Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leaky Bra

Running out of beige bras that fit, so I put on an old water bra......lesson learned, never buy water bras, they leak.....not good when you are @ work with no change of clothes.....good thing I work in a laundromat......I poked holes in bra, drained water from bra, .i put on clothes from our lost n found pile.....while i washed my clothes........then put my clean clothes back on.......sheesh!

 Ya, and a few seconds after i took this photo, the other side started leaking.....l dunno what they put in those water bras, but the fluid is super gross......oh well.....now that l polked holes in it, squeezed fluid out and washed it, l actually have a new pretty cool beige bra!

 What is weird is when I put it on I thought about that old 'Will and Grace' TV episode when she wore one at a Gallery opening and her Water Bra sprung a few leaks....I might have Jinxed myself!

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