Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sky (Ceiling) is Falling - Broken Water Pipe

I was doing Laundry today. The 1st Load was out of the Dryer. I put Away my Clothes, but I left my Husband`s Clothes out to be Put away. As he was putting away his Clothes, he started Freaking out. I went into the Bedroom to see what was going on. Our Bedroom Ceiling was raining on us and it was not Raining outside. However we noticed our upstairs Neighbor was in the Shower.
I told Roy my Husband to Call our Landlord ASAP so he can call his Plumber. The Plumber came & Cut a Hole in our Ceiling above our Bed. Asbestos went everywhere. He told us to cover our faces anytime we came into room. The Pipe above is is so Moldy and smells as well. I wonder if this had anything to do with my allergies & repository problems that I have been suffering from lately. I guess the Pipe in the Wall that leads to our upstairs Neighbor broke. I guess there is a Lot of Major Construction that we have to look forward to. I closed the door because I do not want my cats in there. I will have to move my things out of my bedroom & I guess we are going to have to sleep in Roy`s Man Cave for awhile.
Roy is majorly Freaking out. He has always hated our Apartment, even though I love it. I found it and got it before I met him. It is true we have a lot of problems, but I have had worse problems with my other Places I have lived in. It is Not ran by a Property Manager, which is a Good Thing. I got a Really great deal on it. An apartment as big as this, 3 Bedroom, with Garage, Driveway, Balcony, Laundry Room, Roof Top, BBQ, Beach Front...etc Rent usually is 3-4 times more then what we pay for it.
The Owner just needs to be more on top of things.
Now it is starting to Rain, so the Bedroom Construction is at a be continued....


  1. I can only imagine your hubby’s horror when he saw water coming from the ceiling. I had a similar experience in our home. It was in the middle of the night when I heard drips coming from the ceiling near our kitchen. It turned out that the pipes from the upstairs bathroom were broken and it went up to the ceiling downstairs. I was horrified to see a puddle of water on the floor. The pipes were all rusty and old, so we decided to replace them all. [Elia Lester]

  2. The damage must have been so big for water to rain down in your ceiling like that. This is why we should check our pipe system right away at the first sign of problem. A damage that this big didn't just happen overnight; it starts with little problems that go unnoticed. If splattering faucets happen a lot, you better call a plumbing service.

  3. I hope the rain didn’t halt the construction for a long time, as I could imagine what an inconvenience to have the need to cover your face each time you go into the room. Anyway, I hope things are better now. I suggest that you regularly look out for early signs of broken pipes, so this catastrophe won’t have to happen again. Have a nice day!

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total Plumbing, Inc.