Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going to FetishCon? Please Read

Going to @FetishCon Next Month? Please Read here =
I have always had a hard time remembering names, faces, etc.....so please don`t get offended.....I do this to people I see all the Time.......even to people I have known for years.....so...just come up to me, remind me your name and all will be good. Sometimes I might seem like I am ignoring you, but really, I am embarrassed that I forget your name....or how I know you. Sorry, it is Not you....it is Me.

BTW: If you booked a shoot with me, please email me the Time, Day, your Contact info and what you need me to bring.......so I can file it in a special FetishCon Shoots Folder.

I am soooo looking forward to @FetishCon - I have been working 7days a week at my 'Normal Vanilla Job' - working like crazzzy - I have been neglecting my Fetish Family - it will be sooo good to make up for lost time!! Thanx....see you all soon!!!

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