Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am one of those rare People that get Really Sick From Botox? WTF??

Last year when I got Botox - I got really Sick - AND I MEAN REALLY SICK!! I thought I just got a Major Nasty Flu Bug - it lasted for over 2 weeks. This year, I got botox on Friday Sept. 20th and Monday Night Sept. 23rd, I started getting Flu like symptoms again! My body aches so much - I am in so much pain - my muscles feel stressed - I have major chills - then I get super warm - I cannot get comfortable - my throat is dry - I feel like I have pee all the time - I just don`t want to move - I want to just lay down - but I can`t - I have to much to do this week!
 I have been reading online that a few people have these rare side effects from Botox - and I guess, I am one of those Rare People!! I guess I will not get Botox again - DAMN IT!! I think I will be okay, if not, then please, have it be an open casket - don`t let this botox go to waste!! LOL!! (Sorry, Sick Joke)

Flu-like Symptoms

Some patients who receive Botox treatments can experience flu-like symptoms on or after injections. According to Medline Plus, symptoms can include headache, chills, runny nose, fatigue and body aches. Patients who routinely receive Botox injections can also experience stomach related effects such as nausea or indigestion. Generally, these side effects disappear after continued use. Patients should contact a doctor to receive treatment for these symptoms.

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