Monday, July 22, 2013

Driveway Squaters & un-Supportive Neighbors!

Came home -someone parked in my driveway -Hubby w/hurt leg -neighbors no help -say no biggy -but yes, it is a BIGGY -we pay for that driveway -how would they like it if someone was in their house that they pay to live in -someone just squatting for a spell -plus hubby w/hurt leg -I can`t go park a block away and have him walk -I can`t wait for them to get back to their car to move it -we are tired -we got to work in the AM -plus it happens ALL THE TIME - Mad that neighbors don`t support us -if someone was parked in THEIR spot, I would support them/back them up/be on their side -WTF??

 We have a BIG Sign that says 'NO PARKING - TOWING ZONE AT OWNERS EXPENSE' -that they must have seen in front of them....they thought 'ok' cause they know ppl that lives here.....yea-yea-yea- whatever -stupid & RUDE!!

 Was on phone with tow company - the people that was in my driveway walked up just in time - my hubby scared the crap out of them - don`t mess with an injured, in pain, tired old punk rocker!!!

Some guy and his girlfriend walked up from beach -we never seen them before -claimed they knew someone in our building -(prolly came to one of our parties once, so think they get a 'free pass') we said we don`t care -it is OUR Driveway, we didn`t give you permission to park here, we pay to park here, my husband has hurt knee, we have heavy items to carry up, we are tired, all we want is for you to move your car, never do this again, so we can park and go to bed.---------- Roy scared the guy so much, that the guy kept telling us he would pay us $100- We screamed back at him telling him that we do not want his money -all we want is for him to never park there again! --------what pissed me off more was the new neighbor across street was yelling at me and Roy!!! How`s that for supporting your new neighbors?? I can`t wait to return the favor!!

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