Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I`m sorry, what was your Name again?

I am really bad at remembering names. I am also bad at remembering faces. I can remember meeting someone, what we did, how much fun we had, etc. My hubby gets so annoyed when I ask him to remind me of someone`s name. It takes awhile until I finally get it. Even if I finally remember, I will have a 'Brain Fart' and forget it sometimes. Sometimes I forget people names that I have known for years. Sometimes, it just escapes me for a brief moment, but there are times that I need to be reminded again. There are times I may remember the wrong Name. There has been people that for years I think I know their name, but get corrected. It is so embarrassing. I also will mis-pronounce names a lot. I have a speech impediment and it makes it difficult for me to pronounce some words.....sometimes I might just hear it wrong.
 Sometimes I meet so many people at certain functions......sometimes I will meet someone and wont see them again for a long time.......sometimes that person will look different.
 Sometimes I will see someone at the Laundromat or out and about, they say hi to me....they look familiar , but then again, I see them at the same they might just being friendly.....but I sometimes wonder if I stopped and talked to them and we had a 'moment' and now just have forgotten.
 Sometimes I will know someone for years, I might have never asked them their name, I never really learned years go by.....I want to ask them their name, but I don`t because it is so embarrassing.
 I know there are some tricks to remembering a name.....people have tried to teach me.....but I still forget. I have also been told that I must not care enough to remember, but I know that is not true. I do care. I am trying to be more honest with it now. Now when I meet someone or if I known them and forget their name, I tell them the truth....I apologize to them and tell them that I am prone to forgetting names. Most of the time when I am honest with them, they confess that they suffer from them same thing sometimes. What a relief!

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