Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pro and Cons of Fall/Winter

the ONLY thing about Fall/Winter l HATE is:: #1. Dry Skin/ #2. Cold/ #3. Dark early/ #4. Allergies/ #5. l gotta wear pants/ #6. The Expensive Electric Bill/ #7. Pale Skin/ #8. The Extra 5 pounds of fat/ #9 Spending ALL my money of Gifts that No One Likes or Uses, but ‪#‎ItsTheThoughtThatCounts‬ / HOWEVER - I do LOVE the Holiday Movies, Snuggles on the couch, The Pretty Holiday Lights and all the LOVE and Unity in the world - sooo BRING ON THE HOLIDAY SEASON!! OXOX

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  1. Glad to see u are doing your diary again. Have always enjoyed it. BTW, I would like to send u something thru Amazon that is not on you wanted list. How do I do that? John