as
he goes over to the torture devices. He removes a small leather strip from the wall and slowly walks
back toward you stroking the small strap as he does. "This is going to hurt you my sweet and you must
remember that you deserve it," he tells you as he stands over you. His arm rises ove r his head and comes
down hard with the strap smacking the sweet tender flesh of your inner thigh. You react with screams that
excite him more as he smacks you again. You think that you are now going to suffer 50 or a hundred lashes
like these. Instead he stops at two and rubs them with mocking concern. "Now you won't be unruly again my
dear will you?" he asks you shake your head to indicate compliance with his demands. "Because next
time it will be 10 lashes, and I will aim quite precisely for your clit," he says as his face comes up
to yours. You turn your head away but he grabs it and forcefully makes you look at him eye to eye. "Our time
is at hand my lovely," he says dropping the strap and helps you sit up. He unties your wrists and prepared
for your attempt to take advantage of the momentary freedom, he quickly forces your wrists together in
front of you palm to palm. He slowly ties your wrists in this fashion enjoying the look of frustration you
show. When he has you secured he ties your wrists to the headboard. The incredible feeling of helplessness
that overcomes you causes you to become hysterical. He looks down at his handiwork and begins to undress
himself while you watch still hysterically trying to free yourself from his expert bonds. He pulls his
pants down and when he stands up your become more hysterical when you see his large red throbbing hardon
with veins running through it, seeming to pound at the rate of his heartbeat. His naked body is one of a fit
man. One that you would happily surrender yourself to if he said the right things to you when you were
looking for a one-night stand. But not now! HE took you by force, and is holding you against your will. He
terrifies you without regard to your feelings or comfort. And now he approaches you to take you in the
most violating way possible, but not before one last terrifying indignation. He leans over to a drawer and
pulls something out. He holds it in front of you and pushes a button, causing the switchblade to pop out.
Your hysteria reaches a new high trying further in vain to free your self as he climbs on top of you. "Be
still my sweet, I don't want to cut you," which calms you somewhat until you see him cut the left strap of
your bra. He then cuts the right one. "Ok baby, this is delicate so be still," and you freeze and hold your
breath as he slides the blade under the fabric that joins the cups together. The steel of the blade
gliding along your breast sends a chill through your body. He draws the knife back and forth to enjoy
hearing you whine. Then in a quick upward thrust, he cuts the fabric joining the cups. They lay still back
on your breasts as if doing so in one last effort to protect your sweet womanhood. But he chooses to
torment you more. He turns the knife so the blade is facing down and uses it to move the cups from your
mounds. He deliberately but carefully scrapes your nipples as he does so drawing from you protests of
fear that are tempered by the arousal of the touch of your nipples. You freeze in fear feeling how sharp the knife-edg e is. He repeats this vial act of torment on the other one leaving your breasts bared to his view.
When they are free, he pulls the now useless garment from under you with a strong snap. HE laughs as you
lay suffering from the humiliation he seems to enjoy doing to you. He begins to fondle them gently
squeezing your nipples with h is finger and thumb. You weep as despair overcomes you by the humiliating
feeling of becoming wet inside your pussy. It is arousal not of desire, but of force. He has you
against your will and you have no thoughts other than revenge. "What a sweet pair of tits my dear, I know
just how to use them," he says as he pours what seems to be baby oil in between them. It is cold and gives
you a chill to which you respond with obvious displeasure. After he lays the bottle down you are
horrified to see him lay his hard cock between your tits and squeeze them around it. He begins to stroke
his hard-on back and forth while you watch in disgust but are relieved that he hasn't decided to rape you
yet. But you see from the size of his cock and where it is aimed where it will spray when he cums. It will
be right in your face. You look at his face and see nothing but an evil grin of delight.

More to follow….

December 06
l received this arousing story in my inbox, l had to share it with you! While reading it, remember, this is a fantasy, l never condone anything that is not consensual. This is a great 'Role-Playing' scene, enjoy :-)
oxox, Stacy

Story by: Dr Mephisto

Just as you leave your home, job, school, it happens. It's late and dark. You have always felt safe so there
was no mind to pay. Suddenly around that corner as you turned it, a hand clamped over your mouth. Another
strong arm pinned your arms to your side causing you to drop your purse. You try in vain to free yourself
but the power of this one who has taken you is immense. He carries you as you kick and try to scream
to a van in a nearby alley. He puts you down and opens the side door with the arm he had around your waist.
You see that his next a ction will be to load you inside and you try valiantly to stop him, but to no
avail. He is overpowering. He has you so tight around the mouth that he could easily break your neck, and
you are in fear of what he will do. He forces you into the open door still clutching your mouth then lets go
and leaps in beside you slamming the door shut behind him. "HEEEEEELLLP!" comes screaming from your mouth as he grabs your arms to bind your wrists. He slaps you hard across your fanny to silence you but it
does not. However, you no longer scream. You just cry and whimper begging the masked man, who it seems, is intent on forcing you to join him, not to hurt you. You whimper more as you see him ignore your pleadings
as he forces a large knotted cloth into your mouth and ties it behind your neck. You regain your composure
and try to resist him again but it's too late. He has rendered you relatively silent. You shuffle your feet
as you see him grab another length of rope and begin to grab your ankles forcing them together while he
loops the rope around them. You eyes bulge at the sight of your skirt beginning to ride up your legs
showing more of their fineness much to your dismay. He has you secure now and the sight of your legs has
caught his eye. He looks at your face seeing the mixture of emotion on it. Combinations of rage,
humiliation, fear, a nd hope. He removes his glove and begins to rub your calf as you try to evade his
unwanted touch, but he is determined and feels that this is as good a time as any to show you that he is
now the determining factor in your fate. He holds you down by your knees as his hand invades under your
skirt. The frustration and terror expressed by your whining sends blood pounding in to his cock as his hand
travels past your thighs and his fingertips tickle your clit which is still protected only by the sheer
thinness of your panties. All vestiges of any emotion are gone from your face except one. Stark terror is
all that shows as you realize that being sexually assaulted is no longer a matter of if, but when. He
removes his hand from your skirt and opens the top button on your blouse. The upper portion of your
breast is revealed and he touches it with his fingertips. You react by thrashing your head left to
right trying as hard as you can to let out a scream but the gag holds firm and lets out only muffled high
pitched whines. Tears that have been running from your eyes are now mixing with the beads of sweat on your
face. The expression of mer ciful pleading in your eyes only drives him to wish to torment you more, but time
is of the essence. He must move you to his place where he can make you the latest in a series of his victims.
He rolls you onto your stomach and straps you to the floor across the waist and ankles. You have never in
your wildest nightmare imagined this happening to you. When he is done securin g you, he takes one final
opportunity at tormenting you by raising your skirt over your waist and pulling your panties off of your
ass to rub your sweet cheeks. Hysteria grips you as he fondles the sweet firm flesh of your nice butt. He
smacks it hard and gives you a warning to calm down which you respond to by relaxing, but are unable to
keep from crying uncontrollably. He mockingly sooths your bare butt with a "there, there my dear" and tells
you that this is not going to hurt half as much as when he gets you over his desk later and rams his cock
into your nice tight ass hole. He replaces your panties and pulls down your skirt but has now left in
your mind a picture of the future horror you will endure. He gets out closing the door behind him.
Moments later you hear him start the van and feel it drive off to an unknown destination that for you will
be filled with terror and pain.
More to follow….If you wish

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