Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Jobs Mon....

Been Really Busy with my New Schedule - I now have 5 Jobs!
I wake up at 5am to get ready, feed animals & do Household Chores
* 7am-1pm: I am a Manager at a Laundromat (yes, Laundromat. I like it. It gives me a guaranteed weekly pay check -and it is nice to do something different. I like meeting New people and doing new things)
* 1-2pm: I walk my friends Dogs (I`m a Dog Walker)
* 2pm-6pm: I may have a photo shoot scheduled
* 6pm-7pm I do my House Wife Chores
* 7pm-10pm I do my Webmaster Job
at 11pm - I try to get to bed, since I have to awake at 5am the next day.
........and during the Summer....there are a Ton of Activities to attend......
However....I plan to post more on my Blogs.....sorry I have been neglecting my blogs lately......just getting adjusted.......I will post more.

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