Monday, October 21, 2013

Control your Wife!!

Note to everyone - if you have an issue with me - I would appreciate you to tell me personally - in a nice way - and Not going behind my back - by telling, texting, messaging, calling or emailing my Husband - in an attempt for my husband to tell, control, handle, reprimand, yell, scold, get mad, etc.... at me - I am an adult - I lived alone for over 20 years before I had a husband - Besides, my husband cannot ever 'control' me or tell me what to do - he can only 'request' me to do something - and the same goes for everyone else - the decision still is in MY Control - when you go behind my back and contact my husband with your concerns about me - it ONLY adds stress in our marriage - and makes you a Rat because my husband tells me and at times shows me your text, voice mails, messages, really you are not accomplishing anything by going about it in your cowardly way - it would just be better for everyone if you confront me personally, yourself - unless you get your kicks out of putting stress on your friends marriage - if this is the case - then you are not a true friend to anyone.

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